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Kmart has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1100 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 15th position out of 289 companies.


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(800) 326-8738

3333 Beverly Rd,, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60110, United States

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No part no cust service

Its HORRIBLE. cannot get cust service to save your life. Did not process purchase just cancelled after six days. Cant get ahold of ANYBODY. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE experience!!!


Your store is disgusting. There are moths and other bugs, crawling around boxes of dog food and dog treats

Purchased 2 10 pound boxes of milk bones brought them back without a receipt. Know. I would need to return two boxes that were filled with bugs. Also to let you know bugs are all over your shelving with the rest of the boxes of milk, bones and dog food in Suffolk county Bridgehampton, left both boxes and walked out so needless to say I threw $20 out the window. Use the card I used with purchasing. They refused to give me store credit or any money back. Even though I purchased them there, and they were filled with bugs.



I could not reach you on mail neither to chat to make my refund . Till now and I need to make this refund for the attached order



I placed a order through Kmart which was suppose to go through klarna they both took- money out bank


Purchase item

I was cut off before I could make my order 860 798 **** Would you please call me so that I can make my order for a toy for Christmas I want order the play coffee maker


Gift card problem

I want to get balance my gift cards. They say give 16 numbers. There are many numbers on card. Which ones do they want?


Im having problems getting on line when i put in my password

I'm trying to reach customer support. Your website is not letting me place and order. Can I please get some help with me going on line to order some items. I need someone to help me with the order.


Scooters for the disable, sales reps are not available, and items purchased before are not restocked.

No scooters are available for disable. Sometimes I wait for 30 mins. In the parking lot or I just leave. I need information to locate something or need to know the price. Guess what, there are no sales reps. I have to look for them. Ridiculous! I purchased Poise overnight kotex #6 and it has been more than a month since they restocked. Who is the buyer in this department. Do they know what customers need? Do they know what the *** they are doing. I mean, give the job to someone who can do the job. I been at Kmart every week. Another thing is that they dont answer the phone. I know that working there has so much responsibilities but if I dont want to come to the store because they dont have what I need, all this can be done if they have an operator to answer the phone. Multi tasking is great but honestly I did not come for 2 years. Cant wait for the new shopping malll to open from Japan. For sure I wont be there.


Photo mugs

The photo printing on the mugs is disgraceful, fading of the photo, lines though them, patches of lightness, worst quality, i bring them back for refund, and the manager says to me 'what do you expect for $6' ,i said don't sell them if you can't get it right. i was treated like a criminal, and questioned what am i doing with so many mugs, she even said you have been here before and complained about the quality, well why haven't kmart corrected the problems? I would get 10 mugs printed and only one would have been deemed as passable, and thats just.


Suspicious orders

In case of any issues, you will not reach anybody in their customer service. I'm getting emails with orders that I never have placed and I can not reach anybody to stop it



I ordered a patio set on line and was not charged the amount listed, in fact it was nearly double the amount.dd


I cant log in to my account

I can't get in by my password although it let me change it. Said to get ahold of tech support. I tried and tried to get into my account


Poor customer service, customer service and western union closed at 4pm in the after because employees didn’t show up to work I waited in line at customer service for over 45 minutes, I was told some

Western Union and customer service closed at 5 pm in the Kmart stores located in Fredericksted St Croix virgin island, no managers, employees walking around with no supervision employees not trained to fill more than one position, while customers wait without service. Worse place to shop


Problems at the Guam Kmart location

Nobody answers the main line at the Guam Kmart location, which allegedly is the largest Kmart location in the world The new pharmacist has really outdid himself by being discourteous and bending, if not breaking, HIPAA laws



I am not upset just would like to know what I ordered. I am not sure if I received my order so am just checking


Staff unclear of Kmart policy

It happened on 26/11/2021 between 9.10pm and 9.30pm in Kmart Melbourne CBD store, Kmart in Victoria has by far never required customers to get vaccinated as a condition to entry. While the Kmart doorkeeper with Indian accent asked for vaccination proof and refused my entry because I didn't have one.

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