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1.8/5 - based on 86 reviews

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Kitchen And Bath Authority has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 86 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 6th position out of 211 companies.


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331 37th Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11232, USA

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Kitchen And Bath Authority Reviews


Bait and switch offer

I put a $677 bath vanity top in my cart. The banner at the top of the website stated "No Sales Tax - Offer End today". I proceeded to checkout while this banner is still displaying, the offer. I entered all my information and was prompted to enter my credit card information and there was sales tax itemized in the total. I chatted with customer support personnel and was told that the offer has ended. I think "ends today" should mean AT LEAST close of business and since it's on-line should really be 11:59:59 PM. I felt duped and dropped the purchase. I then looked up the identical item and found it at Home Depot for literally half the price. I appreciate being duped, it made me drop them like bad date.


Horrible customer service. Never canceled my order

Stay away from this company. There customer service sucks. Unanswered emails unreturned phone calls. They didnt answer a question I had about a product so I ordered it and quickly realized it would not fit my bathroom. I went to their website and use their contact form to cancel the order one day after I ordered it. It was a weekend so their office was closed thats why I use the contact form. My order status claim that the order has not shipped and their website said that the orders ship in 3 to 5 business days so I gave them plenty of notice to cancel the order. They shipped it anyway. Never canceled my orderMy item cost $877 they are trying to charge me $320 to restock the item. I canceled the order on December 10 and I still havent got a refund


They are Liars. They claim to have items in stock only to find out that they are back ordered them they try to do everything to keep from refunding on an order that hasn’t even shipped

Canceled order. I canceled an order that I was told was back ordered and wouldnt be available until the 21st but I wouldnt receive for another 2 weeks so I canceled. A shipping label was created Miraculously while I was on the phone with Ryan. They do this to charge the restocking fees and make it so that you cannot refuse delivery without a hefty charge. My hope was to find a reputable company to order and help with my remodel. This one isnt it!


I have not received my order after waiting nearly 3 months.

I believe that this company lies to customers and do not deliver on items in a timely manner because they falsely advertise to have items in stock. I also believe they sell incomplete units and try to "up sell" you while they hold your money hostage. I just want a full refund on my order of $2,479.45 USD that I placed in late September of 2021. Here is the history of this nightmare transaction. On 9/17/21 I ordered a NAPOLEON S20I S 41 INCH BUILT-IN WOOD FIREPLACE INSERT - BLACK that was advertised "on stock". However, on 9/20/21 I received an email from KB authority/Maria explaining that, I quote, "We are writing this E-mail to notify you that the item (s) you have purchased with us are (is) "Special Order" item(s). Important Notice: Please be advised that Special orders are non-cancelable after 48 business hours (Monday-Friday) of your purchase being submitted to the manufacturer. The item (s) listed on your purchase order are non-returnable to the manufacturer, therefore we are unable to accept items back for any reason except in accordance with any applicable manufacturer warranty to those items applicable. Any manufacturer warranty that would apply to those items will not be affected by this E-mail. Your item (s) will become available to ship within an estimated 6-8 weeks. If your item is delivered damage you MUST call us with 48 business hours from delivery date to report any damages/missing item. You can either get a full refund or replacement." End quote I was not happy to hear that but believing what they said, On 9/21/21 I agreed to wait for the 6-8 week delivery. On 9/24/21 I received an update from a customer service rep Mark confirming that the wood stove will be back "in stock "on Nov 20th. I assumed that it would be delivered sooner or around the same date. On October 17th 2021, I received another email asking to confirm if I received my order or canceled it . I was confused to have received that email but I did not respond believing I will have my order within a couple of weeks. On Nov 3rd 2021 I received another email from Mark telling me that my item will be in stock on Dec 3rd 2021. On Nov 5th 2021 I called and spoke with Maria who explained that the order was "stuck in shipping container" but I should definitely have my order delivered no later than 12/3/21. On Nov 29th, 2021 I sent emails to KB asking to provide an ETA on my order. On Nov 30th 2021 I decided to call since I did not receive a reply and spoke with Joe a sales manager who explained that my order will be in stock on Dec 17th 2021. I told him that was unacceptable and wanted to cancel the order and requested a full refund. I further explained that I held my part of my agreement and waited well above and beyond the time frame they held me to. He verbally agreed to call the manufacturer to see if that was possible and will let me know. I also questioned him as to why they are now selling a back-plate for the unit I ordered separately for an additional $464.44. I explained that when I placed my order months ago, I was understanding that my order included it as a complete unit and that this new link for the backplate was just added and wanted to make sure that was not the case for my order. He said that he will look into it . Late on Nov. 30th 2021 Joe replied and told me that my order cannot be canceled. I replied and requested to speak with upper management since I do not believe their stand is fair. On Dec.1st 2021 he replied and said that I had a chance to cancel the "special order" and I agreed to proceed to the wait time provided. He further explained and I quote from his email below, "We stated the item is special order and can not be cancelled and also provided you with an estimated lead time. At no point did we state the item was in stock ready to ship. We do apologize if the initial ETA did not meet your timeframe which is why we allow customers to cancel the order prior to approval. Currently the item is on our site and shows low stock please call which does not indicate the unit being in stock. We place this note on items so the customer may contact us and we may provide to them an estimated lead time prior to processing an order. Again, we do certainly apologize for any inconvenience this manufacturer delay may have caused but the order can not be cancelled at this time as it is set to ship to you with an ETA of 12/17...." end of quote. He also requested for me to call instead to discuss further. I replied by e-mail instead and told him that was not true and questioned him why they are still misleading customers with listing my item in stock when it was never the case. I also asked him to confirm that my order was complete and included the back plate but he has yet to respond. I feel the website is misleading and the Company is unwilling to work with you.



They are not authorized dealers of Phylirch products and they do not take care of any warranty items so you are at risk buying from them. Customer service is very bad.


Warn other buyers

Toilet I ordered was delivered broken. Refund was denied. Customer service was unhelpful and dismissive


Responding to email

Customer Representative was able to resolve the issue and support to get a shipping quote sent to me.


Are NOT an authorized dealer of Linkasink products

This company is fraudulently selling our products. We have no relationship with them.


Refuse to deliver products ordered. Delays have cost me thousands.

When ordering a $1100 shower system in early August. I was informed that one piece would arrive the subsequent week. When the package arrived I was missing 4 more unexpected pieces including the trim. I was told this would come two weeks later now. Then another two weeks Then a month. Now over 3 months later I am still waiting. I have been told tentatively i would receive these pieces in late December. Their only solution: I cannot return anything and they will provide me with a different model that will force you buy further attachments. I've asked numerous times to talk to managers along this journey and was actually told "they aren't going to tell you anything new" I would avoid business with them at all costs.


Order problems

I keep getting the run around about my order. I need to know if it has been shipped?? and what the correct tracking number is if it has been Shipped.


Wouldn't return or replace damaged goods

I bought a toilet from Kitchen and Bath Authority. When I opened the box I discovered that the lid was broken into two pieces. When I contacted them they were very slow to respond to several inquiries and ultimately refused to replace the part because I did not notify them within 48 hours of delivery. As a residential builder I've built over 150 houses and have taken thousands of deliveries of building materials and I have never had a company refuse to stand behind their product because it wasn't inspected within 48 hours. I would advise steering clear of this company and its poor customer service.



Ordered a Toto Legato from KBAuthority. It was left on our driveway, leaving no ability to sign nor add the "pending inspection" clause as directed. The box was completely open on one corner, so I took photos. Because Toto shipped the components inside other boxes and the toilet itself was undamaged, we assumed we were good. As this is our 4th Toto toilet, we were shocked that the packaging not on par with the other toilets we've received that had injection mold packing and took 2 hours to unwrap. The plumber arrived at 1:30pm PST the next day and was nearly done with the install when he said the "fill tube clip" was broken, and we could not use the toilet without this part. I called KBAuthority immediately, but it was already closed for the day. I decided to pay the plumber for the fill tube clip at that time because it was cheaper than having the plumber return. Next, the plumber told me that there was no toilet seat in any of the component boxes that came in the shipping box. I provided pictures to illustrate the box condition,the plumber's receipt for verification, and requested KBAuthority provided the missing lid and fill tube clip in case the generic clip didn't hold up. I called KBAuthority, reported the problem, filled out the claim form, and here's their reply: "Thank you for your recent purchase with us at [2 irrelevant paragraphs omitted] Please also note any damaged items must be reported back to KBA within 48 hours; so that we can request either a replacement part or refund for you. We do not advise, or suggest that you go elsewhere to get the parts replaced, and if you do, it is on you if you purchase an item elsewhere; we do not compensate/refund for parts you purchased outside of KBA." I cannot prove a toilet seat (~$70) is missing in the box when it is not there! Further, the 48 hours wasn't sufficient time for me to get the plumber scheduled and installing the toilet when the broken tube filler was discovered. Seems to me that you should honor the customer request if the customer contacts you within 30 days, but 48 hours makes it impossible to get the product inspected and installed. They know that. I had three calls with KBAuthority customer service; in two cases the reps were downright condescending and rude. The first rep was nice but provided inaccurate information (she told me the Toto was experiencing a shortage and no toilet could be shipped until late September; then it shipped two days later). My guess is that these reps are constantly battling with angry customers and it causes them to lose their cool as the day passes. I'm off to open a case with Toto to verify this is a legitimate Toto toilet with Toto parts. I would have never ordered from these guys except they were the only company who showed the toilet as in stock, and our toilet was broken.


*** Company!!! Liars!!! DONT Trust!!!

I called early morning after placing an order with them when I realized the purchase through them didnt include the backsplash and on Houz it did so I was going to cancel. They insisted they could get it and I paid an extra $48. Now they didnt provide it and I have spent nearly $1000 on my vanity and $700 to install and I am either going to have a ruined wall with water going down the gap or waste who knows how much time and $ trying ti match it!!! I should NOT be inconvenienced and screwed for their mistake!! I dont give a damn if their vendor no longer has it!!! Buy it somewhere else and honor your word and responsibility!!! I am soooo angry and will never ever order from there again!!! They dont call back in a timely manner and they dont really give a damn about their customers just themselves! Liars! If I could give negative 5 stars I would!!!


Steer away

Customer service is the WORST Ive ever dealt with. Im not one to write negative reviews. Im usually pretty patient, but this is the exception. They are an awful company from start to finish. I ordered a faucet 8 weeks ago on back order. They said 2 to 3 weeks, then called and said 3-4 weeks, called at 4 weeks and they said they would look into it and never called back. The next day I called again and they said it would ship out today. A week later still no faucet, called again and, again they said it would ship out today. A few days later when its still not here I call again and it turns out it didnt ship AGAIN!! So they tell me this week it will ship out. Called at the end of the week and sure enough, still not shipping out. They said next week . Needless to say, by now I know they are lying and just stringing me along. Order cancelled!!! I will NEVER order from them again.


Live chat and contact #

Neither work. Not a good sign.


100% Fraud. Customers need to get Visa to stop providing transaction services for them.

Paid for an item that they said was in-stock, but it never was. 7 weeks later (4 weeks since the order was cancelled), they still haven't refunded.... I placed an order for an in-stock item for over $500. First, I received an email confirmation with no info on how or when the item would ship. So when I emailed them to ask, THEN they say the item is in fact NOT in stock - and give me a two week lead time. I hang in there, but hear nothing. So I ask again. "It's coming in next week," then it will ship, they say. Over a week goes by, and nothing. I ask another time. They respond it will be ANOTHER 3 weeks since the "item is on back-order." Over three weeks since they charged my card, and no item anywhere in sight? No way. I request to cancel the order via a phone call, they agree to cancel. A few hours go by, and I see no email to confirm cancellation. So I email them, and get a verbal "sure, will cancel" one-line response from a rep. A week later, no refund yet. I email them again to ask for refund status. Then they send me back a form letter to "notify" me that my order has been canceled. Duh, I'm the one who canceled it over a week ago. So I email back, advising them that I am already aware that the order is canceled, and reiterated as clearly as possible that I wanted to know the status of the REFUND back to my credit card. From there to now, 3 weeks later, they have not responded. I've filed for not only a charge reversal with Visa from my bank, but also have requested a fraud / abuse investigation for their charging customers through Visa for items they don't actually have, and for illegally holding on to the fraudulently obtained revenue (for as long as they can). You can find tons of similar stories on other consumer websites, just google KB Authority .com and "scam" to read them. They may do some legitimate retail business, but their operation includes a deliberate practice of accepting orders & payments for products they ultimately won't ever fulfill, then illegally holding onto the revenue. Visa needs to protect consumers from fraud that's not only from hackers, but also from vendors who abuse clients under their transaction agreement. KBauthority is a blatant example of that.

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