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1.8/5 - based on 69 reviews

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Kings Road Merch has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 69 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 6th position out of 236 companies.


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1520 Knowles Ave., Los Angeles, California, 90063, United States

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Very bad

This place was very bad they would not listen never sent it out for months tried to call them no answer I wrote a lot of emails then they refunded me and I got a huge box in with all my Hollywood undead items for free thats what u get for messing with teddy the man the myth the legend of all time but to all the buyers DONT waste your times these people were very rude then I said what I said got the, all scared and I got a full refund for 190 and all the stuff for free


Order Not Recieved

Updated by user Feb 21, 2023
Still have not received merchandise or delivery information

Original review Feb 21, 2023
I ordered a Dropkick Murphy's hockey jersey February 1, 2023. I hadn't received any details of delivery updates from Kings Road Merch, so I emailed them requesting information on my order. The response I received claimed that the shirt had been mailed to a distribution center in Chapel Hill, NC in November 2022, 3 MONTHS PRIOR TO ME PLACING THE ORDER!!! Now I'm unable to get a hold of them, and they apparently aren't accepting emails?! WTF!!!


Poor customer service

I placed an order for two different descendants items, one of them being an XXL hoodie. I received the two items and the first item was ok, had some markings at the bottom of the sweats but I could deal, the hoodie was an XXL BUT when I put it on it was basically a Large. The sizing was way off! Tried contacting them twice via their website and no one ever got back to me! Need to find a phone number that actually works!


Order Status not given, customer service not available ever

Original review Nov 21, 2022
I purchased a Suicide Silence zip but jacket. Paid for 1-3 day shipping and received no specific order status confirmation besides 1-5 business days Its been 5 days. Emailed 4+ times and received no response. Willing to not cancel my order if affirmation is given. I will wait one more business day before requesting a refund.


Resolved: Did not receive package - Kings Road Merch have not investigated

Updated by user Sep 19, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product or service ordered. After posting this review (and several others on similar websites) I sent an email detailing my complaint, along with links to the aforementioned reviews, to KRM, I also cc'd several artists and record labels that are KRM clients.It was a regrettable, yet highly successful tactic.I was promptly contacted by KRM notifying me that they would send a replacement order, reimbursing me for albums that were no longer available. I have since received the order and refunded monies..

Updated by user Sep 19, 2022
After posting this review (and several others on similar websites) I sent an email detailing my complaint, along with links to the aforementioned reviews, to KRM, I also cc'd several artists and record labels that are KRM clients. It was a regrettable, yet highly...

Original review Jul 29, 2022
I did not receive a shipment of records. Either they were delivered to the wrong address or Fed Ex didn't attempt to contact, and just left the shipment on my step, with a bus stop right outside and they were immediately stolen. I contacted Fed Ex first, and they informed me the shipper should initiate the investigation. I contacted Kings Road Merch and they told me they would start the investigation process with Fed Ex. This has dragged on for a month now. I've contacted them several times looking for an update. This is the last reply I received: "Hi, thank you for your mail. We have not received an update from FedEx so far. It can take a moment until they will let us know the result of the investigation. As soon as we will receive an kind of news, we will get back to you. Fingers crossed and kind regards (I've withheld the agent's name for privacy concerns) - Customer Service - Kings Road Merch GmbH Untere Brinkstrasse 66 44141 Dortmund Germany" After another week I contacted Fed Ex. It appears that Kings Road Merch HAS NOT CONTACTED THEM AT ALL. I've requested Kings Road Merch send a replacement order, but I have not heard back from them as yet. I really hope this is just some horrible communication breakdown. Though I'm concerned there's some small print, time frame, cut-off date that the customer is required to officially request a claim by, and Kings Road Merch is giving me the runaround on purpose, thus disqualifying me from making a claim. Hopefully, I'm just overthinking it, and it's just a misunderstanding. Though, I think I'll likely be contacting my credit card company next. Very Dissatisfied Customer


Never got a tracking number or nothing

Never got anything it says it was bought sold and shipped the same day I don't know what to say¿???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


My order can't be found

My order has been shipped, but it can't be found when tracking it. I would like my Merch that I spent over 40 something dollars on. I've emailed a dozen times, no one has contacted or tried to help me


Didnot recieve order

I ordered 2 items. Paid for 2 day delivery on 4/16/21 contacted them via email for an order status. Haven't heard back from them or received my merchandise.


If this is Familyisnumber/merchking.comdeus,,,I am highly upset/////

On November 21, 2020 $75.45 was taken out of my bank account for a "daughter" throw for item received, no communication, no tracking # found. Can the BBB do anything to get my item???? Or a refund????


Have not received merchandise

I ordered 3 items for a total of almost $80.00 plus 18.88 for shipping on 12/07/20. I was told it would be delivered before Christmas. I have not received any communication as far as shipping and my granddaughter has not received her Christmas gift. I am upset and would like information!



ordered an item and waited shy of a month because the order was never picked. got vague responses multiple times and empty promises eventually i wanted to cancel and receive full refund. miracle! they claim to have sent it and updated my order the very next day so i couldn't claim a refund on purpose. this is fraud. do not recommend. please shop elsewhere or you will regret losing your money to these crooks


Do not buy.

No communication about when it was shipped. Paid for 2 days shipping, that didn't happen. Wasn't notified when it finally shipped or when it was delivered. I just happened to look on the website and all of a sudden, it was delivered, the day before. Well since nobody knew when it was coming, nobody was there to get it and it was stolen. So yay. Also tried sending several emails that were never responded to.


Don't Do It

This place sucks!!! Ordered P Roach jersey (3xl) in July with expected delivery in Aug. They took the money in July and never provided updates. I contacted 2 x and they said jersey backordered. Finally I said cancel order and refund. This place and customer interface is horrible. I wish P Roach would not work thru them. Kings Road with pauper service!


Resolved: Item never shipped

Updated by user Oct 24, 2019
They were quick to respond to my email & get my item shipped out quickly with tracking. They lag on mailing items out but contacting them seems to do the trick. Very pleased with my order.

Original review Sep 17, 2019
Charge for 2 day shipping (no other shipping options that are cheaper) & then never ship out your item; worst customer service ever. Just buy the band shirt at the show & don't give these people your money.



Seems to be a scam company. Ordered $300 worth of merchandise and paid extra for 2-day delivery. Weeks later no delivery. Company does not answer emails or phone calls. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. (I assume I will get money back because I went through PayPal and filed a complaint with them. PayPal is awesome! )


*** Company

I ordered a sweatshirt. I never received it. I contacted KRM by email and phone several times and got no response. Needless to say I'm out $60 and no sweatshirt. I would not waste my money on a company that treats customers poorly considering i have spent a lot of money there in the past.

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