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Keystone Window has a 1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 5 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 52th position out of 170 companies.


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(267) 308-2500

190 Moser Road, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 19464, United States

Keystone Window Reviews


Missing Window - pointed finger at installers - no help from Keystone

I ordered 3 windows and a sliding glass door for a side room with the thought I would do the rest of the house once this room was complete - no way is that happening. Due to the pandemic the windows would take a few months to arrive. I get it. I get a call on a Saturday in January, windows/door are in let's set the appointment. great i am so excited. The day of the install, there is a snow storm...okay we promptly set another day...I get a call morning of, the installer's truck broke down. No problem, I get it. I feel for the guy as he's not making money if he's not working. Happens to all of us. We can install the day after, super. I had an appointment that morning so my husband was home. The men cannot find the 3rd window in the warehouse, everyone looked all over, cannot be found. i send an email to my sales rep, what do i pay as i don't have all windows. my husband wants to pay nothing. no response, i'll call later but i'm working. don't get to it. install guys are fabulous and fantastic....great w/our dogs etc. love them. maybe the best we've had with work men. friday comes and they text when they'll be back. my husband calls the sales rep to complain about the missing window. gets nothing, sales rep says yeah i saw her email..hmmm. it's early so we have to wait for the sales office to open. sales office says it is all on the install company. what? i'm sorry who ordered the windows? who backs the windows? how adult of a company are you? you point the fingers at the install company and trash them? so in effect you are trashing yourselves because you use them. idiots. so now i'm out that window, the sales office is no help. i wish i financed so i could break the contract. i had recommended this company and will now retract that to the home owners i've recommended, and will also have all contractors and builders i know put the word out not to use this company. how unprofessional to point the finger at the install company when you are responsible for the sale. you get what you pay that's why they sell windows for less, you dont' get all of your windows and once you've paid them they walk away and it's someone else's problem. great customer service


Defective sliding patio door

need someone at keystone to please contact me to the phone number i left on VM. the issue is a defective sliding patio door i want replaced by keystone. Juan


Keystone Window of Philadelphia (Hatfield, PA)

Incompetence does not even begin to describe these *** (owners and especially the installer). Keystone Window of Philadelphia (Hatfield, PA) should NOT be one your list of places to get a referral from and certainly do not have the perform an "work" for you. Avoid Keystone Window of Philadelphia (Hatfield, PA) at all costs. Don't get suckered in by their pricing or "commitment to quality work", shop around and find a reputable and knowledgeable window and door installation company. A quick Google search will help you find a company that actually knows what they are doing. inability failure flaw imperfection incompetence incompetency ineptitude ineptness


They've been great !!!!!!

The New Director at Keystone is wonderful, He has treated our people with the respect people desreve. John has been an asset to the company, while it is a compliment even under normal circumstances, he has brought the company back from the brink to a company well worth dealing with and might i go as far as recommending dealing with him and his staff. Payment has been on time if not early and pleasureable, due to his understanding and ability to rectify problems quickly. he will no doubt take the company to the next level and well beyond unlike the management Bob (the has been , manager in the past) has been able to do. Keep on doing what you do John !!!! Thanks for all your help and understanding of how things work in the real world. No doubt this guy truly knows his stuff.


Keystone Windows, Rob Mato's New Scam

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. In 2010, Rob Mato came to our house as the owner and salesman for Window World of Philadelphia. He gave us the same pitch he has on his new website that as the owner he could personally guarentee the product and the work. We purchased windows, siding, and doors from him. In March 2012, a piece of our siding blew off the house. When i contacted him, he told me he lost his Widow World franchise (Now I Can See Why) and that he was not responsible for any warranty. I reminded him that he said he personally guarenteed his products and work, and since he had a new window company he should honor his word. He told to contact the new locale Window World, "Window World of the Tri State Area" and gave me their phone number off the top of his head. (How strange that he knew the number) I contacted them and spoke to the manager, Mr. Connelly. I explained my situation to him and he told me that Window World would honor all product warranties but installation warranties with Window World have always been for 1 year. Some how he sensed my frustration and offered to have someone come to my home and put my siding back on the house. I am now telling everyone I know to use Window World, and telling them to stay away from Keystone Windows. Keystone new motto is "TRUST BUILT INTO EVERY JOB" You can trust that they will take your money and pass the buck to the next company to warranty their jobs after they close down. and open another company in a few years.

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