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Keranique has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1300 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 5th position out of 955 companies.


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PO Box 1366, Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030, United States

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I ordered this treatment but I don't see a receipt in my email for my payment I want to know what's going on and when I am receiving this product well

I want to order the hair growth treatment I don't want to go through eBay or any of those other people because I don't know if the stuff is expired so I need to place an order


Checking the validity of an offer I received on my email

I just need to know if the offer I received on my email is a legitimate company. ca. Please call me so I can order 216-513-****. Thank you. I am a former customer as well.


Best my hair has looked and felt in years!

I love this line of hair care products! They actually deliver what they promise in their infomercial! I especially notice I have new hairs coming in now, even at 74! My daughter uses Keranique also and is very picky about her hair routine and what she uses...she loves it as much as I do!


Cancel subscription

I just received another box from you. I thought I had cancel further deliveries of the keranique. I will keep this box but PLEASE cancel further deliveries. I am doing this in writing so that I have proof of my cancelation with you. SO PLEASE CANCEL ALL FURTHER DELIVERY OF KERANIQUE Riet M Reid


Cancel subscriptio

I ordered this service for a friend of mine. I do not use your product and I was upset to see that I was still being charged to my account.


To cancel my membership

I want to cancel get charged and don't receive products and I didn't send back an unopened product and was never reimbursed and I just want to cancel


Place an order

I ordered the follicle boosting serum gave my credit card info and asked representative if emailed receipt would be sent but he hung up without answering me , I am concerned about him having my card info!


You are trying to charge my card for $64.??

I ordered the package from TV. I use Keranique I know it works. I didnt want any more products through this site. It may have been in the small print somewhere but I am canceling any subscription I have with Keranique. I buy my product local. Do Not make any additional charges to my card. Thank you



I received a shipment that did not contain the color boost shampoo I ordered. Of course, I was charged for it anyway. The customer service rep promised I would receive it in a week. It's been two weeks.. And nothing. I'm fed up. I'm so mad I'm considering cancelling the whole thing. Customer service is terrible!! Consider


Is anybody going to call me back?

Extra order for 56.18 pending in my account for 11-29-22. I did not order this one . I would hate to end this .


My review was handled with utmost concern

2Find out when next shiment will be sent and also I need yo update billing address the same as shipping address after next shipment is sent out


Cancel my subscription

Just don't want anymore product. I already told the person on the phone to discontinue. Please do not try to Bill me or send me anymore products


I wouldn't want this to happen to someone else!!

I am STILL trying to grow my hair back. I tried this product assuming that my hair would be fuller and thicker over time. I used this product solely for at least 3 months and not only did I lose soooo much hair, but it dried out my hair extremely quickly. I have since stopped using it and am now still trying to grow the sides of my hair and top. My hair literally would fall out using this product in a substantial amount. When I contacted an associate, I was told that this was common and to keep using the product in order to get the full benefits.NEVER AGAIN!! I threw the remaining product in the trash, and I warn everyone to not use this product. It's awful in my opinion and should be taken off the market.


Cancel account Customer ID SPTV202207****42166 PEASE CANCEL

I have called and canceled tis account, I don't know if they canceled, as I didn't give me a cancellation number. I do want to cancel this account. I will not be able to contend with your p. Thank you for your help. Invoice number 1E6248BBD40A99EE3. Thank you Shirley LaRocca Phone 183********



This was the worst return I have ever had. The woman WOULD NOT STOP trying to sell me more products even after I told her all I wanted was to return the product because it burned my head and caused me pain. She kept saying she could sell me this and that and give me a discount on my next purchase. She would not give me an RMA # after the 50 times I asked for one. She just kept trying to sell me more and WOULD NOT STOP. I hated that I started yelling to stop and just tell me how to return this, and she just kept it up. It was the longest most painful return ever!!!



Well, I saw an ad for Keranique late at night on tv. I went to the website right after and ordered the free trail. I noticed that you had to pay for shipping. I honestly had no problem paying for shipping, it was only 7$ with tax. I was really excited to try out this free trial. I have thinning hair due to over treatment and dying. I wanted nothing more than to have thick hair with the hair regrowth treatment. I placed in my order without really looking into it. Which, honestly I should have. If you really take the time to look at the website it does state that you only pay for shipping for this first month. However ordering this free trial you will now become a member who receives this Hair regrowth treatment which also includes Shampoo, Conditioner and more. BUT if you don't cancel the membership you'll be charged 86 dollars a month. I received a phone call and an email a couple of days after placing my order. I had to verify my credit card info over the phone. Shortly after I started receiving mail from companies that I never even heard saying that they would charge my credit card in a month for a certain product that I never even heard of. I was mad that I had been receiving this mail from two different companies, so I went to my bank to cancel my credit card before they would even have the chance to charge my credit card. Long story short if you place an order for a free trial you have to send all of the bottles back to Keranique, empty and pay to have it send back to cancel your membership. Also, the hair regrowth treatment itself can make your hair grow, however if you discontinue the use of it the hair that you had grown in that month will fall out.. It even says it in the pamphlet that you get. The shampoo did make my hair a little soft, however its nothing better than the typical shampoo you see in stores. I wasn't satisfied. If any free trial states that they need your credit card information I would suggest not giving it to them. If it's free they wouldn't need your credit card info. I didn't realize that at first. I'm glad I caught on to the problem right away once I started getting different bills for stuff I never ordered. It's honestly how they scam you, which is all this company is. A big scam. Please, don't order this product. It was frustrating, I'm just glad I caught on before it was too late.

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