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1.8/5 - based on 1200 reviews

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Kay Jewelers has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1200 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 2th position out of 657 companies.


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Poor repair on necklace

I took a necklace to be repaired. It was not purchased at Kay but at Nu Hoku in Hawaii. The chain had a bad kink in it and I was afraid it was going to break. When I dropped it off they assured me they could make it good as new and it would be ready in two weeks. They appraised it at $3000.00 so it is not a cheap necklace. When I picked it up (almost 4 weeks later) I could still feel the sharp edge on the kink. I told them it looked like they cleaned it and did not repair it. They had charged me $135.00 for the repair. They called the manager that told them she informed me that there still might be a small kink but that the repair was completed and it was good. It very obviously was not. But I took it home and foolishly started wearing it again. Three days later I was sitting in my recliner wearing a very loose pair of slippers and when I got up to walk into the kitchen I felt something in my shoe. I took it off and there was my necklace broken of course. Im so thankful that it happened this way so I didnt lose it. Long story short I called customer service and explained the situation and her attitude was that it basically sucked to be me. She was unable to refund me the repair price and when I asked for the district manager number she said they didnt have that information that I would have to contact the store. So I now have a necklace that I will have to either pay someone else to repair or buy a new chain. I have never experienced such a lack of accountability or total lack of pride in their work. I buy a lot of jewelry and you can bet I will never set foot in a Kays again. They lost not only me as a customer but anyone I can get to listen to my experience.


Looking for a order

Order#LCZ8-KY-1000**** Order on 08/17/2023 has no conformation number and has once again taken my money so once again .


Poor customer service

I have been dealing with the manager, Cindy, who is amazing, on 3 different pieces dedicated to my daughters. The associate, Theresa, left me a not so friendly message about sending my 2 of the 3 pieces back. I called in person and she was ruder and louder than I expected so I cancelled my 2K order.


I’m trying to get ahold of the jewelry store not the credit card company

Was directed to the credit card company not the actual store. Need to talk to someone about the purchase I made


Trying to order class ring and it's not letting me put in what I want

It want let me put my high school name in nor the year that I graduated Ive been trying to put it in but it want let me do thats why Im trying to get in touch with someone


Store would not honor sale price and was ride to my daughter

Store had 40% Off marked on their white gold chain for a necklace and they would not honor it .and they was rude to my daughter it is the Kays at north woods mall in Peoria Illinois I have spent a lot of money at Kays over the years and I will not be spending any more absolutely ridiculous on how poorly we was treated


Exchange,the bracelet was not repaired and I was told I had to purchase a new warranty. I don't believe that wss fair

I took my bracelet for repair. It was unrrepairable. The store in Cedar Hill, Texas received a replacement for exchange. I was told I had to purchase a new warranty. I was not happy because I paid for the first warranty and i couldn't use it.



Im supposed to get my package tomorrow for Mothers Day. What is wrong with you people I just want to talk to somebody right now


Unhappy customer

I have been going to Kays in Madison WI and every time I visit a store they cannot find the jewelry I have purchased. Last time we were there to exchange my fiance's wedding band we had to wait a while before they found the order and sales slip. When we purchased his band we were not warned about tungsten not being able to size. We had to exchange due to fiance jamming his knuckle and not able to get ring over knuckle. They gave me credit for the band and it cost me an extra $400 to get another band with warranty. Today I dropped off my engagement ring to be cleaned and dipped. The lady could not find my order...totally frustrated! She ended up putting the order in and said her manager will have to find the sale order. I was told last time we went to Kays that any store should be able to pull up my Make zure account and what has been purchased. That is not the case. Every time we go to a store there is all new people. Is Kays that hard to work for that they have that high a turn over? The sales clerk asked if I had my receipt or email. I told her yeah I am going to carry my receipt with me all the time. I have to drive an hour and half one way to go to Kays to have to deal with this problem all the time. They need to do a better job with their system or software before they lose this customer.


I’m updating a previous review

I had a bad experience with the repair shop. I was in a bad mood and took it out on Tina the store manager. Tina worked miracles!!! She was having a rough day herself. An employee had just walked out and quit, another had an emergency and she had only a new hire with her and multiple patrons in the store. She handled it all so professionally and met everyones needs. I apologized for my previous bad attitude. She solved my situation to the utmost of my satisfaction!! Her performance should definitely be passed on to her district manager Corby Brown!!! Thanks again Tina!


You guys have had my watch for 6 months that suck you guys keep giving me the run around it only a link I been a customer for 25 year need your old screw can't get any the done with your new screw .

Stop lying to your customers. When you are notgoingto help them. I been a customer for 30 years and all you guys can do in lie about my watch. You have had it for 6 months for a link that pretty sad.



For anyone who may read this, all I can say is DO NOT shop with Kay Jewelers! We have consistently had terrible experiences with them, at different locations since December. I have gotten no where with store managers, customer service, etc. They say one thing and then question you when they dont hold up their end; when you try to hold them accountable to their word. They give your jewelry back to you in worse or the wrong condition than when your jewelry was sent out. We sent my rings out three times over a period of almost two months. They were only supposed to be gone for two weeks to be resized. They accidentally or CARELESSLY soldered them together after resizing them incorrectly twice. Apparently they dont know how to size the rings they sell. (Finally after receiving them back, I saw that the metal has been scratched by a file, and Im afraid to send it out again to be fixed). Because we have the warranty they recommend with purchase, that we pay for monthly, we get unlimited resizing/etc, so they will not reimburse us for any of the mishaps they created, as we continue to pay monthly for their mistakes to be covered. We then tried to return a ring that we no longer wanted to keep (separate from the ones that were mishandled) in perfect condition/brand new. Returns are 30 days, but it was not clarified that if it was purchased in store, if that is from date of purchase or from the date of being received. It was sent out to be resized the day of purchase, for two weeks. We were under the impression that it was 30 days from the ring being in our possession. I tried to return it (35 days from the purchase date/16 days after having it in my possession). I asked for a return or credit, as Ive had it with me for less with three weeks. They would NOT do ANYTHING, wouldnt even listen! Im a patient person, but I will tell everyone, friends, family, strangers, to never shop with them. They have lost customers for life.


A dispute I need taken care of.

I had my wallet with my social security number and ID in it stolen. They used it to buy something from yall with some kind of payment plan and its affecting my credit. Its been years and Im just trying to figure it all out because I dont do anything that has to do with credit cards or loans. If I buy something I only buy it if I have the money for it. I only found out about this recently because I actually need a loan for the first time. And I cant get it because of something I didnt even do. This isnt any kind of review I just cant seem to get ahold of anyone and this is a last resort. Rating 5 star because I honestly dont know anything about ur company. I dont buy jewelry so Im not gonna put anything that would have any negative affect.


Broken bracelet

I purchased My wife a bracelet but she I went to hook the bracelet it is missing a piece to hook and connect


Bad Experience at Kay Jewelry

On February 24th I went into Kay Jewelers after purchasing a personalized bracelet and necklace online. After having my newborn daughter, I wanted something nice to symbolize her birth. Upon entering the Kay Jewelers on east west connector suite #130, Austell, Ga. 30106. Telephone number 770-948-**** I was helped by the manager and Im assuming assistant manger or sales associate. I came into the store that day to purchase a new thicker chain for the bracelet and necklace to be replaced. First I was almost over charged for a necklace that was misplaced on the sales floor for $700 that was missing a charm. After my fiancé pointed out that the price for that particular necklace seemed fairly high. The manger then went to the computer and realized the chain belonged to a charm that had been sold to another customer and that customer now has been over charged and she joked about him not getting his necklace. I should have noticed the issue then with that statement. After finally finding a necklace, we were talked into getting my daughters ears pierced there by the same manager and employee. We then purchased piercing earrings, a new chain and warranty. We paid $942.66 for all the things we needed. My bracelet should have had the chain completely replaced and my daughters necklace should have just had another adjustment added. The following day Feb. 25th we come back for ear piercing, everything is ok. The wait for the manger to pierce her ears was about 30 min. Because she always seems to be on lunch, I later learned. The ear piercing went fine until the employee didnt push the earring all the way through. As long as my daughter was ok and her earring stayed in, I just followed the care instructions to make sure she wouldnt get an infection since there was a small mistake. The receipt for the jewelry pickup was for March 15, March 16th latest date. After leaving from ear piercing I now dont hear from anyone. I received a voicemail about a 25% off sale the store was having but no calls about my jewelry, so I wait patiently. March 15th and 16th come and go and still no phone call or email from Kay Jewelry about my items being ready for pickup. So about a week later I call and speak to Stephanie or an employees name who started with an S to ask were my things ready for pickup. Not only is it not ready, the employee cant find any correct information at all. She then proceeds after about 10 min. To say shed have the manger call me back the next day because she was at lunch or wasnt there. I never receive a phone call from anyone. On March 31st, we finally decide to go up to Kay jewelers to just pick up our items since no one had reached out to us at all, for an entire month , even after falling in myself. The manger then informed us that our items had never been sent out. Nothing had been fixed at all. Our jewelry had been sitting there for over a month with no communication about any issues. The manger then tried explaining a story that makes absolutely no sense. Eventually, she refunds the money we paid for everything except ear piercing and jokes about how she wasnt going to return our money, and her keeping it. I find nothing about that statement humorous. She then gives us only piece back. It wasnt until we arrived home that I realized she still didnt give the bracelet back. On April 1st I call back to Kay Jewelers to ask why wasnt the bracelet returned. This employee who informed that she had been away from work for a week and wasnt aware of the situation. It took about 20 min. And 2 phone calls to the manger who was on lunch break again, the manager tells her where to find the bracelet that was also never sent off. I have never had a more unprofessional experience in my life from a jewelry store. To have a manger be so unprofessional and employees follow suite is a sure way to make sure a customer like me never returns. I also wont be purchasing anymore jewelry from the brand because I have never had such poor customer service. To have someones belongings and not inform them if any issue as soon as one occurs is beyond me. To joke about keeping a customers money is not a joke. I would like to bring light to this situation so no one has to go through this again hopefully. Kay Jewelers was a cherished store to me for personalizing jewelry for both my children and its quite disappointing to have that experienced ruined. Having a customer wait an entire month for their items to only be told its only been sitting at the store is completely disappointing. I could have used that time to find someone else to fix my things. Worse Kay Jewelry and very unprofessional employees and managers. They try to fast talk you as well. Be careful shopping here.

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