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Kauffman Tire has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 67 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 66th position out of 513 companies.


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I have used Kauffman Tire service for about 30 years. Great Service, after the Mavis change it has become horrible service!! I have been put off 4 times to get my brakes done even with an appointment

This location is in Douglasville, Ga. They are unfriendly, very carlessthey will inore


Terrible tires

I purchased four brand new tires from Kauffman Tires December 2018, it is September 2019 and tores are bad and must be replaced. I was told it was a maintenance issue and the warranty I purchased would not cover the new set of tires. They want to charge me more tgan what I paid for the 1st set 9 months ago. The tires thread is worn on the front tires and warped on the vack. I am so frustrated what do I do? Need new tires. I feel cheated!!!!



I purchased brand new Michelin tires almost 2 years ago and they are worn and need replacement already!Mavis is refusing to replace them on give me 1 tire but they want me to buy 3 more :( even though they are on warranty. That makes no sense. Especially since they clearly stated if they can't fix them they will replace them.


Dissatisfied customer

Purchased a new tire discovered after some time, that they put the new tire in the front which has created my other tire to wear down . Which originally should’ve been placed in the rear ! Go to the shop and they refused to fix it or even put the tires in the back now they’re telling me I have to buy a new tire


Did not replace all lugs on new tires...later one fell off in the street, not tigntened

I bought 4 new Michelin tires for my Toyota Avalon from Kauffman Tire in Gainesville, FL. A couple months ago I noticed one of the wheel lugs was missing and returned to the store. The had the lug on a shelf in the service area (had missed putting it on) They installed the missing lug. Then, today I saw a lug laying in the street in front of my driveway. It had not been tightened correctly and had worked loose, fortunately falling off in front of my house. Not tightening lugs properly can have deadly consequences. I recall yeas ago in northern Pa. along RT. 6, a family from N.Y. state had an accident sending the car through the guardrail and over an embankment into the woods resulting in death and serious injury. Their garage had not tightened their tire lugs properly and they had worked loose causing a terrible accident. One mistake can be forgiven, but two of this nature by a business that specializes in tires is unforgivable. I will never do business again with Kauffman Tire.


Service gone downhill

Brought my Tacoma in for an oil change and alignment check on 2/11/19. Made appointment online but was told the rack was busy, so I still had my oil changed. The oil plug continued to leak after the change so I decided to check the gasket. Can’t believe they put that on, but they did tell me I needed new shocks. One of the employees told me they liked the new Mavis incentive program. This was the Kennesaw location, but I’m finding the service to suck at all of them now. Been going there for over 20 years, but guess I’ll have to switch.



I Have been in the business for over 30 years, And I am pleased to say that this store( Kauffman Tire ) in Pooler ,GA is great. I was very pleased with (Ashton) Front sales person was very polite and friendly, took very good care of me and knew what I was asking for, and the guys outside doing the work was also very kind and friendly. The shop was very nice and clean. They respected their shop, then they respect the customer. Appearance is everything to me. I love this place and will continue to buy tires and have my vehicles serviced here. Thanks guys for the great work and my truck does not vibrate anymore, I could now drive down the freeway. Thank you so much. Patrick Powell


Faulty repair

I recently had brake work done. Brake caliper wasn't installed properly had a car accident


Bad battery?

Largo store, seminole blvd. Went in for warranty service and was told that due to the recent purchase of kauffman that they can no longer honor the service plan on my tires. I dropped my car off anyway and agreed to pay for the service I needed, but later recieved a call and they lied to me and tell me I needed a new battery. I told them the battery was new and they backed off. Just to see if they were telling the truth I had the battery checked out somewhere else. The results were 12.8 volts and 750 cold cranking amps. They told me 265 cold crsnking amps. Hmmm.


Scam and rip off shop

Before writing this review I really gave it a lot of thought so I could be as fair as possible. To the consumer that takes the time to read honest reviews from other customer experiences then please know I’m being as fair and honest as possible. I have nothing to gain nor lose by not sharing an honest and fair evaluation of Kauffman Tire, their corporate support and their managers. My wife and I do a lot of traveling in our truck and RV. I noticed that my steering wheel was around the 10:30 to 11:00 position. The truck wasn’t pulling to the left or right. However it was driving me crazy not having a straight steering wheel. Therefore I decided to take it in to a well know chain tire center. Being in the automotive field as a 30 year career and 40 plus years as a manager I’m no stranger to the working components of a vehicle as well as the traits of a seasoned manager. When I first arrived at Kauffman Tire I was greeted by a very polite woman that listened to what my concerns were concerning the steering wheel. My truck was pulled onto the alignment rack within minutes of my arrival ( probably due to not having any other customers in the store ). It wasn’t long until I meet the service manager, he spent several minutes doing his best to convince me of how talented and experienced he was in the automotive world. Then he laid the bad news down on me. ( I never told him that my experience far exceeded his ). He began to tell me the reason why my steering wheel wasn’t straight was because my truck had a worn out lower passenger side ball joint. Once again I never shared my experience of vehicles with him, however I knew he was trying to pull a scam. One, the truck had only 2000 miles on a completely newly rebuilt front end and two the steering wheel position has nothing to do with the ball joints. So I ask him to show me the problem. We went into the shop where he proceeded to push in the up position under the tire with a pry bar. Then he pointed out the movement of the suspension. It didn’t take a surgeon to know that the suspension is going to move if enough pressure is applied. He suggested that I do the other side as well since one was bad both were more than likely worn the same. In a real world that’s true, however in his world it was a made up scam repair to the amount of $720.00 after the alignment. I then proceeded to tell him my experience with vehicles and ask very nicely if he could just put my steering wheel back to the 12:00 position. His story changed and he politely told his service tech to align my truck. Time to pay was even better, the very polite woman that greeted me earlier turned out to be the manager. She said most pick up truck alignments were $129.99 but she was graciously giving me a discount and only charging me $79.99. If that’s not a scam please pinch me and bring me back to reality. Just 400 miles north I do business with a full service tire store that only charges $59.99 and that’s without a discount. Now for the next chapter with this bad experience. I left with my truck not only with the steering wheel still in the same position but now it was pulling to the right. So I decided to contact corporate and share my experience. The person I spoke with in customer service was very professional and proficient. She typed everything I said and told me the District Manager (Roy) would be contacting me. As promised he did within minutes. Roy was extremely polite and promised to make things right agreeing with me that ball joints don’t cause wheel position issues. He was very concerned that I had been treated this way and vowed to make it right. We agreed on meeting the following week at the Brunswick store and he would personally align my truck. Well that day has come and guess what? Good ole Roy left me high and dry with an excuse that he would be riding with his boss (Stephen) today and couldn’t make it. Please keep in mind I’ve already been driving for over a week on brand new tires that were being eat up by a blotched alignment. This did not go over well with me, however he was adamant that he would get to my truck at a later date. During that conversation I made the comment that I would be with him during the entire alignment simply because I had lost my trust in Kauffman Tire. That’s when good ole Roy showed his other side. He continuously bashed me and talked over me accusing me of attacking his character. This couldn’t have been the furthest from the truth. For a manger of his position to take anything personally is totally unacceptable. In all my years of being a manager I was cussed at, had a gun pointed in my face and threatened repeatedly, however I never took it personally. Once Roy took a draw for air I finally was able to ask Roy since he was going to be riding with his manager to please have him call me. Stephen called me very promptly and ask how he could help. I explained everything to him and his response was one that only a well seasoned manager would come back with. He ask what can I do to fix this problem. My answer was absolutely nothing other than refund my money. Once trust is lost all is lost. Please beware if you as a customer decides to ignore my review and utilize this stores services. I wish you the best and pray that you know enough about cars before spending your hard earned money with these scam artists. Maybe even consider getting a second opinion. Since then I took my truck to a highly reputable shop and the only thing wrong with it was an alignment issue. Also someone had let most of the air out of my tires. One can only guess who did that. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.


Don't Bother Making an Appointment

I made an appointment for an oil change for 1 pm at the Lakewood Ranch, Florida Kauffman Tire. When I called later to confirm the appointment, the gentleman said he had no record of my appointment for 1 pm, however I was written down that I would drop off the car and leave it so they could get to it sometime during the day. That is not my definition of a 1 pm appointment and that is not what I said I would do. The gentleman said that when a person at the Lakewood Ranch location does not answer the call within a certain time period, the call gets routed to a switchboard and the person there made my "appointment". The manager at the Lakewood Ranch location made me an appointment for 10 am another day. When I arrived that day the person told me it would be 1.5-2 hours delay because they got a shipment of tires and they were behind on appointments. A tire delivery should be something they know about in advance and they should make plans so it doesn't affect customers with appointments. If there was such a delay they should have enough respect for their customers and their time to call the customer and let them know of the situation. Similar incidents have happened to me at this location so I'm not wasting my time with them again.


Rip off will damage your vehicle

I know someone that worked at st Pete 4th st location . Not only are they “trained” to replace parts which aren’t needed, they damage other items so customer must return for further work. Always get second opinion. They told me a I needed a whole front end- turns out the cheap rotors ( that they unnecessarily replaced earlier were already warped) was the problem. A honest mechanic told me it looked someone had cut or sliced the grommets on the shocks and I believe it was Kauffman tire. They couldn’t even show me the worn rotors because they were “ thrown out”. Yeah right!!! Don’t walk- RUN away from Kauffman tire or be prepared for endless, needless repairs!!$$$$


Dangerous break repair or non repair

Took my Toyota Avalon in to have break shoes replaced, did not neeed Rotors or calipers. However the non repair by Kauffman created problems. Immediately after the work was completed my gas mileage droped from road mileage of about 28-31mpg to under 18mpg. And the car instantly drove quite sluggish. Why? That was the question the manager at the shop could not answer. Additonally the reapirmann managed to get put GREESE on the roters, that created blue smoke and a very foul odor in the car after driving and applying breaks to stop the car. Explained that to the people at the shop, they just tried to convince me to purchase calioper that I did not need. Talked with a district representative, he tried to sell ma a caliper. I had to fix this one myself due to safety concerns. Could not risk injuring myself or others due to the wreckless non repair by KAUFFMAN TIRE at 7490 Ruffie way Midland Georgia. Pulled the wheel. Removed the caliper, used a C clamp to squeeze the sylendar back to take excessive pressure off the pads. Waiting to see how gas mileage improves. It is the one thing that will tell the story. These young guys do poor work and are not very good at customer service. About as good as most shade tree mechanics in a a big red shop that leave greese on my tires. Will not go there again for any automotive work.


Never Again - Porsche Owner

Booked my tires to be replaced via their website, cost $1300. Ok I thought, booked it in, website says turn up whenever you like, leave it for 3 hours come back and it will be done. Turned up, tires not there. They had 3 days to get the tires there, car not ready in three hours. Car gets tires changed and I am called for collection. My car has the Porsche option 19" Turbo two wheels. Porsche option cost = $8000. These folks gave me my car back with every wheel covered in grease from the hands of the gloves from the tech that put the wheels back on. I mean covered in grease, like hand print amounts. They also damaged every wheel, chipped the lacquer off in places and damaged the rims where they loaded them into their tire machine. The damage is from where they hold the wheels in their machine. Clowns that could give two hoots about your car or the value of the parts they are messing with. I have other cars as well as this one and none of them will every darken the door of a Kaufman establishment again. I have used Discount Tire for years and never had so much of a sniff of a problem yet Kaufman had a better price on the tires so I went there. NEVER EVER AGAIN. $1300 tires and I will probably spending that again have all 4 of my wheels repaired because Kaufman simply don't care about the work they deliver to the customer.


Resolved: $1000's of damages to BMW and contaminated brake system with pertroleum

Updated by user Dec 03, 2018
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Original review Jun 12, 2018
--The vehicle in question is a BMW 2004 Z4 3.0L 52,291 miles; 143 miles at time of brake system testing and replacement due to brake fluid contaminates from brake flush and installation of new brakes at Kauffman Tire, Clearwater DBA: Mavis Discount Tires. THIS REPORT IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE OF DAMAGES AND EVENTS but sharing the pertinent documents. --We took this vehicle in to replace ONLY the front struts due to ride height indifferences and left one being non-OEM along with replacing tires to SALE vehicle. We already had a secured buyer awaiting work to be completed. This vehicle was planned to be sold to pay for remodeling fees on house to put on market and move. ALL this has created collateral damage of a monetary value with absolutely NO relief in sight nor offered by Mavis. Extensive vehicular body damages, overcharges, 31%+- parts mark-ups, parts charged but not installed, parts damaged by technician charged customer, service damages and more is the basis for this reports investigative proceedings below but not all inclusive. ie. This platform ONLY allows 5 pictures as documented proof; I've included the most important of those. The entire report and pertinent documents can be located on FB in my Diversified Technician page by 'searching'’ @DiversifiedTechs in FB. I'm a licensed professional consultant, David Turner, Tarpon Springs, Florida, with over 45yrs directly involved--hands on, mind in--in everything that rolls, floats, flies, articulates and/or levitates. Employed in such commercially, militaristically and within my own small businesses providing directly related services. I provide extensive inspections and reports of findings of almost anything! @DiversifiedTech FB. Simple google for contact. Thanks! DT --I do possess multiple videos in evidence of damages and work done on vehicle afterwards to include the removal of the contaminated brake fluid and placement in sealed containers as well as during testing to ensure integrity of samples and testing methods. ALL components effected had to be replaced at owners expense. Ie. Master cylinder, all brake calipers, prematurely worn new front pads and front rotors due to brake binding, complete brake supply lineS removal and extensive flushing. We gave them 3 opportunities to verify damages and repair to no avail. --I also have Power Of Attorney of this vehicle owner, Barbara W, to handle any and all affairs for her; this client is also my life partner. My expertise and consultant entity was hired due to thee extensive amount of investigative work to provide documents in evidence of all the damages incurred by Kauffman Tire. (see P1) The initial charges at Kauffman are on hold, $2387.80; in dispute and Chase is luckily working with us as consumer victims. Insurance claim has been filed but with a $1000 deductible from a $2408.43 total settlement. (see A1-A4) --Client is still left with lack of compensation to repair all damages incurred by Kauffman; as well as rims and brake system replacement from contamination of petroleum substance interjected in system during Kauffmans brake flush. (see N1, N2--143 miles on vehicle at the time of this testing. Seals will immediately swell once a contaminate comes into contact with it) Certain damages could NOT be claimed due to it being classified as ‘during’ service damage. Ie. Top, brake component replacement and rims. Kauffman refuses to forward any insurance forms for claims in complete denial they damaged vehicle or am responsible of other claims in this dispute. We have no remedy in sight after 42 days and will continue to pay damages out of pocket in addition to potentially being held responsible for the charges of service --Apr 20, 2018 initial service of vehicle to replace struts, we provided, and four new run flat tires purchased thru them with alignment and balance. (see M1-M4) After reading the factory manual of these vehicle purchased a year before I noted many items requiring inspection and replacement if worn. I also requested inspection of items in the strut for serviceability. Ie. The bumper stops. Kauffman rep, Miles K contacted Barbara W and suggested replacing ALL rotors and brakes pads as well as informed her 2 extra hours of labor would be required because she did not bring in ‘quick struts’—already assembled struts. (there is NO quick struts available for the Z4 only the M325 so that was another deception to over charge the owner) I was not available during the conversations so she, not knowing anything of vehicles, said okay. She waited until she could run the brake service by me a few minutes later. She researched costs on brake service and noted there was an on line running ad, good until Dec 31, 2018, stating $79.99 LABOR incl brake special. (see T1 of which since that date the original ads were altered and changed to a ‘coupon’ since I sought credit for the over charges of brakes) She called back to release four brake pads and four new rotors under the impression she would get the same special. (their work order plainly states the $54 per axle additional LABOR charges was for ‘brake pad’ replacement see M1) Miles also stated when she called both brake sensors required replacement during brake service and one was damaged already. (there was NO brake light warning on when initially delivered; or we would have requested them to inspect and after acquiring the actual parts from Mavis two days later the front sensor tested okay and the rear sensor was NOT changed at all. See S1 This part was damaged during the strut removal) Contacted us at 5:40 stating vehicle was ready for pick up. We were 25 minutes away but the clerk, Jason? Stated he would wait. Closed at 6:00pm. Arrived at 6:05pm. Miles K was not there when we arrived. The bill surprised us but there was no one to talk to about discrepancies of charges. Owner paid, not wanting to leave the vehicle outside as they said it would. They also indicated a re-alignment had to be done due to them NOT able to align it correctly; confirmed by the BMW technician they proclaimed was a BMW specialist certified to work on them. (He is neither certified nor qualified based upon the damages in incorrect work done. To wit: all self retaining nuts were NOT replaced nor was the damaged boots and bumper stops) The owner made them write re-alignment down as included. (See M2) The owner presumed she could simply take it up the next day with the manager and get a credit BEFORE the credit card was processed. There was no inspection of the vehicle due to the simplicity of the service done. I was talking to her about dinner when she entered vehicle so the convertible top was not noticed. --Apr 20, 2018 First inspection by David T AFTER securing vehicle and owner driven home. There was the smell of burning rubber in the garage later which initiated the first inspection. We found car completely dirty and other damages immediately. To include the convertible top, rims damage, tire soap still on, front fender scratched and completely saturated with grease or what looked to be brake fluid. Luckily we had car completely coated with an impenetrable ceramic type coating at Reeders Details not long before. --Apr 21, 2018. After inspecting the vehicle further I jacked up the vehicle to gain access to see the struts installation. Noting the boots were displaced rims were damaged and front wheels seemed binding. We contacted Kauffman Tire Clearwater to complain in seeking answers, credits and to inquiry of the services. Spoke directly with the manager and original work order author, Miles K. He asked to bring it back in to look at. Based upon the damages we already documented we declined. Noting we did not feel comfortable with same BMW tech at Kauffman working on it again and wanted it to be towed to another Kauffman Tire. Requested Corporate intervention. Note: brake seals will immediately begin to swell once contaminated with power steering fluid, transmission fluid or any other similar petroleum type substance. Those brakes were NOT binding when I took wheels off a month before to pressure wash the rims! Or I would have addressed immediately!) --Apr 22, 2018, Kauffman agree to tow vehicle back to clearwater shop when I called. I reiterated that I was NOT going to allow the same person access to this vehicle but it was for inspection only. I requested it be towed to New Port Richey instead. It was agreed and towed later to Kauffman New Port Richey store to inspect and fix the next day when BMW tech arrived. The following day the manager, Bobby, called and said a ride height sensor needed replacing BEFORE they could check alignment and anything else. The next day they called and said it was ready. I researched vehicle and noted that the ride height sensor is ONLY for the headlights. Again, incompetence and unqualified to work on this type vehicle. They TEST drove vehicle after SPECIFIC instructions no one was to drive it. 1.8miles test drive further damaging vehicle they cleared as fixed when it clearly was not! They released as ‘no binding’ of brakes (see M3, then B1-B6 of BMW rebuttal inspection) Requested corporate, again, to handle this dispute. No more calls and one email stating he was working on it. --Apr 24, 2018. I determined the stain on the convertible top was actually the rotor sat on top of it during replacement and the lubricant they are shipped in leaked onto the top; permanently damaging it. I sent such findings to corporate rep Larry Y. --Apr 25, 2018 Insurance adjuster annotated first claim. That covered scratch on fender and cleaning top only. ($696.43 total to repair with $1000 deductible = $303.57 required payment by vehicle owner to fix damages) Stated rim damage or brake damage could NOT be covered because it was service damage. --Apr 26, 2018 decided to redeliver vehicle to Kauffman Clearwater in agreement they would repair issues. Owner picked up later that day. In good faith owner scheduled to get convertible top cleaned in attempts to remove stains by Kauffman Tire placing an object on top if it in 2 locations. They refused to clean and denied it happened during their service. They released vehicle again ensuring owner it was safe for road with no brakes binding. I was unavailable to inspect and front hub did not feel hot after ‘short’ test drive later. --Apr 28, 2018 Drove vehicle to Reeder Details 40+-miles away—frequent detailer of this vehicle—to attempt cleaning convertible top oil type contaminates from Kauffman Tire service. The hubs were NOW hot to the touch again and the steering wheel was lightly shaking. Reeder could NOT remove stains. (see C1-C2) During drive back home wheel began to shake more, vehicle drifting in another lane and slow response in vehicles forward motion. We decided to take it to Ferman BMW dealer, with certified BMW technicians in Tarpon Springs. We scheduled a complete inspection to verify brake and alignment discrepancies. (see B1-B6) --Apr 30, 2018 BMW certified technicians inspected and re-aligned vehicle properly. (see B1-B6) Also verified brakes were binding but did not test brake fluid due to lack of that type of service and technology. --May 3, 2018 USAA Insurance issued a supplemental claim for convertible top replacement with aftermarket one. The total claim now was $2408.43 with $1000 deductible = payment to insurer of $1403.43 ONLY. The top replacement was $1700 alone. It will NOT come clean and now the vehicle is depreciated $2000+ from their body, rims and convertible top damages. Kept contacting Mavis corporate rep asking for credit and insurance forms. No answer. --May 5, 2018. The struts were inspected next and found was the torque of the right side vs left side were considerably different and thrust bearing was NOT lubricated. (see E1) Also found parts of metal ON the thrust bearing of the strut; broken off from the shock mounts. I suspect the special tool #22-16**** required was NOT utilized. Nor was the correct torque on the thrust washers applied. --May 11, 2018. First rear brake sample was taken after inspecting brake fluid in reservoir to have a distinct power steering smell to it and to verify whether a brake flush was done. Also in suspicions of the front brake binding due to being contaminated. Verified as extremely contaminated and dirty. (see N1-N2) --May 15, 2018. Documentation was secured to itemize the cost of materials utilized by Kauffman and also to establish documentations of the brake rotors being shipped with lubricant on them. Also their claim that PREMIUM brake pads and PREMIUM rotors were installed. The brake pads are the lowest quality available at Autozone and others. The exact numbers were taken off the pads and work orders to verify EXACT components. The low quality un-coated front rotors were already rusting on the vehicle and creating more rust on adjacent components. The rear rotors were quality and coated. --May 19, 2018. The brake cylinder reservoir was removed to inspect and take samples of contents. --May 22, 2018 Removal of master cylinder to inspect. A stainless steel rod fell OUT of the brake supply reservoir during removal! The pictures taken BEFORE any work was done on the brake system denoted NO ONE had taken any component off nor broken the factory ‘white’ seals until Kauffman serviced vehicle. There is NO REASON to remove those supply lines even to flush brakes. May 24, 2018 All front brake components were removed for inspection. May 25, 2018 Front rotors and brake pads, both damaged prematurely from binding brakes, were purchased. Rear rotors were matched up and documented to be EXACTLY the same circumference to the stains on the convertible top at 300mm. May 28, 2018. ALL brake components removed from vehicle to be replaced, flushed and inspected. During such removal the dents into the sides of the front fenders was discovered. Insurance would not issue a supplement and owner had them corrected at her expense of $125.00. Dent pulling out only to lessen visual. Subsequently vehicle was completed and put back into service with perfect brake system working. We have sought credit and assistance from Kauffman to no avail. --June 8, 2018 a settlement was offered to Kauffman that was $2400 less than the costs of ALL damages and component replacement. This was done so that we may move forward, prep vehicle for sale and end the credit card dispute. Requested was to simply credit ALL the original work order charges, have technician(s) that worked on this vehicle investigated for intentional liable actions during maintenance as well as the review of ALL previous potential victims serviced by that tech. To include the service manager, Miles K, being investigated for inflating prices to unsuspecting clients and/or working directly with the technician on those actions. (another perspective is damaging brake systems so that customers will come BACK to the store for repairs? My inquiry and opinion only) Gave Larry Y 48hrs to contact me on settlement … no word as of the time of this report input in the Consumer Affairs as a review. Sent various news agencies links of this unacceptable service for publicizing for OTHER VICTIMS. SUMMARY June 10, 2018 Still no settlement with Kauffman; client only contacted three times by Kauffman corporate representative, Larry Y during the entire course of this dispute. Defective parts were returned to store (see R1) but no credit was offered upon any thing but ... a credit of $169.00 for the BMW dealer re-alignment. 1. $1000's in damages to vehicle: denied by them. See accompanied photos DT1 FOR OVERVIEW--then T1, N1, N2, C1, C2, X1, X2 and V1. 2. Parts broken by them and charged client. Parts charged customer but NOT installed. (see DT1, S1) 3. Contaminated Brake system after 'returning' vehicle to fix AFTER being charged for brake flush. All components required replacement due to their contamination. Purposeful? Two different Kauffman stores had hands on this vehicle. Clearwater and New Port Richey, Florida. (See M1-M4) 4. BOTH Kauffman centers released an unsafe vehicle with brakes binding back on the road which could have easily caused an accident. The front brakes were binding so bad you could smell the rubber burning within the closed garage of new tires after first drive home and subsequently after that. That is what alerted me to begin inspecting vehicle the first night it was picked up. The vehicle was taken to BMW certified techs/dealer to inspect and verify brake issues. (see N1, N2, B1-B6) IT WAS VERIFIED THE BRAKES WERE BINDING. 5. Kauffman runs an on-going brake special with LABOR included yet they charged my client $54 per axle labor and $20 extra on the front brakes. (see N1) 6. They damaged the front fenders, the convertible top, the rims AND returned the vehicle with all grease, brake fluid and tire 'soap' still on it. (see E1, X1, X2, C1-C2, N1 for additional parts replacement due to brake fluid contamination as aforementioned) I believe my investigation is complete and thorough upon this vehicle in question whereas you could peruse the items of concern in confidence of the factual basis I have provided all documentation for. This is an on-going dispute of which I've submitted a BBB report, requested news agencies involvement to publicize to inform potential victims serviced by Kauffman Tire. Such BBB Complaint Case# 2761****. I AM HOPING THIS REPORT INFORMS OTHER POTENTIAL VICTIMS OF WHICH ARE UNINFORMED AND OTHERWISE UNEDUCATED IN VEHICLE SERVICES OF KAUFFMAN TIRE AND OTHERS PERFORMING UNACCEPTABLE WORK ON VEHICLES ON THE ROAD. PEOPLES LIVES ARE POTENTIALLY ENDANGERED IF THEY RELEASED VEHICLES JUST LIKE MY CLIENTS BACK ON THE ROAD. In addition; on 2 different occasions they have laughed at us of my concerns and allegations of this matter. Also is alarming is the extreme parts mark-ups on consumers with no regulations instilled! (See DT1, T1) In closing we are both Veterans. My client, BW retired, me; 6yrs of which was duly shared with all Kauffman locations in the hopes of being treated with a bit more respect for our services of our country as is the trend nowadays.

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