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Just Brakes has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 304 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 14th position out of 1094 companies.


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8150 N Central Expressway, Suite M-1008,, Dallas, Texas, 75206, United States

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Just Brakes Reviews


Just Brakes sold to PepBoys with Warranty not Honored

Purchased front and rear brake pads and machined rotors under Just Brakes Lifetime Warranty. Just Brakes sold to PepBoys. PepBoys bought assets and assumed liabilities. PepBoys not honoring Just Brakes Lifetime Warranty.


Lifetime Warranty on Brake Pads

Purchased front and rear brake pads and rotor resurfacing in 2017. Nissan says brake pads need to be replaced. PepBoys purchased Just Brakes and says the "Lifetime Warranty" is good for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Would like to have the original Just Brakes warranty honored. It did not have any limits on months or miles.


Not recommended for anybody

I came into just brakes to have my brake checked because I was putting a lot of pressure on my brakes to stop. The mechanic could not tell me what Was going on with my brakes. So I looked at my brake and saw that the pads was ok but worn down and the brake dish had hot pots. So, I told them to replace the pads and dish. I was totally surprised to lean that would cost me over $962.00. So, Say good by to the $98.00 brake job. Plus, it took them over 4 hours to do the job. Two mechanics was working on my truck and one mechanic took the time to socialize with other none customers that drove up outside the repair shop. I also notice that the two mechanics also got together in the shop socializing instead of working on my truck.



Pepboys and just for brakes needs to work together and get warrarty information on system so customers didnt have to be inconvenienced.


Pissed off and fill ripped off

I have a 2014 nissan. Went in to get pads put in the front. They also recommended for me to adjust the back brakes also. Cost $ 167 because i had a $20 coupon. They also told me that i ned to replace my front bearing, the showed me the play moving my tire up and down. I didnt notice and noise or grinding or anything wrong with the front so im very leary about the bearing. I have a feeling the mrssed with bearing so i can pay them to replace it. They want another $406 to replace. As went home pulled into the drive way and started checking my brakes by pushing the brake with small pushes and syarted hearing noises that i never heard before. So i take my car back the next morning yell them about it they put it back up and put a solvent and adjusted the rear brakes again and i stayed there for another 2 hours for it to spund even a louder grind. Im gonna go some where else to check my brakes and bearings. F%$# you Brakes Plus. 77ave Lower Buckeye phx az. Hector the dude in the front counter is a fake and a liar.


Just Brakes Car Repair Review

Crooks ! Inflated prices. They wanted $900.00 for front brake pads and rotors...I got it done for 415.00 at the place I use to go too , in my old neighborhood


Just Brakes Customer Care Review

Horrible. Rude. Aggressive inexperience personell overpriced on labor


Just Brakes - Car Repair Review

just brakes, overall does s good job but when you take your vehicle in, they always try to scam you with all of this extra stuff that is not required. i for one have done brake jobs and do i wasn't completely ***. rotors out of spec so need ones, is an example. they blame it on the manufacturer. also rusty clips that cost $50. all of these places do this do just ask "do you want the brake work or not?" they back down


Unhappy Customer!

I took my vehicle to Just Brakes at 7:00am at the Stetson Hills store in Colorado Springs. The job was only suppose to take 2 hours but they have had my vehicle all day and I even had an appointment. It is now 6:00pm, the business closes at 7:00pm and they still have my vehicle. Up until today, Just Brakes has always been good but I was treated like I am not a good paying customer. This type of service is unacceptable and I really feel like they intended on keeping my vehicle all while they worked on others before mine. I am very disappointed with my service and I am considering not going back to Just Brakes ever again.


Just Brakes - Estimate Review

I am a woman and I went to just brake at montano location , the manager it is so unprofessiona he give me a estimate of $600 I ask for the estimate on paper he say he was going to charge me $55 for estimate and inspection and I say ok and after that he refused to give me the paper he explod scrimping to me in front of costumer and tell me he is going to call police and just I ask for the estimate in paper so that way I see all the details and the reason he want to charge me $600 after he was talking and talking insulting me . I don't recommend this plase be carful with this company repoff



My young sister got her car broke down last night right by the shop on 8700 Richmond ave, Houston Texas. The manager Eric figure it since she doesn't know anything about cars, He could charge her whatever He wants. An oil change based around at $40 dollars and a replacement of a starter for a 2006 Pontiac at $325 plus $ 105 dollars for labor and $33 dollars for shop supplies. That all adds at $ 505 dollars,However some how the manager Eric gave my sister a $ 100 dollars discount so the end of the invoice was $400 dollars. Now how come for a oil change and a change of a starter cost that much???the vehicle is not a brand new car or a luxury car and it is not Pontiac itself dealer service neither. I asked the manager to show me the invoice of the brand new starter and he refused it. I called auto zone to ask how much the starter cost for the Pontiac 2006 and they told me cost around $170. so I also call other neighbors shops to ask how much is the same job that Just Brakes was doing and they told me $250 one of then and$ 280 another one shop. My questions still not answer by the manager, how come Stop Brakes is charging that much?? Thing is I work for a dealership few blocks down, shops cannot over charge you for unreasonable things, Everything has to have a receipt even the starter that Stop Brakes bought has to has a receipt so I asked too see the receipt. In a very aggressive act the manager Eric slam the receipt in top of the counter and says "here is the receipt". Customers are right behind me waiting sitting at the lobby and hearing all this. Like I said before the manager wanted to charge whatever he wanted. After so much argument about this unfairness situation, the receipt shows $170 cost that he purchased on Napa parts for the starter, so how come the $320 showing on the invoice?? why the overcharge on the starter?. he is already charging his labor and the rest, in top of everything he told me he could put the old part back and leave my little sister car outside his shop!! what kind of business and management is this? Very unprofessional!!. He said that is what Stop Brakes charges that is a corporate rule. I did not know that small repair shops have that kind of rule, overcharging people for a part that I could bought myself at auto zone and bring it to them, and yes I asked for that option as well and Nelson a worker of that shop told me that he can get fire if he does that. I really do not understand how this can possible work, but I ignored because I couldn't hold more of the situation. It is very sad that they also copy paste my sister signature for the authorization of this work. She only sign for the oil change charge but not for the entire work or removal of her broken starter. I will for sure not recommend this shop to anybody. I ended paying $325 for a starter and a oil change and that is only because I went over there and ask for a fear reason of charge;I told the manager to break down each single charge on a invoice so I could see how much each single thing cost; otherwise my young sister could of ended up paying $ 505 dollars for a oil change and a new starter with not a proper authorization.


Just Brakes Manager Review

The District Manager called us up and threatened to have the police come arrest us for paying our bill at the time of service. He claimed we were committing fraud because they applied discounts to our bill that they didn't mean to. At no time did we ask for discounts or refuse to pay our bill. Totally unprofessional, especially from a DM.


Opinion: Taking advantage of uninformed females.

My 23 y.o. daughter took her vehicle to the Alpharetta store, Roswell #0308 to have her front brake pads replaced and an oil change. Invoice Number 30801****. She was advised that she needed to have her brake fluid drained and replaced based upon the fact that it should be replaced every 2 years or 20,000 miles. She did not need her brake fluid replaced. she was charged an additional 70.00 plus over 17.00 in shop supplies and 3.00 in fees. I believe that she was taken advantage of due to her lack of knowledge regarding the mechanical aspects of her vehicle. I have attempted to address this issue with the store's manager, Eric, and David F. but was told that I would have to wait until Monday for him to investigate the issue. What should have cost less than $200.00 cost over $300.00. This customer service is found lacking.


Just Brakes - Review in Service Centers and Repairs category

Warning!!!! Just brakes, Louetta. Services as far as working experience goes, customers come first not money. Selling parts to customers that they do not need doesn't mean you put them first. Professionalism from a 1-10 rating scale was and is still not even a 1. The manager Jody for example very unprofessional most of the time, he's been lying to customers on what they do and don't need, he has anger issues as well as an alter ego when things do not go his way (yes towards customers) He has broken plenty of parts and treats his employees with the worst respect that also includes not letting employees take care of their health. What he does behind closed doors on the clock is never professional or comfortable towards any subject matter. Being the first woman to work at this location and also my first experience with automotive was the worst and I definitely don't want this to happen to anyone else so yes they are always hiring but I don't recommend this as a job I recognize it as a joke. It's not worth it! And also towards any fantastic customer this location and facility will take your money and make you feel uncomfortable. Also you won't come first here your money will.


Screwed up rotors

Took 08 Sequoia in for pads. Was told they needed to resurface rotors (plus a munch of other junk I declined). Month later steering wheel jerks like crazy under braking. Took back in for the obvious warped rotor. Went to different Just Brakes shop closer to me. That guy won't say the other guy screwed up, but rotors are no longer within tolerance and have to be replaced. So - did the first guy resurface a rotor he shouldn't have or did he do it wrong leading to warp? Doesn't really matter because the worthless warranty doesn't cover it so cough up another $400 for new rotors. That's to go with the $600 already spent on the pads and failed resurfacing. Advising all to avoid this vendor.



Mechanic did review of my car and wrote up notes- main issue was brakes. Mechanic advised servicing both rear and front calipers ($35.99 fee) but the store mgr told me I had to REPLACE the front calipers at $198.00 EACH. I also had to replace brake pads and rotors which I expected. However, I could have done without the additional $364 in unnecessary parts/credit card debt!. I found out I had been lied to by requesting a copy of the mechanic's observations - I should have requested it prior to paying and read it prior to leaving the store.

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