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Jones Window Systems has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 84 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 11th position out of 170 companies.


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Truly shit.Would.not trust them to empty my bins.


Thugs dressed as tradesmen

Hi everyone , I see there are many disgruntled customers on here . Let me highlight to you all of my dealings with this company -and it wasn't even as a customer . I had an interview with another company which is based on the same industrial estate as JWS . After walking around for about 5 minutes I was directed to the back of a building and told to ask in there. I knocked on a window and spoke to some guy and asked if he knew the location of the company I had the interview with . He responded that he didn't (I could barely hear him due to the noise in and around this building . I responded with " ok mate i'll find it" he then went ballistic and accused me of telling him to fxxk off !?? I denied this and informed him that he needed to calm down. I then left this location slightly stunned by his response , however this was not the end of the matter as he then followed me outside and continued to threaten me with assault and violence . At one point his own manager ?? even came over and tried to defuse the situation. I eventually located the company with which I was having the interview with and continued with my day. When I got home I decided to challenge this organisation, on the mornings events. I called one of the directors (I assume it was Stephen Tunstall) and started to highlight my issues to him . He stated that he didn't believe a word of what I said and that "why should I believe you when I have known that guy for 20 years " He then became more and more aggressive and threatening . He even suggested that he would have pulled me through the window if I had talked to him as he alleges I spoke to one of his work colleagues like that. Again I was told him he needed to calm down. His response on ending was this " I tell you what you need to do , you need to get yourself back down here (JWS location) and i'll *** show you what happens when you start -ohh *** So as you can see this organisation is run by a violent thug, bully and a man who is incapable of controlling his emotions. If he acts like that with members of the public , it's little wonder that his staff act like brainless thugs as well. Finally it should be noted that despite Tunstall's clear lack of education , some of us actually went to school and I have a recording device on my phone , which recorded the whole conversation of his threats and aggression. I have also informed Merseyside Police.


Trouble with one of the windows, can't contact anyone.

We had all our new windows fitted in 2016. We have had trouble with one of the windows, rang them and found out that they have gone into liquidation. Is our 10 year guarantee worth nothing now???


Disgruntled customer.

Very poor quality.Sorry I ever got them to replace a large window. When I needed a repair they had gone into liquidation. Recently I had a knock on the door trying to sell me something. They denied that they were the same company but apparently they are.


Usefull Contacts

Gareth Lewis Jones Address 10 Huskisson Way, Newton Le Willows, Merseyside, England, WA12 9WW Lindsey Ward Martland Mill, Mart Lane, Burscough, Ormskirk, Lancashire, United Kingdom, L40 0SD



Not a decent tradesmen between them, if you have had any installations done by this gang of idiots get it checked they have probably not done it correctly. Report these clowns to trading standards they should not be allowed to operate!!! DO NOT USE!!!



Fantastic company from start to finish .. Really pleasing stuff !!


Poor service

we agreed to have an conservatory built December 2016 but not to start work till march 2018 for weather reasons did not want footings digging out in December for obvious reasons, we where informed that the company had gone into liquidation but was splitting the operations to three different company's, but would still be trading jones have done a lot of work for us in the past and we have referred several people to them over the years. we allowed them to start early in February and it would be ready for mid march that deadline was missed several issue later and ourselves having to chase there suppliers with a lot of comments coming back from the suppliers not favourable we are now just about to go into march 2018 with issues still not resolved. it leaves me with little option but to put the matters into the small claims court. destroying a good reputation in my eyes to one where I will never use them again. actually fling court forms, as I write this review.


Good work

I had patio doors fitted not a problem an 4 months later windows slight prob but rectified quickly, happy to reccomend


Extremely poor company

We have all windows & a consevatory built 5 years ago. They failed to show up when the said they would on a regular basis. The workmanship is very poor. The floor in consevatory was not level with large gaps under wall, i was told it was for me to sort this out. The consevatory wall has cracked twice between the house & conservatory, i have repaired it myself & have been told it will keep happening as the foundations are moving as they have not been done right. We paid these cowboys 15k for this shambles. The company used to sell in my store & i had the company banned from my store as i didn't wany my custoners experiencing what we did. The whole job looks like amateurs did it.


Rubbish windows

They came to my door and I arranged for them to install a large window with two small windows at the top. I cannot open these windows. When I did eventually manage to open one of them I couldn't close it. When I rang to ask for help I found they had gone out of business and because I had paid with a card i would have to contact the card company. A few weeks later I had a rep from JWS at the door trying to sell me windows! *** can a firm go out of business and then resume trading? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!


Wish id read the reviews.....

The guy that came out to do the estimate was an *** & later i figured out that he had lied telling me that the neighbour was getting a door installed the same day, so there was a discount...after several appointment cancellations, i asked my neighbour & surprise was a lie. finally got the door installed, poor workmanship & this year the door has gone all discoloured. Tried to contact them only to find out they went out of business....hmmmmm£1350 down the drain & noe my 10 year warranty is seeming to be not worth the paper its written on. Insurance company dont want to know. May be time to call the ombudsman......ive a funny feeling this company is trading again under a different name. maybe cowboy builders can help



Very poor customer service and unreliable, the sales person who came out was surprisingly condescending and thought he knew it all!! His name is marc foster, so I checked him out and wow, he has too convictions for GBH against woman and on probation and currently in court for a serious assault!!!!! If I knew all this before I wouldn't of let him in my home!!! Especially round my wife and children!!!! Not sure what makes them think they can allow people like that to work for them?? So you have been warned!!! So if that's the kind of person they employ it says it all about there company


Poor workmanship. Customer service very poor. Appointments not kept.

We had a conservatory built in 2013. Brickwork wasn't level, walls were bowed and cement smeared on the bricks. After unreturned phone calls and cancelled appointments, seven months later the walls were cleaned. How this would level the walls I don't know. Three years later we reported the hinges were rusting and reminded them of the outstanding bowed door, sealing on window sills not acceptable, lack of drain hole covers and of course the walls. Two months later Andy Burrows came to look at the outstanding jobs and we were given a date for the following month which was cancelled on the day due to lack of manpower. Never heard anything else from them and found out they had gone into liquidation. I phoned HOMEPRO Insurance who cover the project for ten years but cannot get a reply from them. Has anyone got any advice please?


My porch

Got to be worst company I dealt with.anyone using them or any companies related to them as jws. Do so at your peril.i was overcharged never rectified there mistakes and big mistakes.also don't get stung at trebaron garden centre there set up looks good .why I chose them my porch Lee water in they left me like that never come out in the end Barclays employed a builder from Leicester to do what they should have done I'm still out pocket.


Jones Window Systems - Door Review

Had a new front door installed June 2015 poor fitting and damaged on the day had to come back to repair , now the colour of the door which is green has started to fade in areas . Asked the company in Jan 2017 to review the issue state the 1st date would be Feb 21st 2017 . No call or visit as said rang them back informed as from 23rd Jan 2017 the company stopped trading as JWS and was no longer around all paper work of past customers gone and could no longer help . Adviced to contact the insurance home pro to claim with them , spoke to the most rude person ever no help didn't want to know told me to send copies of paper work to confirm work . Emailed me back said due to failing to return CRS form on completed work the insurance was void unless I can provide them with proof that we sent it back ? And due to taking the work out with financial brokers the was not responsible for the repair or insurance and it was up to the lender to sort out the issues take it up with . So now got a door looking damaged and fading fast and no help , would tell everybody to stay clear of both JWs and home pro insurance as neither any use or help but happy to rip you off and sit back laughing at how easy it is to *** people!!!

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