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Jomashop has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 521 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 7th position out of 657 companies.


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Mal trato

Hoy desde las 14:50 de la tarde he tratado de comunicarme con ustedes, despues de muchos intentos, mail e infididad de llamadas, me atendio un chica que abusivamente me insinuo que yo estaba siendo irrespetuoso y maleducado, me tranco la llamada y aunq segui llamando para atencion en español, me atendian en ingles y me trancaban la llamada. El motivo de mi llamada es la incorformidad de los articulos recibidos y la mala gestion para el proceso de devolucion. Logicamente esta sera la ultima vez que utilizo su pagina para comprar pero antes llamare a mi amigo Issac Montaine.


Worst online shopping experience ever

I made 2 separate orders in 1 day all on 1 card. All items except for 1 on 1 of the orders where in stock and supposed to ship in 1-2 day. So 3 days later I checked my order status and it said waiting to be shipped. So I called and was told a supervisor had to ok the order. Ok . So another 4 days passes and call back bc order still hadn't shipped. The girl Marsha hangs up on me . Then Anne hangs up on me after I call back. I'm being told a supervisor has to ok the order but I'm also being told that it's completely automated. Like what is it ? Then they won't let speak to a supervisor and tell me that the order with everything in stock was declined while the other order on the same card was accepted . Like wtf ? So I canceled the declined order and got the same frags from fragrancenet with no issues and saved a couple dollars ...the say my money from the canceled order will return to my account but I'm not gunna hold my breath . I'm beginning to think this site is not only illegitimate but has the worse cs I've ever encountered...stay away from this company unless you like runaround and excuses the contradict themselves. I tried to give them a shot bc they had low prices but I'm gunna stick with fragrancenet.



I canceled the order because it wasnt shipped on time not because I changed my mind. A day before I was told the watch will be sent. After 24h nothing happens. Its been 5 days since I ordered it .I am very disappointed by your customer service.


Terrible return policy

I'll never order from them again because of the return, exchange and price comparison policy. Order 3 Swarovski annual star ornaments in October, not realizing that their holiday policy didn't take effect until November. Ornaments went on sale and I just wanted a credit for the price difference.


Not happy

With the discount of the designers is nice. However, returns are bad. Would cost you shipping both ways. However, i bought a bag and was sent with different bag, Obviously which is not my fault, but I have to pay for shipping. Totally cheap ***


Terrible Service. Terrible Return Policy. Inept, Grossly Negligent and Fraudulent Behavior

If you want to find out how inept, grossly negligent and fraudulent this company is, please read on. You cant make this stuff up because no one could believe that this could be true, but it is! Their watch repair department is a complete joke. They either cant read English or they are so arrogant that they disregard the information from the customer that explains the problem. Their customer service department is devoid of service and they will not help you even if this happens to you: I purchased a brand new Raymond Weil quartz watch in early February. When I went to change the time and date on it, the stem seemed uncharacteristically loose and made it difficult to change both the time and date. Not knowing if this was typical of this watch, I accepted it for the time being. Then a month or so later the date window stopped advancing overnight so it became obvious that there were multiple defects with this new watch. I called Jomashop to alert them that I was sending it in for repairs and included a detailed explanation of the problems. It cost me $22.75 to mail it back. Eight weeks later I received it back and once out of the box, I went to adjust the time to my time zone and upon pushing the stem back in, the watch stopped working all together! I couldnt get it to restart even after several attempts of pulling out the stem and pressing it back in. I called and told Jomashop that their repair failed so badly that now my watch wouldnt run, so they told me to send it back a second time which I did, again giving detailed instructions of what makes the watch stop running. Seven weeks later I receive it back, take it out of the box, reset the time and the watch stops again! I figured they never even looked at it, but I was wrong. It was obvious that they opened the back of the case because it was full of scratches and deep gouges along with scratches on the bracelet and the bezel. It looked like someone either used a claw hammer and channel-lock pliers to remove the back, or they just threw if down a gravel road and ran over it a couple times with their car. Either way, I still have a broken watch on the inside and a damaged watch on the outside. Obviously I was livid and called and demanded my money back. They apologized and said they would put a new movement in it so it should solve the problem. I said if that is the case than you better make sure you repair the outside of the watch to like new condition before I would accept it back. I sent it back for the third time and waited another 6 weeks. I get it back again and I notice that the watch was in the same damaged condition it was when I received it the last time. I then went to reset the time and the watch stopped again, FOR THE THIRD TIME! Do you think they actually gave me a new movement that just happened to have the same defect as my original one? Here is where the fraud part begins. So now more than 6 months have passed since I sent it in the first time and I still have a broken and damaged watch and I still have no idea if the first defects were ever repaired since it wont run! I sent in back a fourth time, but this time I included the box, the manuals, extra bracelet links and demanded a cash refund. Given their repair department is incapable of repairing watches and given they lied about the movement being replaced and given they damaged the watch while pretending to repair it, youd think theyd make the cash refund out of embarrassment alone, but not Jomashop. Their unmatched customer service department said Nope. We dont do that! Jomashop is not an authorized dealer for any of their premium watch lines they sell. They offer their own warranty which means if your watch has a problem, you are screwed and they will make no effort to resolve the problem other than more lies and excuses. Please do yourself a favor and go to a reputable company that actually stands behind their products and cares about their customers. Jomashop only cares about Jomashop. This is now in the hands of my attorney. Thanks for listening and I hope I have saved you from being another victim.


Switch bait scam

Ordered a wallet. Came a WRONG design. They said they will render case as not wrongly sent but MISLABELING. Upon asking for refund, they will not and at first said can only do 35usd and then after I asked for more they said 50usd. Days gone by and they said my bank REFUSED to allow for them to PUT INTO my account money - as far as I know, bank prefer to take money and not give?! Total disappointed. Many years back they were great but this time, it's a total scam. Very upsetting.


FRAUD to ship wrong merchandise then refuse to return.

Jomashop bait and switch shipped wrong item. Jomashop shipped the wrong necklace. This business does not have a clear process in place to handle returns. Jomashop claims to offer returns yet they shipped the WRONG item then refused my return. After uploading the image of the item shipped -multiple times, Jomashop continued the bait and switch in their emails x6 stating "We have not received the images".I called trying to return the item and have them ship the necklace I actually ordered - what do they do? Jomashop hung up 2x. I waited a full week and without a return label and no info on if my item would be shipped I called my AMEX. Amex has frozen the funds from JOMASHOP and SEPT. 22 2022 has disputed this order. RUN AWAY from shady companies who ship wrong merchandise then hang up on customers


Worst customer service ever

The worst customer service ever no one communicate and there is never a manager available. I am a first time customer purchased a bag paid through PayPal and for security purposes so happy I did per the reviews they are taking people money and taking weeks to mail items. If not received in a few days PayPal refund ur money. Last purchase for me they have ok looking items but it's not worth the headache from customer service or a long wait. Good luck! Update asked for refund worst customer service ever


My order never arrived on expected date

Hello I had ordered gucci watch and it showed expected delivery date on saturday which i never received . Then after tracking i find a weird message sayinf that there is no expected delivery date as of now and will b announced later . Can u plz check on the matter . I want the watch in urgent basis .kindly help


Received an empty product box. Dozens of calls and emails, no one answers.

I received an empty product box. I called and emailed immediately. No answer. I filed a complaint with paypal. I have been calling and emailing for 7 days. No answer. No response


Customer service

I bought a watch and wore it less than 4 times and the crown and stem came out. I can't set the time or wind it . I sent it in for repair ,it is only 6 months old and still under warranty. After 2-3 months they returned it and didn't fix it. They listed all the things the inspected ( but they couldn't have done anything) , they listed on the inspection comment it has a dent and scratches on the case and the strap has sweat marks which is funny because I put a different strap on and never worn it. I called them today 2-28-2022 ( I received it back on Saturday 2-26-2022. I called them today and got a rude person that said they will have to check with her supervisor . She repeatly called me mam after I gave her my name and told her I was a man . I asked to speak to a manager but she would not let me. I can't believe you pay almost $1000 for a watch and get this kind of customer service. I have bought 3-4 watches from them and they treat me like .


Very Dishonest Company

Original review Feb 19, 2022
I placed an order for two Cartier watches on 3/22/21 (yes, about one year ago) and the status of the order was "Pending Shipment" for this entire time. I called the company about 3-4 times and chatted with them online once and every single time, they gave me the same answer: that they don't know when the status would be updated because they are still working with their manufacturers. Ok, I understand that there will be delays, especially with Covid. But fast forward to today - I reached out to them again and they gave me the same answer. But this time, I asked them to help me escalate my order since it's been almost one year, so they did and the "solution" that the manager came up with was "since the order is now too old, we will have to cancel it and you will have to place a new order". Both watches are still available to order on their website, but both have gone up in price for a total of $1,480 more than what I originally paid for. This was obviously their mistake but they forcefully cancelled my order (I never asked for it to be cancelled) and kept telling me to place the order again because the order is now "too old". Since both watches were never out of stock and still available for purchase, it's obvious they just don't want to honor the original prices. This was blatantly their mistake but they shamelessly want me to pay for it. Customer service was completely useless and kept repeating the same thing - that their manager already signed off on the solution, so that's final. This is obviously NOT a solution but I guess their business is run based on lies and deceit. I went back and forth with the rep for 10 minutes before she finally agreed to let me speak with a manager but comes back to say the manager has (conveniently) already left for the day. This company is EXTREMELY DISHONEST - stay away at all costs. They couldn't care less about their customers and will not own up to their mistakes but instead, they will force their customers to take the hit for their own incompetence. This company does not deserve my business, and they certainly don't deserve yours.


Tax Overcharge

Updated by user Mar 10, 2022
Rina asked me to wait for a month because she needs to receive the invoice in English and it takes 1 month. So, I am waiting for it.

Original review Feb 08, 2022
Hello, I am writing to you because there is a problem with the tariff cost I paid Jomashop in advance. When I paid Jomashop for DHL Express-Duty prepaid, the total amount of duties was $182.36. However, when I checked the tariff after customs clearance, it was only $73.01. When I checked why there was a difference, there was no special consumption tax and education tax. According to the US-KOREA policy, if a watch is less than $2,000, there will be no education tax and special consumption tax. However, Jomashop asked for a pre-payment for the edition tax and special consumption tax for a watch that only cost $399, so I paid. So you have to refund $109.35 that didn't occur. I've sent e-mails several times, but no one is responding. I was very surprised to see such insincere customer service at a large online shop such as Jomashop. Please solve this problem quickly. If no action is taken, I will take strong measures to prevent damage to more consumers. I hope I won't do that. Jomashop received money from me $182.36 for tax! The actual tax was just $73 Here is evidence that you have to pay me back USD 109.2($25.21+$84.02) 1. Duty: 37,390won($31) 2. VAT:50,480won($42) 3. Education tax: 0 won($0)- $25.21 was not generated during the custom 4. Special consumption: 0won($0)- $84.02 was not generated during the custom Please pay me back the education and special consumption taxes that i paid you but you did not pay for the custom because they were not necessary.


Moldy Smelling Watch

I ordered two watches from JomaShop the Fossil watch arrived in perfect condition and quickly the second was a Citizen Quartz Blue Dial Rose Gold-tone Men's Watch. The Citizen watch came in reused Amazon shipping envelope the box it came in was clearly worn and where I assume the instructional manual was meant to be located was a piece of Styrofoam so the box would close right, the watch itself looks in pretty good condition, the tag was removed already which was weird but not itself a smoking gun. So despite all the warning signs I probably would have accepted this product except when I tried it on I realized it stank. The watch to me smells of mold but my partner thinks it might be more of a strong body odor smell. When I originally bought up my concerns I was offered a $5 compensation to keep the watch, to return the product I am being asked to pay $13.29 even when returning a mislabeled worn and stinky product.


Jomashop cancelled my order because they made a pricing error in shopping cart total!

Searching JS during Black Friday, I found a beautiful Frederique Constant watch and added it to my shopping cart during cyber week sale. Watch listed for $645 but allowed me to put in an additional cost code to reduce price further. I made my commitment and paid for my purchase, honoring my end of the deal. Confirmation email was received by Jomashop. A short time later, I received a cancellation email from Jomashop, saying that I had cancelled my order, which I had not, and that my credit card would be credited the amount. Speaking to Customer Service (Heidi), she stated that I had cancelled my order which I told her I had not. She then looked into the order further and told me that due to a pricing error, on their part, they had cancelled my order. I told her that I had honored my part of the deal and that it wasn't my fault that they had made an error. She hung up on me. So much for Jomashop's first tagline about their business model... "An uncompromising effort to exceed expectations. An incredible focus on the customers needs." My supporting images will not upload.

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