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John Casablancas Modeling has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 204 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 2th position out of 72 companies.


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(734) 455-0700

9401 General Dr. Ste 131, Plymouth, Michigan, 48170, United States

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John Casablancas Modeling Reviews



Rep. Did not know what to do. Said she will give a call back. Rep took down my number. Will receive a call today.


I can't call to john Casablanca, please told to the company to call me.

On my gmail you haved given a number to call but when i am calling it immediately end, please call me .



I would like to cancel and receive my refund back of $100 Thank you I am unable to pay the funds for classes at time due to needing to take care of other responsibilities



Hello this is Ms Waters. I reviewed those pictures online and I don't see what I paid 80 dollars for? No editing at all and its $9 a picture. Also why do I have to pay again for pictures? This is the second time a hidden fee has popped up. I really need an explanation of what this photo shoot was! It was rushed and nonprofessional. That isnt what was said. Pictures are dark, the angles of off, and even in one picture the photographer is in the picture. I need answers I am beyond disappointed with this so called "photoshoot"! As well as the head shots are RIDICULOUSLY UGLY!!! IF YOU ALLS JOB IS TO PROMOTE YOUR STUDENTS THEN WHY IS IT *** PRINTS??????? IM PISSED RIGHT!



I signed up to do it but then I backed out and I want my card information out of your system please and thank you



My daughter wasnt able to finish her classes and I paid in full she will no longer be attending


I need my refund

I have had to difficult a time connecting with you all unfortunately I am uninterested


Horrible customer service and only out for your money, shady bushes practices

My daughter did an online "audition". They said after the "auditions" were done that some of them will get a call within 30 minutes and if they didn't get a call to not be discouraged, that they can try again in 6-8 months. My daughter got a call back. They said she did great and they wanted to set up a second "audition" tomorrow. The second virtual "audition" was a joke. They talked up all the people they have made famous. They then tell you that the classes they have will make you an "A" ready model, actress, etc. But you have to take the classes to get signed to MTM. Classes are $2050yes two thousand fifty US dollars! My daughter begged so I said yes even though I didn't feel comfortable with it and we did the down payment of $250. Afterwards I read a whole bunch of reviews and regretted my decision. We have tried texting and calling Julie Campitell, she was the one who originally contacted my daughter and was texting back from the number just fine in the beginning. Now she is not answering or getting back to us. We have also tried texting and calling Jeff Stalker, he was the one who did the second "audio" his phone goes to a voicemail that says to NOT leave a message because it will not be listened to. We have tried to email but nothing goes through. Please please please for the love of everything good on the Earth, DO NOT trust them! After lots of research, a modeling/talent agency will NEVER ask you for money!! They work for you. YOU are their boss. I'll say it again. YOU ARE THEIR BOSS. We have yet to fill out any paperwork but they still took money from our account.



Never even got an audition and they kept changing me more than what I owed. Its nothing but a scam and false hope



We reached out to this agency because my daughter showed an interest in acting and wanted to pursue training for this. We met with Abbey and Mark Ewing, signed a contract and paid $500 with the intent of moving forward. However after a few days, my daughter (who is autistic) changed her mind and requested not to go through with it. According to the contract we signed, if we cancelled outside of the 3 day cancellation period, we would receive a partial refund, which I accepted the terms of. I sent a post marked letter requesting my partial refund, and my daughter DID NOT begin classes, I even spoke with Mark Ewing on the phone who advised that he had received the letter and the "Corporate Office" would review and take care of the partial refund. 2 weeks later, not only had I still had not received any refund, but I received a bill for $1970 from an outside agency associated with this school yet when you call (no matter what time of the day it is, there is no live person available.) THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and it constitutes as FRAUD. When I attempt to call to get a number for this "Corporate Office" I am either told that they will contact me or the call is disconnected. My daughter has not attended ANY of the classes and we even have correspondence from the "school" confirming this.


Pay first, truth after...

when they had make up classes, we were hoping to get into the film industry. It was only after the money was paid, did they say, this course is good for working behind a cosmetic and when the teacher called in sick for another class, they called me, a student to teach it.....lame....


Horrible and Fraudulent

Signed my daughter up. Changed my mind as felt pressured. Followed all protocol per their cancelation. Got a notarized letter, sent certified mail, within the 3 business days and had it sent. Was told my refund would be processed and cancelled per their Scottsdale Arizona location and it has been weeks and weeks and weeks and no nobody will return my calls or answer me. This is not an honest company. Fake promises and anything to get money.


Dishonest People Running A Scam!!!!

This place is a ripoff!!! I went through the whole model training, passed all there courses and received my certificate, I was led to think that this was when I was going to start getting modeling gigs. I was dead wrong !!!! I have technically been signed to them for nearly a year, and the only work I've gotten through them was doing volunteer work for their Orientation Day where they were trying to get more people to mislead. I am so disgusted that people could be so dishonest. I wish I never wasted nearly $2000.00 doing their B.S trainings!!! , So don't be foolish and waste your money there!!! , I have found more success trying to find gigs on my own through social media than doing it with them!!!



Stay away from John Casablancas-- it's a money making scheme that pretends to offer you an opportunity but just fills the coffers of John Casablancas. They want your money and that's all. My relative went and they kept telling her how beautiful she is and kept asking for more money for more classes. Many classes later and so much money later, she left with nothing except anger and disappointment. If you really want to be a model -- get someone to take your photos and send them off to NY or CA and follow up with a phone call. VERY few people ever become models.


Not a real agency, just a school wanting your $$

If youre old enough, youve heard of Barbezon? Same company folks. They promise modeling but all they really do is teach you how to present yourself for a hefty fee. If you have low self confidence or are unsure how to walk upright or speak to people, then it may be worth your mortgage and car payments, but real agencies invest in you, you dont invest in them. Dont waste your time or money.

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