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Jess Anderson Modeling Agency has a 3.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 47 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 13th position out of 72 companies.


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1037 South Florida Av. Suite #115, Lakeland, Florida, 33803, United States

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Jess Anderson Modeling Agency Reviews


Scam Business

It's nothing but a scam, the only reason it's not illegal is they are giving you an overpriced, inferior product, that's not even needed. Nobody uses Comp Cards anymore. You can just take some photos of yourself and post them on the Modeling Website. You don't need Jess Anderson Modeling to take the photos, which are not even professional Photos. You can still sign on to their Agency for free. They don't even have a photo studio. You can get top Professional Photographers in Miami if you want, to take the photos at half the price. 2 of the 5 top modeling Agencies in the Nation are in Miami. I doubt Jess Anderson is even in the top 100. All they do is post extras wanted ads to your email for commercials and ads. It's a joke. Jess Anderson hangs out on the street enticing people to come have their photos taken at inflated prices by his Wife, an Amateur. I had trouble even finding 6 photos to make up the Comp Card, which I never used. Most of his income is coming from this Modeling Photo scam.


Money from comp cards and photos no real work

I'm 22 was called about an interview for this agency. Was super stoked as a young male MODEL come to find out; this isn't my first gig. They wanted over 1400 dollars for comp cards for their "spacific target market" even though I already has a portfolio they 'insisted' I get theirs he got mad at when my mom asked if there was a legal contract to sign. They where not clear on the answer then insisted "our clients may think your too muscular or to handsome so we can't gaureente you work you can be positive about it though". Be positive? If I would have spent that much money.NN


Great People

I just want to say thank you to the Anderson's for the professional way they conduct their business. Dan and I are Senior Citizens who decided to try modeling. They truly care about their clients and have been very helpful with the auditions and taking the time to make sure we were prepared for them. Thank you sue and Jess. They also follow up with a phone call to see how everything went. Being new to this field can be a little concerning, but they have made it a fun and interesting experience. Pennie and Dan


Thanks to Jess Anderson Modeling for their encouragement to pursue modeling.

Updated by user Aug 28, 2019
Had NO ISSUES. They are great

Original review Aug 28, 2019
When I saw their ad in the Villages Daily Sun I thought modeling would be a nice activity to pursue now that I am retired. Having absolutely no experience I am very grateful for the support, advice and encouragement I have received from Jess and Sue. They are actively engaged in helping me to succeed. The picture Sue took were fantastic. When I first saw the one of myself in my suit I had to ask "Who is that distinguished looking guy." I have been sent to more auditions than I expected. Jess prepped me for each one and followed up after the auditions. After the apprehension of the first one, I have felt confident in the following auditions. I know they cannot guarantee my getting a part. I have to show up, give the Casting Director what they are asking. Due to guidance from Jess I am confident I am now able to do that. Thanks again Jess and Sue for being so concerned and supportive.


Most expensive lesson i've ever learned

I looked them up, "Over 30 years of experience", seemed legit. So I fill out the application online and I got a call back. She tells you to bring in three outfits, doesn't tell you what they're for exactly. I was thinking maybe to see what my body looked like in different clothing. So I packed a few outfits including a dress, some jeans, the usual "professional casting" clothing. Did my hair pulled back, and makeup nice and natural, since agencies like to see what they're working with. So I walk in, pictures of the same people from their website along the walls. A girl sitting on a flight of steps in the sun. Another girl posing in front of a tree. Some headshots here and there. So you sit down with her and she says that she "loves your look" and that, "you're in", simple as that.....a little too simple. She then talks about the cards that you should get. The cheapest being $900, with tax its well over a grand. The most expensive comp cards are $2000, more with tax. I explain that's a lot of money and I don't know if i have it. She SELLS you in these. Like, the wolf of wall street would be sweating. I was nervous, I didn't know how to stand up for myself, very gullible. I should've known better. I know better now. So AFTER you blindly sign your money away, she takes the paperwork and goes "ok lets go". Im sorry ummmmmm where are we going? Oh thats right, remember the three outfits you brought? The ones you didnt know exactly what they were for? Well apparently they're for the $1300 photoshoot that's about to happen in the backyard. I was panicking, she had my money, and all I had were a couple tops and a dress!!! So then she takes you outside and up these stairs...oh these look familiar....ohhhh its the same stairs from photos I saw. Then you come down and go in front of a tree. Ohhhh the same tree from the photos. She was telling me to smile, but it was kind of hard to be happy when you're pretty much in poverty now. So you get done and the photos that will be available in a couple months. I was working back home at my reliable job doing overtime to payoff the cost of the photos. Once they're available they're on a private website, as well as your own printed copies, and thats it. NO work. You get emails about commercials here and there, you reply, nothing. Email-reply-nothing. Its a never-ending circle. I still have my photos, collecting dust on the counter. They're useless now. If anything its a reminder to have a backbone and stand up for yourself in a situation like that. Don't let people take advantage of you. I know they'll see this and respond with the whole, "We've been a modeling/talent agency for over 30 years", speech. It fine, please don't bother. Im just glad if I can prevent someone else from going through with this Hoodwinking "agency".


Rip off

My son never did any modeling or anything for this company and it’s been five years now and I paid over a thousand dollars


Great Experience

Have nothing but great things to say about Jess and Sue. They have been so helpful and supportive since I joined their agency. Just completed a role for the latest season of a popular TV series in which I'm in several featured scenes in different episodes. Now I have a few auditions for commercials and a movie! I also have some modeling opportunities in the future. Jess and Sue have showed faith in me and now I am benefiting from all the doors that are now open to me. Hey, and I'm having a blast! I never would have dreamed to be in these industries just a few short months ago but now my confidence is sky high and I truly enjoy the work. Without Jess and Sue's relentless work these opportunities wouldn't be available to me. Thank you two.


Best agency in Florida

This agency is great. Furthermore Jess/Sue are wonderful, polite, professional and have a drive and passion for their clients that is highly respectable in this industry. They have submitted and booked me for at least 8 different projects in the last 2 months from commercials and print, to roles on feature films. I am very impressed and for anyone looking for a reliable modeling and talent agency, this is where you need to look. If you are just starting out or even someone who has been in this industry for a few years, this agency works hard to keep you working towards your dream career


Fantastic Agency to work with!

I am so happy I made the decision to contact Jess Anderson Talent and Model Agency when I decided to pursue acting and modeling. My composite pictures Sue took of me are fantastic and they put me up for auditions immediately. I landed the second audition I went on for a My Pillow sheets commercial airing on national television. They have also put me in print ads for Sophisticated Buyer and Focus Magazine. Thanks so much to Jess and Sue for all of your guidance and support!


My Modeling Review

I signed up with Sue & Jess this past May, because my friends and family kept saying how modeling would be a great career for me. I was very reserved and even though I was passionate about it, I didn’t think it would be a real thing for me. I had realistic expectations going into it, but Sue really saw something in me. Sue and Jess have always believed in me and have helped lead the way for me to make my dreams a reality. In June I was casted in a Disney commercial and that sparked my flame and pushed me to believe in myself more than I ever have. I recently booked a casting in a national television show that will air this fall! Jess always answers my phone calls right away and makes sure that I get home after ever shoot! The both of them truly care about each talent, and constantly tell me how proud of me they are. If I never would have reached out to them and if they would have never given me that little push, I would still be day dreaming about something that I know now that I can achieve. It’s never too late! Sometimes you need someone else’s perspective and good energy to lead you in the right direction. I couldn’t be where I am today without them and I know it will only go up from here! So glad to be a part of their team and forever grateful for everything they have done for me in such a short time!


Scammers. Beware

I was signed by them about 2 months ago. When they first realized I was interested, they called every day and sent multiple emails wanting me to come in. I go in one day and I already have photos, but the photos were not what they wanted because they want you to purchase their own photo package (about $1,000) for composite cards that are very outdated. All you need now is really just a very professional headshot, not $1,000 photos that are taken outside their studio. After realizing I would not pay the money, she got very rude and did not care if I was there anymore. She had to sign me because I had everything she needed, but I have not heard from them in 2 months. They check your availability before submitting you, but have not checked my availability one time. This means they are not sending me out to clients. DO NOT go here. They are extremely unprofessional. I have been booked for several jobs through other agencies that only get paid when I book a job. This is how a true agency operates.


They make money selling you a scam

This "agency" is ran by someone who was an extra in Miami vice that brags about being an extra like it was more than what it was. Extras got paid $40 a day in those days which were the 80s. And a day usually goes over 8hrs. Today's rate is an avarage of $100 a day to be an extra but there isn't extra work every single day and there isn't any work in central Florida. Save your money and move to a big city if you want to pursue the entertainment industry and be an extra on those days you need extra money. These people write their own fake reviews. Also no one uses composite cards anymore.


Dedication in Stride

I would like to extend my personal gratitude and appreciation to Jess and Susan Anderson. They have been in the entertainment business for over 35 years, and their integrity and work ethic definitely equate that of 35 years worth of hard work. Thanks to them, I have been inspired to follow out my life long dream of acting and filmaking. And under them I have had the magnificent pleasure of already having my first spot on a national television show airing Fall of 2018 along with publications in; The Lakelander Magazine, Polk Life Magazine, Focus Magazine, and Sophisicated Buyer after only a few months with them. Their enthusiasm for their talent is shown in their seemingly, never ending dedication to finding you projects accompanied by their contagious optimism and love for who you are. Not only that, but also during times of financial crisies, their patience with, and willingness to help lessen my stress was a tremendous show of character and I shall forever be grateful to them for their understanding. For that and so much more, I respect and appreciate Jess and Susan for what they do and how they do it. They are, simply put, the most generous and supportive individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working under. Any and all persons trailing eyes upon my words who are interested in, or are afraid to take that step towards what you believe to be your dream - please, I encourage you to make that leap. And do it with Jess Anderson Model and Talent Agency. I did. And I'll never regret it.



Absolutely love Jess and Susie Anderson! They are like a family and always go out of their way to make sure you succeed! They are always sending me commercial and print ad opportunities! I just finished another print ad with Lakeland Electric and will be published in the Lakelander as well as their website! I will also be advertised in five prominent magazines as well many print ads because of the awesome work of Jess and Susie's tireless effort!. Amazing opportunities are always waiting with Jess Anderson Talent and Model Agency! If you have not checked them out make sure you do today! You won't regret it!


Helpful and Supportive

I was reluctant at first about signing up for any type of modeling work. I feared the worst: intimidation, strong-armed decisions, pressure to buy, fake interest. However, the Jess Anderson Talent and Modeling Agency was everything I did not expect. They have been low-pressure and genuinely concerned about my needs. They have been supportive, encouraging, and diligent to promote my career. I have found Jess and Sue Anderson to be some of the most down-to-earth and loving people who have stayed true to their values in an otherwise sometimes warped business. They take their years of experience to help navigate me into opportunities that fit me well. They stay in communication, provide helpful tips, follow-up after jobs, and take an interest in me that goes beyond the business.


A great talent agency!

Susan and Jess Anderson have really work with me from day one. Susan and Jess have selected and promoted me for many different projects. I am very excited that today I went on a commercial audition for a very large business called "Worx" This is a power tool company and I also met and worked with on this commercial set a top rated national casting director! Susan and Jess have worked with me through phone calls, e-mails and one on one office visits. They truly make me feel like a family member in their business and not just another customer. I am amazed with how professional they are in all areas of representation of me. I am very excited with my future with Jess Anderson Talent and Model Agency because I know Susan and Jess are 100% backing me. I highly recommend anyone that wants an agent that will promote you and back you to contact Susan and Jess. I am so happy that I made the decision to make Susan and Jess my agents :) Daniel L.

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