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Jeld Wen has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 268 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 4th position out of 170 companies.


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Need window sash springs

They did not help me at all! They did provide some frustration. We do not sell direct to contractors So. No service. No help. They said. Go to hone stout, but I ALREADY DID, & they could not help me - they could not get the part either! It s a common part, should be easy, It it sure is not. Do not buy Jcld Wynn!!! If you have any problems, you will be sorry! Tim


Place an order door handle

I was not a pissed customer. This came to me from your recording. Evidently everything has been taken care of and Im quite happy with Jeld Wen. Thank you


This is not exceptable

I bought your doors and I'm having to chisel out the hinges is this what the quality of your product is so disappointing


Problem with a warped door from you.

We have been trying to get help for this problem with our double hung doors for over a year and have not heard back from you. Please contact us . Thanks , Sharon


Slider does not shut properly.

My slider does not lock on first shut, sometimes it takes up to 10 tries before it will lock. Thank you for looking into this problem.


Windows and doors

Have condensation on the inside of all my windows and doors. Not because of humidity inside just bad window seals on the product.DO NOT BUY the company does not stand behind the product and will send in a drunk to look at your windows. Had ice on the inside of the windows and the inspector said it was humidity. Well we have humidity in Wisconsin!!!


Ordered stainless steel hinges and received steel

No one answers my issue waiting for a response from a representative .I ordered a special order door with special Stainless Steel hinges,but didnt get Stainless Steel,got steel hinges that are rusting


Waste of Money!!!

Had to replace a french door due to storm damage. Door arrived damaged. I was told they were going to replace the entire door but they only replaced one of the doors. The frame cracked within 30 days. The warranty says if you don't paint within 30 days they won't replace it. The door still doesn't lock properly. $5K out the door so to speak. RUN from this company and their product!!


Unable to get answers to my questions

Checking availability of a product and was told they could not help me. Was told to call Lowes home improvement


Poor quality, windows will not open, glue on windows, gaps where glass meets frame

ordered 2 custom made Jeld Wen windows from Menards finally arrived, slider windows, will not open, glue on windows, gaps where glass meets frame, called company support tech said take putty knife run it under frame loosen the silicone when they plastic weld the joints they may have put too much on, remove locking device and see if that was cut properly so it will open, said they may have put the window together when welds were still warm. We have many crest line windows vinyl but Menards told us that Crest line no longer makes vinyl windows they suggested the Jeld Wen. We never have had a problem with the Crest Line.


Warranty scams

The window was accidentally broken less than a month after installation, it took 5 weeks back and forth to find out that the lifetime accidental glass break warranty was in fact just a gimmick and not actually a warranty. Very poor customer service on top of the fake warranty.


Need rubber stripping

I have a faulty, hanging rubber stripping that is hanging on my window and I have had it since installation. My dealer supposedly has told his rep I need one but it is going on TWO years now waiting on it. This is beyond covid for me not getting it. Please help me because it is like a hanging tooth and very much an eyesore


Unhappy with windows

Has anyone else had the problem of Tons of dirt getting in through the windows like they are not sealing properly. I have spoke with people in the area only about them getting screwed over when trying to get jenwen windows replaced. Bad customer service. No one said anything about the windows being leaky. Really not happy.


Jeld-Wen windows are crap.

Original review Feb 01, 2022
We purchased $9342.80 worth of Jeld- Wen windows for a houseboat. And every single one of them condensates. Jeld-Wen refuses to honor its warranty because they say condensation is a natural occurrence. Its a natural occurrence, all right when something is not properly sealed. Basically we purchased aluminum framed, double hung , cheaply made, expensive crap. to put it mildly. I really thought Jeld-Wen made a better product than that. When first installed we had to go around and silicone the bottom of the windows because they leaked when it rained. It condensates where the top and bottom frames come together, all along the bottom sills, various spots along the sides and tops of the windows. All of the framing is loose and comes apart at the corners. Sometimes you actually have to push in the corner of the frame to be able to open the window. Jeld-Wen has no accountability for the quality of their *** products. I am a very displeased customer. I would not recommend Jeld-Wen windows to anyone. Very poor quality and no accountability from the company. Their warranty isnt worth the paper its printed on.


Extremely poor craftsmanship for the second time!

We ordered our exterior door through Lowes. They have been fantastic with helping us. The first door we received was broken in several places, and obviously it happened at the factory before it was packaged up. Yesterday we picked up the second door, got it home and attempted to install it. Total disappointment once again! The measurements of all three hinges, as well as for the handle and locks, were completely off! We are returning this again! The lack of attention to detail is ridiculous and unacceptable.


Faulty door

Bought a bi-fold f-2500 from them. The doors stops attached to the jambs were installed incorrectly. Jeld-wen was of no help whatsoever. Spoke to 3 different people there and nothing but the runaround. So we will have to modify it in the field. I'm a custom homebuilder and I will never use them again!

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