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Iron Mountain has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 99 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 2th position out of 279 companies.


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1 Federal St., Boston, Massachusetts, 02110, United States

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Terrible/non-existent customer service

Our company has had on going billing issues for years with Iron Mountain. Calling customer service is not helpful as if they do not want to respond, will place call on indefinite hold. Over a month ago we sent written notice to destroy all remaining files and send final invoice. Despite repeated request for a reply, company has refused to respond. Have just received another bill for "storage". Do not use this business as once in, getting out is very difficult.


Have been trying to cancel service for 2 1/2 months

Updated by user Sep 12, 2022
After my review (and a complaint filed with BBB), Iron Mountain contacted me via email. They resolved our complaint fairly quickly, and did not charge us bogus fees as others had complained of. I would never use this company again because of the issues we had, but I am...

Original review Aug 10, 2022
We have been using Iron Mountain for three years. Overall, the service was not bad - the guy picking up our bin was always very friendly and helpful, but we never knew when they would be here to pick up the bin because their listed "schedule" was never accurate. Also, the prices are double what other local companies charge. In June of this year I contacted the company (no easy feat in itself!) to let them know that we would be switching to a new company ASAP in response to their prices going up again. I was told someone would be in touch with me within 7 days to arrange a pickup of our bin and get our account closed. 8 days later I contacted the company again because no one had reached out to me. I was told that this would be "escalated" since it hadn't been dealt with and someone would be in contact with me within 3 days. 20 days later I called again - same BS, same non-response from them. THREE more calls (one 10 days after last, one 20 days after, one today) and the bin is STILL IN MY OFFICE. It has now been 2 1/2 months since the first contact and there has been no resolution. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON!!! You will pay double the price, and you cannot speak to a person who will help you if there are issues. Lesson learned!


It is nearly impossible to do business with this company.

I received notice they were longer sending paper invoices. There was a link to receive an invoice. It required a number from my invoice. I do not have an invoice that is the reason I was trying to get an invoice. This company is one big Catch-22. It keeps you going in circles and you can waste hours trying to get things that should be readily and easily available.


No Response On Cancellation

I have never experienced such bad customer service ever. I phone Iron Mountain's 800 number to cancel my account because I sold my business on February 13th. The customer service person transferred me to a cancellation department. I communicated with them about my wish to cancel, and that reasons for the cancellation. The agent said that I would need to complete a form and incur a cancellation fee. After 9 years with them, I thought a cancellation fee was inappropriate, but fine. Time goes by, and I see a debit to my bank account for twice my monthly fee on February 25th. My thinking was fine, that's the cancellation fee. I was wrong, they just doubled my monthly fee on that date. Then I'm charged the fee again in March. I called customer service and was told that the cancellation department would call me. It's a week later and no call from cancellation department. I called their customer serve line again. I was told only the customer service department can act on a cancellation request, and that someone will call me. I feel trapped, and that I'm going to have to pay for a third month of service I don't need. Help.


Disappointed with contact service for my medical facility to store department records

I have called on several occasions to have my sterilization records picked up (at different times of the day) only to be put on hold for at least 25 minutes each time,leaving me to hang up to attend to my job duties. My record boxes are piling up and I'm getting frustrated trying to find spaces to stack them in my small department office. The management must have changed because I hadn't experienced this type of service before


People need to know how this company works

I signed what I thought was just an agreement for the price at the time for storing boxes, I did not understand that what I signed was an auto renewal if I didn't give a 30 day notice and when I got the quote to get my boxes it was an unbelievable and staggering $17,078.17. I can't even process this. It's highway robbery!! I am physically ill over this...



Constantly changing invoices with little to no explanation. Do not use them...a complete waste of money and time!


Lack of transparency / Intimidating Staff

This company is not honest about their business model - in reality they are now doing general household moving of everyday items. This has absolutely nothing to do with data. One of their moving truck drivers - using an Iron Mountain truck threatened me over a parking spot on the block where I live in NYC. It was a very intimidating and scary event. When I complained to the company one of their representatives reached out to find out what exactly had transpired and I explained. He then admitted that Iron Mountain is now in the household moving business using their branded trucks - with clearly hoodlums as drivers! I urge everyone to beware. I sent my complaint in writing over 3 weeks ago and to date there has been no formal response. One of the complaints I made was to the police precinct in my area. One of the captains replied to me by phone and gave me his cell number. He told me that if I see this truck again on my street I am to call him immediately. Threats and intimidation by a publicly traded company is not acceptable. The lack of response is also not acceptable. Gloria Tarigo Let Them Eat Cake, Ltd. 917 865 **** Sent from my iPhone


Educational purposes

You are not being singled out, Iron Mountain overcharges everyone. You or your organization are complicit, because most likely someone signed a Terms of Service Agreement with them. If you did, you gave them the legal right to overcharge you.


They hire criminals

John Brecht works at the Columbus Ohio James road location. He is a narcissistic abuser of women and children. He threatens people. He is racist. He pled out on multiple traffic violations yet remained employed by the company. How many others like him do they employ??? Scary thought.


They are incompetent people

When you call, they will tell you anything to get you off the phone. When you call back, that person doesn't know anything about your previous call. Then they transfer you to someone without explaining what is going on and you have to start from the beginning. THE WORST!!!!!! :(


Extremely poor customer support

Request refund on overpayment. Customer service both agreed and verified that a overpayment had occurred and stated they would issue the refund. After numerous (lost count) phone calls and reassurances from them that a refund has been issued, I finally received the refund check. In total it took numerous phone calls, numerous customer service agents and supervisors to resolve the matter, seven (7) months later and literally hours of wasted time and energy, it was resolved. Their customer service department like so many other companies use are out of country. Broken English, extremely difficult to understand.


They are the worst

They hold your documents hostage. You can't cancel your account unless you pay about two months worth of storage fees. It's absolute insanity. Their customer service is terrible and I hope no one does business with them ever again.


I am not getting my service

When I am supposed to get a pickup I am not getting it. They keep saying I m off the route. I am 4 blocks down from P N C bank in Columbiana Ohio. I was on the list for Friday 3-4-20 &;;;;; the person never showed up. I call the make me a new time &;and; and they never show up. I have cancelled 2 doctor appointments because they were supposed to come & collect my shredding, They never showed up. So I wasted my day 4th,5th, & 9th. They didn't even call me to let me know they weren't coming. I have a answering machine that takes messages when I am not at home. A gps will bring then right down here. I worked in pa. for 6ys. &; did routes. So being of a route is no excuse. I went off my route many of times for a customer to deliver our service they were paying. I do think some of your people don't know there route or just don't care. Please look into this matter. I would like an answer back about this issue or a phone call. Thank you very much. Cynthia (cindy) Wells. My e-mail is c219w@***.com Thank you.



We've been trying to terminate our account with Iron Mountain since October, 2019. Sent a termination letter by certified mail, so that we could confirm they received it. Had our Office Manager reach out to initiate the final invoice request in early November. Have been getting the runaround ever since. Not returning calls, emails, nothing. Now today, having to supply a letter granting me admin rights to the account on letterhead signed by the director or business owner. They keep putting up roadblocks to avoid furnishing the final invoice so that we can pay, and arrange to have OUR property moved to our new vendor's facility. But, we are still being charged monthly for storage fees.


Stay far away and pull your records as soon as you can

It is now late in December 2019; I have been trying to get our records from them since May. They have the audacity to say there isn't enough in our purchase order to cover the costs; sent another purchase order. They argue that our account is "Under Investigation". Their staff never answer the phone, return emails weeks and months after the fact hoping you will just go away. They are literally thieves.

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