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IPVanish has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 128 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 52th position out of 1129 companies.


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IPVanish Reviews


Charged incorrectly

I had tried to cancel my account. And they never called back when I had called. They refused to Refund my money IP vanish is a horrible company. I would never recommend them to anybody. Their customer service sucks. Do not use ip vanish


Regarding payment activity

No one answered the phone should live reps I need to know if or why my payment has or has not been approved


I cant connect to ipvanish

I dont know. You re the experts. Im trying to use ipvanish which we purchased for our amazon firestick 2. We are not happy since the purchase. But today is the toppwr, it will not work. Wont allow us to sign in. And it disables our adblocker software.


You sked for it

I need to speak ro someone asap 289237****...I have issues i need to speak to someone other tna a roobot


I forgot my password and username

I still haven't got this issue with knowing my username and password resolve. Please call me at 586-932-****. My name is Derrick Williams. I am a member and I need help please.


Renewal pricing

Took charge of my issue and provided the best option available. Listen and provided resolution with the best possible pricing.


Need product code #

I need my activation code don't understand why this is such an issue. Can't find anything linked to ip vanish on my computer or email. I want to do business with you r company but this is crazy !!! look get in contact with me ASAP !!! Or please refund me my money. Why make things so complicated ihave


Lost app on computer

lost app on computer qqqqq eeee rrrrr ttttt yyyyy uuuuu iiiii ooooo ppppp aaaaa sssss ddddd fffff ggggg


Resolved: Cant log in

Updated by user Jul 20, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Updated by user Jul 20, 2023
lost app on computer

Original review Jul 20, 2023
just upgraded cant find application need response as soon as possible to rsolve this disapointing issue


Cancel subscription

You guys took my money off my card.. yall charging me $70 a month for something I dont even know what Im paying for.. I want my money back.. I thought I was only $5 for a one time fee


None your business

I dont have a complaint about your service, actually really well.. I was just trying to stop my service. I called and they canceled.


Vpn issued

The staff is very professional, and willing and able to problem-solve well. I have had an issue with finding my VPN off at times more often than I would like to say, when I know that I turned it on. I don't think that you establishment can do much about that, however if you can, please inform me. May blessings be upon you and your family


I have questions

The problem that occurred while trying to install Vipre Security, was resolved when IPVanish redirected me there. Pissed Consumer provided the initial contact phone number to IPVanish. Thank you!


Paid for but can’t use it

Paid for but would not let me use it still havent received refund from IPVanish will not allow them to get away from paying me back my money


Resolved: Billing

Updated by user Jun 09, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund.

Original review Jun 09, 2023
I was charged last year around $27 for annual membership I got charged $89.99 for this year I dont want to dispute or cancel subscription unless I speak to one of your agents to see if they can resolve my issue Thank yoh


Bill charge

Charged me the annual year amount do not use this app anymore would like my money back n to cancel service for I do not use anymore

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