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IPSY has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 7600 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 2th position out of 955 companies.


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Pago cambiar membrecia

Mecesito que me ayuden a cambiar mi menbresia boxicharm anula a mensual y poner cambiar mi tarjeta de pago para poder resivir mi caja de boxicharm el mes de septiembre


I was charged for items that I didn't get nor authorize

I noticed I've been being charged on my cards several times for items I didn't ok these transactions and I want my money refunded and don't ever do this to me again and my card is aware of this stupidity. For you to bo make sure that the card someone's useing is there well learn to check before allowing the purchase



They took my money/ Account closed $165 I need somebody to call me ASAP. Thank you my phone number is 859-699-****.


Resolved: $163.12 was taken out my account

Updated by user Aug 17, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jul 17, 2023
Ipsy is fraud received a email to become a member again with just $1 and my account was withdrawn $163.12. This is ridiculous.



I was over charged and you can see I was charged. $164.08!!! I am furious about this bill! I would appreciate if you will give me a full refund!!


I was charged for a glam box that I didn't want

I was charged for something I didnt want and they just took it off my card without my knowledge. Which I think is really unfair cause I had important thinks to do with that money and they just took it off my card. I was actually on a trip and wanted to bring my family something back since it was going to be my sisters birthday present. And I couldnt get anything for her because of that.


Poor costumer service

ive been trying to contact the company to no avail, the bot was not helpful, and i feel like im being scammed. i did not know what i was signing up for and immediately cancelled my subscription within the day of subscribing, but i was still billed and dont believe ill even receive the bag, so im being charged $16 for nothing.


I canceled my membership Jin of 2022 every month since they still been charging my account, I want my money refunded, but they want let you talk with a representative, just a chat bot.

I canceled my membership in 06/2022 here it is July of 2023 they have been steady charging my account for a whole yr. I did not give permission for this and they have not sent me any glam bags for them taking my money. I cant talk to person just a *** robot, I will get my lawyer involved if no one help make this wrong right!!!


Didn’t order but still got charged

Hi there I was a member with you his earlier but I deleted my account in 2021. This year on this month I got charged which I didnt order anything but I want to get my money back.


Resolved: Important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Updated by user Jul 06, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review Jun 28, 2023
DEAR IPSY: Unfortunately, your apologies and those of your "IPSY" colleagues do not help me because I did not receive the orders I paid for such as: My order number: Order #o_50ci9p-i-lg0gybh1 My tracking number: is #420020****748927****613500****8614 You send me mail that the order will be sent on 10/6/23 and in the end you decided to send me only the 2 LYS BEAUTY No Limits Cream Bronzer Stick QTY: 2 with the shade Harmony that cost me 2 sticks $24, : I buy also the products in the same orderREFRESHMENTS Cleansing Face Wipes QTY: 1$12.00TATCHA The Rice Wash QTY: 1$12.00 Why didn't you add these products related to the order? YOU NEED TO SEND ME because I PAY POR IT!!! And yet I DID NOT receive it. And you think and this is the only order (I wish) There more Unfortunately The order BoxyCharm+ Icon Box April I can no longer count how many times I wrote to you and warned you that you should add the: Address Line 2 : dg27568 to my Address Here I am copying what I wrote to your representative whose name is Vince one of many of your representatives that I wrote to, but what to do if your customer service is SO!!! Bad... THAT IS WHAT I WROTE: " and I noticed that the address that appears is: " Shipping Address limor Kurzfeld 192R Vanderbilt Ave NORWOOD, MA 02062-**** " And is missing " Address Line 2" which is very important!!! How do you send this address without checking?! I shocked!!! What is missing is Address Line 2: dg27568"" Please upgrade it, thanks. Dont forget. " and therefore, in THIS Tracking Number: 926129****543325****109944 In your courier company "USPS" registered on the date this address: DEDHAM, MA 02026 on April 11, 2023, 4:59 am It's my old address!!! If that's where the errand goes, how do the *** you work?!!! Another order, you thought it was over, it DONT.!!! ITS order Is: MAY Icon Box+Beauty Boost Tracking Number: 420020****612927****330000****6246 and registered in that "USPS" USPS is awaiting your item "USP "We are unable to retrieve tracking information at this time" I demand that you talk to the courier company and solve the problem that the courier will send to me as soon as possible!!! Their three errand mines!!! I'm really serious about leaving "IPSY" because if your customer service is so bad, I'm really sick of you!!! I wait for your harry reply Regards LIMOR KURZFELD


Update on Ipsy responding to my issue

Okay so I accidentally logged out of my Ipsy account and I did not know my password. Well I was not receiving the rest password emails to get back into my account. I went through days of going back and forth with, pissedconsumer, and Ipsy. It wasnt a horrible experience it was just a standard long one. But amazingly IPSY did exactly what I needed them to. Also I have to say the delay in getting back Into my account was also my fault because I wasnt responding quickly either. But honestly I love Ipsy, Ive had problems, yes. But honestly nothing super major. I always get my stuff, and I love my stuff! Ive been seeing allot of negative comments about Ipsy but Ive never had these problems. I Love Ipsy Truth Be Told! And they got me back into my account, Im one happy customer.!!!


Cancel account and still billing me

I canceled my account in May but I received a bill this month. The reason I canceled the service was because they was billing me 2 times in each month. I did not order extra things .


Resolved: Cant everbrrach anyone to talk to. I want yo vamcel this the bag isn't worth the money

Updated by user Jul 17, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 16, 2023
I can't talk to anyone to cancel this. Can someone lls email me so o can stop this I don't want to close my bank acct but I will I want all ipsy cancelled pls


Having trouble deleting my membership.

I tried deleting my membership and it keeps taking me here to confirm my email. When I go back, Im at square one, WTF! Im going threw financial problems right now and then taking my money every month isnt helping. And to boot, all I was trying to do was take my card off the account and anytime I click my card info it says I have no card on this account and start subscription. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?!


I am sure that I have time left to choose my three items and if I don’t get to do it, I am canceling for good

So I have not been able to get my FC boxy boxy charm merged with all to go, and I was excited and at first I thought I actually did miss it by like literally a little bit of some thing because of the time difference but absolutely not. It says until 3 PM Pacific time which would be 11 I am the morning of today, June 3. I want good products, so I really hope you do respond probably because you are also owe me a bunch of stuff from my redeem points and honestly the trouble that I have had with you all since boxy merged with the roll, you might just want to throw me an extra little sample in there because I swear to god if I three of my premium samples, I am going to never ever ever get this box again. I loved boxy charm, and I hate this. And also, you need to fix it like now because Im still within the correct window of time!! its not even 5 AM, Ive got six hours



Look at my photos below, I wrote an essay already. This is absurd reimburse me or give me the products Ive been charged for. Ill take the full reimbursement at this point. Cant even get in touch with a human. GET IT TOGETHER

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