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Iolo Technologies has a 3.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 516 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 12th position out of 1129 companies.


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150 S. Los Robles Avenue, Suite 500, Pasadena, California, 91101, United States

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Iolo Technologies Reviews


Overall it is a great system...

System mechanic works exactly as described. It is a great system support tool that works effectively. I have it running in on my laptop. It keeps my laptop running faster and keeps the system clutter away. Overall it is a great system maintenance program.


You are either incredibly incompetent or thieves. There is no third alternative.

I received notice that I was going to be billed 19.95 for System Mechanic. I have not used that product in about a year because it sucks. I chatted with your representative and told him to cancel. He acknowledged I wanted to cancel. Before we offically ended our chat I lost the connection. However I had already told him that I wanted to cancel. Today I was billed $19.95. I attempted another chat and all I got was a thank you for being an Iolo custoimer and there is nothing he can do for me. So I have no choice but to dispute the charge and smear your reputation all over the Internet. You are not going to get away with this.Stay aw


So people will know about the company

I would suggest you stay away from iolo! They have been a company from *** They don't do what they say, I contacted them right after I subscribed because when you place an order for something, they flash all these other products at you and by the time you're done, they are sucking your money out for other items you didn't even know you had. I contacted them two or three times to take the $19.95 off for technical support, and they said they would. They never did, so I cancelled my payments. With Driver Booster, they are saying I need to renew, and I only have it for 45 days. I try to put my code in, they say, wrong code. Please be smarter than I and STAY AWAY!


Help phone numbers do not work

Help Phone always numbers unavailable or not recognized have tried all the phone numbers given for customer help but nothing happens


Would definitely recommend!

My computer was not working properly. The tech took the necessary time and fixed the problem efficiently. The tech was very professional and knowledgeable. His services were commendable. Would definitely recommend



I am a long-standing customer an I very had nay complaint with their performance. They have helped me out whenever I had any problem with my device. Works promptly and effectively. Recommended


Excellent services

My computer was running so slow like a snail. After trying this services, my computer strates working. Better. I am pleased with their excellent services.


Totally recommeneded

The techs did an awesome job and kept my computer protected from harmful and dangerous viruses... recommended


Amazed to use their services.

I was having problems with my computer but now it is solved. They remove dit very professionally and technically. Amazed to use their services. Recommended


It's to long to type out but you will be able to read it on the website soon.

I called since my PC was running slow, a tech remoted in and was doing all kinds of deleting files, programs, and what else I have no idea. During this time he stopped and told me I had to pay $179 for the work he was doing, I told him I couldn't pay at that time and that was pretty much the end, he stopped and I had to leave anyway. Later that night when I got home I went to use my PC and it wasn't running slow, it wasn't running at all. I contacted them that night, explained the situation and I got you still have to pay $179 to fix it, I told him at least it was working before the tech got involved and now it doesn't work at all. You still need to pay $179 for us to fix it. The next morning I did a chat with Sara, explained yet again, you can guess what she told me, you have to pay the $179. I refused informing her like I did everyone else the PC was working it was working slow until you guys got involved and now it doesn't work at all. You still need to pay $179 for us to fix it. I told her I would just file a BBB complaint and see if they could help and that was the end of the chat.


Fix problems in less time!

I would say that their techs are trained in excellence. They always know what they are doing and how everything should be done. The always have been able to fix my problems easily within less time.


Kept my PC safe from harmful viruses!

I have been using this product for a longer period of time and I never felt any problem or it never disappointed me in any regard. It has always performed efficiently. It kept my PC safe from harmful viruses and cleaned of junk.



The technician i got for this product was very helpful and got my computer running back in no time. J would definitely thank them for their tremendous service.


Wonderful service!

I have also used it before and never found anything wrong with its working. It does exactly what it states. It kept my machine running very well.


I tried this software, it showed great improvement in my computer.

My older PC was not working properly but I did not want to replace it. So, I tried multiple anti-virus software. Then I tried this software, it showed great improvement in my computer. It helped me make my computer work properly


Quality service!!!

This program can be an all in one solution for our various digital demands. I could not find any fault in this software. It is highly capable of delivering quality service. Recommended


Very easy to use

Iolo's anti-virus software is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use anti-virus software. The software is effective in identifying and removing malware, viruses and other malicious software, and it has a real-time protection feature that keeps my computer safe at all times. The additional security tools such as a firewall and privacy protection add an extra layer of protection that I find comforting. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone looking for a comprehensive anti-virus solution.

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