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IObit has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 181 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 35th position out of 1129 companies.


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San Francisco, California, United States

IObit Reviews


Poor customer service

Updated by user Aug 14, 2023
No answer?

Original review Aug 14, 2023
I have a paid ASC Pro installed and working fine on laptops #1 and #2. Bought new laptop to replace #2 but ASC will not transfer to new #2 following all IOBIT instructions. Chat said tech support would call immediately and also wanted me to subscribe to a help line for $39/mo. No calls and $39/mo. Cant use your product without verbal help. Should I cancel and find similar utility elsewhere? Long time IOBIT customer 503-338/9180.


Can't find a phone number for iobit to talk to someone about an issue I am having

Should have a phone number listed. None are listed that I could find. Tried to contact customer service by chat, but not able to connect with anyone


Auto renewal

you charged me $89.58 for software that i did not authorize. the numbers i have is Bill # 19845**** lisons #71b00-cbac7-ef7fb-125d1 i do not need your software and if i cant talk to summoner on a phone i know that you do not need my beastnes i have sent numerous emails to you and 2checkout and i have got no wear this is a bade eques for a company as i see. i need a complete refund frome and for you to stop charging me the last charge # was 00000167065**** for $89.58 on12/16/2022.


I want a REFUND! I did not authorize you to charge me for a renewal. This happened before and I was assured it would not happen again. I don't want a deal I want a REFUND!

Transaction ID 6XX25609j920****W Invoice ID 19716**** dannyboy11n@***.net Richard Cassady Verifone Payments B.V. +318********


Want a simple answer to update malware since i have till 5/12/23 untill i have to pay again...if i update and i guess you dont have a phone number e-mail a response do i have to buy a whol new malware

i have until may 2023 on the program that says it is outdated...why should i have to buy a new program for 20 bucks to get my updates??? what is the story??? thomasnewman1956@***.com 11 29 2022 await reply



it says to update my malware fighter as it is outdated but i have until april of 2023 on this licence...does this mean i have to PAY AGAIN ? how does this work...thank you..10:20 am eastern time 11 29...AWAIT YOUR QUICK RESPONSE AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ANSWER...TOM NEWMAN


Unwanted Auto renewal after cancelling online

I cancelled all the auto-renewals on Paypal for the bundle, yet you billed me individually for each product after I cancelled. What kind of scam are you trying to run? And you disguised it as fastspring which is also a different company, trying to hide your true identity. I want all my accounts refunded today!!!


Full address for IObit Inc

I would like the full US Mailing address IObit Customer Service and phone number and the full order number Advanced SystemCare Pro License is 91df6-6b46f-2786*-***c6. iobit Uninstaller Pro License Fd668-ce78d-af8e9-1b1e1 The only information I could find is "iobit Inc, San Francisco, California


Can not change password because IObit tells me they have sent me a email but they have not.

Can not change password because IObit tells me they have sent me a email but they have not. All I want to do is login so I can cancel my auto renew.


Computer tech wiped out my PAID programs

I contacted your customer service, they sent me links that downloaded the FREE editions of ASC, Uninstaller, Driver Booster 9, and Malware Fighter. I need the PRO EDITIONS that I received and paid for on Nov. 17, 2021. I have tried three times to download Driver Booster 9 PRO on the website link I received and keep instantly receiving the same email that told me what to do in the first place. Please give me a simple process to download the PRO versions of these four programs or have someone call me and walk me through the process. I am available for computer operations only between 5 PM and 9 AM but will answer calls any time.


Complaint. Avast anti virus just blocked Uninstaller.

The reason for removal by Avast was that my latest version contained malware. I've used this uninstaller for several years and this is my first issue with them. Hopefully, someone can make them aware of the problem.


Bad service

On hold for over an hour then hung up on me.,,,o o o or d d x f g d s f g g d f g f d d t t d s f g h f


Great products, awful company

Original review May 09, 2022
I've been using IObit Advanced System Care Pro and Uninstaller Pro for around six years, and love the products. In my opinion they are among the best services of their kind. IObit ASC even makes some of the "Top Ten" lists for System Cleaner/Care services. My problem is solely with the company and their renewl practices. NEVER respond to the renewal offers they send you. Instead go to My Subscription and renew through that, you will save around $20 over the "Special Discount Renewal" offer they send you. I get those renewal offers every year, and their Special price is $29,99 give or take. I go through My Subscription and it lets me renew ASC Pro and Uninstaller Pro for $9.99 each. Each year I ask IObit about this huge discrepency between their "Discount" Renwal offer and the price I get through My Subscription. Not once in six years has anyone ever replied to me. My second complaint is that they start sending those renewal notices up to six months before my subscription runs out; obviously wanting to get my money sooner than it is owed to them. Then, even after renewing, the way I mentioned above, I continue to get renewal notices, even though My Subscription clearly shows that my subscription is now good for another full year. They are obviously hoping that I will forget that I already renewed, in hopes that they can riip me off for a double payment. This, again, has happened every year for six years, so there is nothing I/Obit can say to refute these complaints. I say, absolutely use these products, but do not, under any circumstance, use their renewal offers, and do not get conned into paying twice!


Question about software purchase

I have just purchased the 1yr price for IObit Uninstaller Pro. Then I have just noticed your sale which offers the uninstaller and Advanced System Care Pro for $21.98---can I take advantage of this deal and get credit for the payment I just made of $14.77 I just paid for the uninstaller?


Change of e-mail adress

Updated by user May 03, 2022
Thanks for your assistance, I had the responses and managed to contact the company to rectify my personal data on their records.Thanks

Original review Apr 02, 2022
Vodacom informed me that they are stopping their free e-mail facility and I need to provide for that. I opened an email box as johandewet1945@***.com. I am still registered at Iobit as johandewet@*** and the company ONLY (Iobit) responds to that mail. - which is dormant at the moment. I am a licence holder of Advanced System Care Pro under the email adress of johandewet@*** with licence key 13EA1-C9121-2F9DD-41BC6 I cannot change my email address on their website and thus cannot communicate with Iobit to change my e-mail address. You helped me with a similar problem (2 weeks ago) with Wondershare and the issue was resolved (Thanks!!)


My name is Benny de Souza and I live in China. My registered email address with you is benny1004@***.com, which I do not use anymore. Any communication now mbe via Benny@***.com.

Last year I renewed subscriptions for various of IOBIT products and I was charged TWICE on my credit card. I made complaints (you may find my emails in your files) and nobody provided me with a solution. In the last email, I made clear I would not continue using IOBIT. Now, today, I got three payment amounts against my VISA credit card-- USD 29,99, 82,94 and 29,95. Please, immediately refund them and CANCEL my account.

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