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Intuit has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 461 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 14th position out of 1129 companies.


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Prehistory Charges

Intuit has been charging annual subscription fee of $549.00 for Quickbooks desktop 2018 which is not supported anymore. I was forced to move to quickbooks online due to that yet they have charged me annual fee for quickbooks desktop. I got hold of their customer service on May 25 who sent me refund form. he also told me that he canceled my subscription and I should get a refund with in 5-7 days. I was given reference number and case Id. Refund didn't happen. I called again month later to find out about refund. Person could not use reference number and case id. Told me they are irrelevant. Didn't know about the cancelled subscription or refund. Had to cancel the subscription again and still no signs of refund.


Bad experiences

Every year they nail me for money. I should be able to file free and you can never get in touch with anybody to question this. I am done using them because I am positive my taxes this year were all messed up.


Charge on my account

They charged my account, but I didnt give them my account number or information for my account to be debited. Now theres no customer service and I have no clue what company is charging me through intuit.


Cannot reinstall turbo tax on the same machine after crashed.

I purchased Turbo tax from an authorized dealer. After machine crashed, I cannot reinstall, and got message: applications for that code have been used. I spent one hour with Turbo Customer care person, and was told the only solution is to buy another copy. Too bad: 1. Turbo tax should allow to reinstall on the same machine by capture machine digital signature (like may software companies already did); 2. Turbo tax should police its authorized dealers, and prevent same licenses code from being sold to more than one customers.


Cannot reinstall Turbo tax on the same machine after crashed.

I purchased turbo Tax from an authorized dealer. After machine crashed, I reinstalled turbo tax, but got message: All available activations for that code have been used", even it says it can be installed up to 5 computers. I spent one hour on the phone with Customer Care Person and was told the only solution was to buy another copy. Too bad for Turbo Tax: 1. Turbor tax should capture computer digital signature when install software (like many software companies already did), should allow to reinstall on the same machine, 1. Turbo Tax should manager its authorized dealers and prevented from reselling same license multiple times.


There is a bug in TurboTax program

No body has called to fix the problem. Deluxe prog gives foreign tax credit for 1099-Div, but not for 1099 -aint.


Bait and Switch

Original review Feb 08, 2023
Please be aware that most of the reviews you see for intuit payroll are on sites that are owned and screened by Intuit themselves and therefore do not reflect an accurate view. I believe Intuit Payroll to be extremely unethical, not to mention that I believe bait and switch is illegal which is what they did not me. They quoted me one price and then charged me another higher price. Then I spoke with a rep by the name of Harvey who was extremely rude and refused to put me through to a supervisor initially. He kept putting me on hold for very long periods of time. Eventually he said he would have a supervisor call me back. The supervisor called me back a week later and she listened to the audio tape at my request and even then tried to get out of honoring the quoted price, by saying the rep made a mistake and yet agreed I was correct about the quoted price. I wrote down the quote and I am an accountant, I don't make mistakes with numbers. Outrageous. Anyone could quote a price and then just say it was a mistake! Next someone from the President's office by the name of Jasmine called me after I wrote to their investor relations. She agreed that they should honor the quoted price and the next day did a complete 180 and said they would not honor it as it was a mistake. The fact that she too did a complete 180 on what she said just strengthens my position about the company having no issue with baiting and switching. Apparently it is the attitude of the President him/herself as if Jasmine works for the President's office you can be sure that the unethical conduct is coming right down from that office. Terrible terrible business judgement on the part of this company and its coming straight from the top. Next stop attorney general's office. I have been with them for years and I don't know if new management has taken over, but they have no business sense and worse it seems they encourage astornd sjupport baiting and swtiching amongst their employees.



I never selected DELUXE - Mine should have been free. Was suppose to be called by REP to an assigned number that NEVER HAPPENED, so I paid to just file (which is probably the "plan"). I 've used for years but this is the SECOND year of this issue. There SHOULD be away at the beginning of EACH year to what you know your needs are to SELECT Package you want or to CORRECT at the end if you need more. REF


Customer service sucks! Can’t reach anyone online or by phone

Cant get through to anybody to ask about 2020 returns. Live dont know anything and nobody answers phone calls. Worse service Ive ever used. And always way over priced


Resolved: Received email from QBO Support

Updated by user Jan 31, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review Jan 31, 2023
Email said that we needed to supply documents forva person who nonlonger worked for company. This was fourth time I requested previous employee be replaced with proper one. Believe after talking to rep resolved issue.


No human beings actually work there

Trying to but something but you won't pick up the phone. why is that? I dont know xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Filled last yr with turbo tax

Need know how to receive refund need a advance can't get credit karma card why can't I have it deposited like last yr


Leaving Turbo Tax/Intuit

Updated by user Jan 10, 2023
I have received no response of any kind.

Original review Dec 11, 2022
I have used Turbo Tax for at least ten years, but I can no longer support your company. How can I support a company that pays for their employees to procure abortions AKA terminate lives of the preborn? I have also been using Quicken for at least as long and since I am in need of an update, I will be looking for a new software to replace your book keeping software as well. Babies, preborn and born, are people. Aren't you all glad your mothers chose life? Respectfully and Sadly, Jo Dee Preston


I need a copy of my 2020 tax return

My accountant Bryan S., who prepared my 2020 taxes used this system for the first time when filing this tax return. He said that I need to contact you to get a copy of it, however, I have attempted about 5 times. My original email is ----- I cannot receive emails from it to confirm who I am. I still handling an issue with google about cleaning the account to have enough space. I went through your process to change my email address but it continually asks me to verify my ID which I have but does not link it to my request so for the past 4 days the link has expired. I need to get my 2021 taxes filed and do tax planning but I cannot move forward without the 2020 tax return. Please email it to me or give me access to the site to print it out.


Dishonesty, No Tech Support, Emails Saying we never upgraded when we did

They changed how their software works instead of upgrading every 3 years you now have to pay for a yearly upgrade 2 users almost $600.00 add their annual Payroll subscription to get the tax forms and tax tables another almost $600.00 plus a monthly fee of close to $20.00 for our 8 employees. When we went to upgraded we had issues no one to help. When they finally called couldn't hear them noise on the phone they said they would call back. Never did. We finally after many hours on our dime fixed the problem ourselves so both our users could sign in. We still have issues with it crashing when doing certain things when it never did it before in QB Pro 2019. They send us emails telling us we never upgraded and our payroll won't work but we upgraded they took our money. Forward message to salesperson who handled it all SILENCE. SILENCE ON NO TECH SUPPORT SILENCE ON ISSUES SILENCE ON CRASHES. They just want your money and then your on your own but they tell you how tech support is included in the ANNUAL FEE. What a joke


This company is staffed by poorly trained people who cannot provide the basics

Original review Apr 12, 2022
Intuit has changed its offerings. I am a Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019 user. I have been a customer since the 1990s. Today I called to determined what my options are. So far, I have spoken to eight people. I have been transferred from wrong department to wring department. When I got to the right department, the person I spoke with could not answer basic questions. When it became clear that this person was unqualified to answer my questions, I politely asked to speak to a supervisor. First, she ignored me. Then I asked a second time. After a long wait, she said it would be best to have a supervisor call me back. That was four hours ago. I made several subsequent phone calls. Each time, I was connected to the wrong department. Each time I asked to speak to a supervisor. Several times, I was transferred to another wrong department. Two people simply disconnected me. Intuit appears to be a company that doesnt know how to answer basic questions about its product offerings, doesnt seem to know how to connect you to the right department, and seems to prefer to transfer or disconnect people rather than escalate a call. Staff seems to disconnect a caller rather than escalate a call, perhaps because they are score based on escalations a terrible management approach in terms of customer satisfaction. In short, their staff are ill equipped to handle customer inquiries, unable to deal with escalations, and unwilling to return an escalation phone call.

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