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Insulation4less has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 49 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 17th position out of 211 companies.


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8801 Wallisville Rd. C, Houston, Texas, 77029, United States

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Wrong product

I ordered 4ft x 175ft rolls of prolix insulation the delivery truck brought two rolls only having 85.3 ft on each roll we didnt except delivery they want us to wait till they find the wrong rolls on their carriers delivery truck As a paying customer I should be sent. The right material and they should have to deal with their carrier I had a crew to install the product that we dont have and they have our money the phone number just go to voicemail and they send a computer generated e-mail saying they contacted their carrier. They dont respond to give me my money back or send me the right product order number V0060339


Delivery of product

The company only operates via email of which they may not even respond to. Even after ordering a substantial amount of product, to receive an additional small amount you have to pay the outrageous shipping fee and wait on the product to be delivered. This company does not care about working with the customer.


No contact from company

After complaint, items received as promised in time allotted. My concern was with lack of communication and now phone number two contact. Unfortunately we live in a world where scams and dishonesty are commonplace. So I sometimes jump the gun with assuming the worst. Although I do believe better communication would have prevented situation, I certainly would recommend insulation for less to anyone looking to purchase a quality product through a reputable vendor. Would not have any reservation to use them in the future now knowing how they work.


I want to order insulation

I am interested in ordering insulation, but do not have internet access readily available, and would prefer doing business over the phone if that is possible ! Thanks !


Poor customer service

I tried to be a customer, as far as ordering online. But the exorbitant cost of shipping, I emailed the person in Houston to complain about the cost of shipping and what other alternatives there were. With his attitude and lack of appropriate communication, I will not be a customer. He actually told me I could not complain about poor customer service as I wasn't a customer. Look elsewhere.


Stay away! Rude sales person Ms.Barber

Basically emailed me saying “I’m not a target customer” LOL!


Did not get my tape with the insulation

I box 24 lbs of tape was not with the insulation


Buy elsewhere

I've never experienced service this rude. I tried to order from them. I had two questions. The salesperson did not answer the questions and just told me to order online.



I wish I had taken the negative reviews more seriously. Customer service here is non-existent. They shipped my order and when it arrived the installation tape was not on the truck. When I reached out they were curt and unapologetic. Three days now and I have ZERO followup from the company. I would look for another company if I had to do it again. Update: The company reached out to me not to apologize for my inconvenience but to press me to remove my negative review. They have refunded part of my purchase but not the shipping charge for the missing item, stay tuned. Update #2: After I questioned the reasoning for not refunding the shipping fee they did issue the refund. They also continued to press me to remove this review. I cannot speak for the product yet since I just received it. Baring something miraculous happening when I do finally install the insulation, I would not use this company again. I would not recommend it and if asked I would say Stay Away. I have received some personal bashing from the owner Johnathan. I have never dealt with a company that was so unprofessional and rude.


Find another company to deal with

Rude service from Jonathan Barber. Would not answer a question. Just said that all the information is on the web site. I needed to know something about my options. I would never do business with a firm with employees or values like this.


Horrible customer service

When trying to place an order I had some unanswered questions so I sent an email asking for assistance. I received a reply that was condescending and practically called me an idiot for having questions. He went on to say I should shop elsewhere. I did and spent my money with a company that was appreciative of my business.


Cannot read reviews!!

I touch them but I cannot get the whole review to show. Why doesn't it work??


They must have something to hide

Jonathan Barber answered my information request by telling me to refer to the website. I had questions because the website was not clear on basic info such as the actual width of a roll of his product. In the end he invited me to not purchase the product, but never confirmed the width of the product. If a manufacturer can't get that basic information into customers' hands, how can they expect us to buy. All I can think is that they are not straightforward because they are ultimately deceiving the buying public.


Unbelievable rude and horrible

Reached out to the to speak with someone to make sure I would order the correct product, .4 or .2. Jonathan Baker refused to pick up the phone and speak to me - responded originally in an email. When shared I had questions and wanted to speak to someone he basically told me he didn't want to sell me anything. I don't see how you can stay in business if you aren't willing to talk to a client. Also, if you get the product and they are willing to speak with you on the phone - how can you discuss any concerns or questions. I don't recommend them. Buyer Beware


Very rude

Didn’t want to talk on the phone for questions I had before purchase. No physical address either. Was rude on emails. To me it’s a scam. He can keep his stuff. My company will never give him a dime.


Can't supply testing data to back up claims

Updated by user Apr 13, 2018

Original review Apr 12, 2018
I emailed for R Value data in northern cold climates. Asked for testing data on heat loss UP through roofs and Out through walls. Everything that is not on their website. First email referred me back to pages with out this info. Then he got abusive. i pointed out he was blowing a 45k sq ft sale of his most expensive product. He just got more rude. And never provide the tech data. Also, samples sent to me started faking off mylar within 3 weeks. Bottom line, salesman's a flake, product flakes off, they don't care about a potential large sale. There are other companies making this type of product. Do yourself a favor, track them down and don't do biz with Insulationfornosatisfaction

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