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Instagram has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 16800 customers. In the Dating and Social Networking category, it secures the 2th position out of 311 companies.


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I purchased somethign through a shop that was promoted on Instagram and it never showed up

DThe nature of my problem is regarding a purchase I made at a shop that was promoted to me via my Instagram. I followed the link to the shop, selected some items that were added to the cart, and then paid for the order. Ive never purchased on Instagram before, nor did I have a card already set up on my Instagram account. I entered the card information directly in the cart and received confirmation from that site. I paid extra to have it sent via Fed Ex. In trying to follow up on this through my Instagram account, there is no record of an order, nor does this link show in my link history, which seems odd. I emailed the support email listed on their site on two different occasions and have had no response. The charge was charged to my credit card. Under shipping information on my order there is no update and the language seems to be Chinese. Im at a loss for how to follow up on this at this point, since there is no record to reference via the Instagram help instructions. I only trusted this site because it was promoted to me on Instagram. There seems to be no record of the transaction on my account, nor any link history, even thought I visited the ad promoted through Instagram on several occasions. The support site listed for the seller is service@***.com, but I believe the site I actually visited was listed as another name. The web address for it may have been the same as the support address. I have screen shot copies of the purchase and copies of the emails I sent to the seller on two different occasions over the last 3 weeks.There is no change in the shipping status of the order on their site. The crux of the issue is that our information is used by Instagram/Meta and promoted to many different retailers. Apparently, Instagram doesn't screen or hold any of the companies who advertise with them accountable and allow them to steal from their customers.


I need to report a ***

Someone is telling me to kill myself and I will like to report these three girls who are bullying me harassing me and everything I don't like being harassed



Hallo, ich möchte umgehend dass gegen das Konto von Maxdoro_art etwas unternommen wird. Ich habe ihn beauftragt mir etwas zu Zeichen, bis jetzt habe ich ihn mehrmals erfolglos kontaktiert. Den Betrag habe ich bereits bezahlt, werde auch Polizeilich gegen ihn vorgehen. Daher benötige ich von euch Informationen über diesen Verkäufer. Gerne, wenn Sie screenshots zum Verlauf benötigen, kann ich Ihnen diese noch nachreichen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Manuel Canavesi


Need to report an issue

someone trying to viral my nude video he making story about my nonsense and included third person all i become so depreesed until i want to suicide


Threatening messages

Harassing demanding money , threatening me on IG Also to my boyfriend. SCAM fraud . Her accounts should be all Terminated


Instagram Account hacked

Hi, I have been hacked out of my account and don't have anymore access. Person asked for personal information. So it took me all day to realize that it was a scammer so I really want to get my account back if possible because Im a REAL person that shares a lot of stuff. But I was a victim of identity theft in the past. I have all kinds of security on my personal accounts.


Hacked account

My accout was hacked by someone who asked me to add his email to my account and after that he disconnected me and add even his number so niw i can not access my account because even when i ask fo backup code it is sent to the number of the hacker


I am begin stalked and threatened and need help

Someone is stalking me threatening me and has my address which I dont know how. But help please help..


Resolved: Suspension*

Updated by user Jun 20, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology. I did nothing wrong. I was just talking as representation *comments* towards a great host/Movie Premier.

Original review Jun 20, 2023
"So, my account was suspended over an issue technically saying I just can't respawn to the rights I'm given. Honestly, I took me a notification after sending to a famous person/ppl && just before I went to check my updated Direct Msg too @zen Sr.SpiderMan's. All I Did was congrats her new video coming out On the 15th of September I believe. It's very disordering nd follows my *HIGH Intentions* that I'm published for Blissful Meanings. Can someone give me a hand here* -Aaron D. Enge !"


Resolved: Miss using my insta id

Updated by user Jun 19, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review Jun 19, 2023
Dear sir /madam I would like to inform you that someone has been using my Instagram id blackmailing me which is @hashish_jabegu kindly requesting you to block this instagram id. Thank you & Regards Customer


Still can't activate my account

I have done appeals informing that Im an adult that have used the Meta platform for many years and have family photos that I would not like to lose. Even after informing the platform that I have not violated any terms no one has took inconsideration that I am not in violation. Once I contacted the platform with my concerns I started to receive calls on my personal phone for my 10 year old and then my Monopoly game hacked my account and took 10$. I also has someone contact me through messenger and ask that I send money to an overseas account and they will reactivate my accounts. Once I said no, my Facebook password was changed. I had to retrieve my account and change the password. I also deactivated my own Facebook just to avoid anymore hackers. I have sent screenshots of accounts that is in violation of all social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook has done nothing to those accounts.



Original review Jun 04, 2023
There is a account called stahlbitches that is bullying and harassing a lot of people who go to the school Stahl Jr High. I am included to this bullying and harassment they have 3 post of me and I dont want them on the internet, I feel highly harassed. Every time someone text the account asking to delete them, they simply continue to bully the people asking. I politely ask that this account gets banned for having content that multiple people dont want on the internet. Thanks


Fraudsters on Instagram

There's this account on Instagram called issah_iphone_solution_dealers based in Kenya but they are fraudsters. They say they are an online shop. So am based in Uganda and they are in Kenya. On 25th June 2023. They scammed us after sending them 900,000 ugx for an iPhone 11 pro that they said was on promotion. After sending them. They told us a DHL delivery person would contact us for tax clearance. We cleared about 500,000ugx and till today they haven't delivered saying there a balance. They even posted our receipt on their page yet we didn't receive the package and today they have posted another receipt of someone meaning they are taking fraud to another level. We reported their Instagram page but it hasn't been banned yet and they have a big follow. We need justice please at least ban the account since you can't help in reimbursing the money but they are using the page to fraud people. Thank you


Reporting for harassment

They were stalking my page screenshot my pictures and posts and bullying me and telling me to go kill myself and take a video of me killing myself

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