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InPixio has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 166 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 38th position out of 1129 companies.


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Deceptive billing and non-existent service

Original review Aug 15, 2023
I signed up for a one year subscription and as I proceeded to check out two additional items showed up as options with blank check boxes next to them that I could select. I did not select them. Then when the charge went through I was billed for those two items. The blank check boxes were there to deceive you and make you think that unless you checked on them they would not be added. After I saw the additional charges I tried immediately to contact the company. There is no phone support service (despite the fact they have a number published for this) and email support gets no response. Even after 3 days. I finally used chat to get them to cancel and get a full refund and hopefully this will go through. Even chat was arduous with them repeatedly asking why I wanted to cancel and offering me various discounts to not cancel. One chat person tried to make it sound like I could only cancel the renewal of my subscription (after 1 year), not the purchase itself. I had to point out to them that when I signed up it stated quite clearly there was a 30 day money back guarantee. Then they passed me off to another chat person. I don't like the way they do business at all. Very sketchy. Beware


Cancil my subscription & refund my money

I have down loaded your system & your icon looks like an open box. When I click on it to open I keep getting the same message :- This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed. I click on continue & run the program & get the same message keep coming up. Look at the time that I have spent on line trying to sort it out over two days. Also your phone No do not work 229329****


Cancel subscription and get my money back

Computer to old Please cancel my purchase and please refund my purchase Also customer service and tec support are horrible


Cancel please

Today I purchased inPixio Eclipse HDR Pro - 1 year and also NO REBILLS Lifetime licence for Eclipse HDR. I don't like the program and I want a full refund of 176.14. Under Eugene Baade transaction date 24/06/2023, Order ID UQKH4HRP. Furthermore I don't like the high pressure sales approach used on me.


Cannot get software to work and no help from tech support

I paid for a lifetime license on studio 12. I cannot get it to work. I can't get any help from tech support and now my email is not valid when I try to sign into billing to get my money back. Im done messing with these people. Try another software editing program. Im just deleting this, and they can be happy for ripping off a senior citizen User's recommendation: don't buy


Cannot get the program to work after three weeks working with these people

i paid for a lifetime license on studio 11. one year later program crashes. I cannot get it to work. now they send a link that says studio 11 free. i do not have the free one. it also crashes. Im done messing with these people. Try another software edititing program. im just deleting this and they can be happy for ripping off a senior citizen


Did not authorize charge

I received notice that i was charged $86.43 today. I do not use this program. Please advise how to get refunded. Kim Stroka


I;m taking this matter to the BBB

I;m tired of the game playing and the run around. I am going to You had your chance several times Inpixio.RUNR


Very Upset

I purchased Inpixio 12 in January. It worked for maybe a month. I only have it downloaded on my laptop only though I am suppose to be able to use it on 5 devices. It tells me I have used my limits. When I try to use the program, the program opens like normal but when i try to use any features, it says it is not downloaded and when I allow it to download, it just errors. I thought if I uninstalled it then reinstalled it, it might work. However, I can not unistall this program for nothing and I am pretty computer knowledgable. So, I call the Inpixio number the site gives and I get the worse customer service ever. The first guy tells me to call back in 10 minutes, So I did The second guy told me the only way they would help me is if I allow them to get in my system and take control. Well, that wasn;t going to happen. So I emailed customer service last week and got an automatic reply but have yet to hear from them at all.. I am so fed up with this program, all I want now is my refund. But good luck even reaching anyone~


I do not understand what is going wrong

I have InPixio Photo Studio free and it is actief I gert the message that have watermarks an have upgrade when I do it , I get the message that I already have the program done loading via creditcard is also not oke...veru funny what is going wrong!!!


Charged my credit

I cancelled my membership in June, 2022 but they charged my credit card in April, 2023. They wont refund my money. I do not want or use this program. I recall doing a free trail last year only! SCAM!



I requested a refund, April 8th because the software did not work for what I needed. It is now May 4th and after multiple emails and additional unwanted offers, I am still waiting for a confirmation on my refund. Very disappointed, and I really don't appreciate the games they are playing. I just want my money back


Bought lifetime license and now wants me to renew AGAIN

I fell for this crap already once. bought InPixio in 2021, thinking it was a permanent license. Then all of the sudden, poof, I got the InPixio printed all over my photos when I tried to edit. Finally got ahold of a customer service rep, who said no, it was only good for a year . . . convinced me to buy a LIFETIME license for . . . get this . . .$139.98 . . . a LOT of money . . . but I'm working on old pictures for an ancestry album, so I bought it. Now three months later, same thing, they want me to renew it again. I am SO mad that I cannot see straight. D


Horrible app, shuts down in middle of creating, and won't save work!

I used this app for about two weeks. I got tired of it shutting down in the middle of working on old photos, and it NEVER saved any of the changes I made. I had to start over on the SAME picture four different times. While starting the fourth time with the same picture, I decided to ask customer service for a refund. I have been asking for this refund now for 2 months, all I get from customer service is another email telling me how to troubleshoot the app and never a confirmation they are going to refund my money. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED, YOU WILL BE WAITING MONTHS FOR A REFUND. the picture I uploaded below (my great grandma) is the one I tried to work on, but never got to finish because the app kept shutting down.


This company is surely a scam?

I cannot get Version 12, for which I paid $154.46 AUD in November 2022, to do anything that I want it to. It is slow, it "hangs" and it does not do what it purports to do. I keep receiving emails saying that I have not registered the product, but I have. It shows up in "My Account". I don't know what to do. Any suggestions, please? Mrs Dale White Garfield Victoria 3814


Resolved: I wanted a refund the day after purchase and they refuse to provide it

Updated by user Jan 02, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Updated by user Jan 02, 2023
I received my refund 14 days later.

Original review Jan 02, 2023
I downloaded the basic product of inPixio that 'everyone' is raving about, to try it for 30 bucks, and I didn't like it. I didn't want to spend 100 bucks for the upgrade and asked for a refund the next day. I gave them the order number and the reason for my dissatisfaction. 9 days later, I still don't have my money back and have no positive contact from the billing department. They keep offering me more things that I don't want. I'm not going to give up! Finally! I used the chat feature on the website and got an agent who reviewed all my emails and gave me a refund. I'm now satisfied.

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