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InnoSupps has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 142 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 20th position out of 315 companies.


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(702) 582-5358

1000 N Green Valley Pkwy STE 440-620, Henderson, Nevada, 89074-6170, United States

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I would think customer service would be more established then just a cell attached to their customer service phone number



They have you call customer service through a google voice number then will never answer. Package took weeks to get here havent even had a chance to use the product before my next subscription date . Very unprofessional


Cancel order and I didn't get to speak to anyone. Still unresolved

Product didn't work and I thought I was just buying one bottle and not continued bottles. I am not happy at all with this


Want to talk to a person

This is the 3rd time going thru this?? Do you have customer service there or not??? A person I can talk to???


Cancel any subscription

Every avenue to try and cancel my subscription goes to a dead-end If i do not hear confirmation of cancelation within 3 days i will report to better business and Attorneys General office S.Spitzmueller Sjbelz@***.com


Stop/cancel order

I just ordered the items I needed a couple days ago and I forgot I had a subscription. I just seen my account and received an email that my order has been placed for $321.97 I need to stop/cancel this order and have a refund on my account as I have already oreder the supplements I need from you just a couple days ago. Can you send me a verification email on this matter please. I dont believe anything has been shipped yet. Thank you josh


Cancel subscription and refund

I have refused the parcel. I want my refund and cancel my subscription please. You can also call me on this number it S 519-871-****. I am unable to take capsules which is the only reason i am refusing it.


Just to give feedback

Times got hard the product pretty but my money started getting low and had to make a justment on somethings that were must important to me had too cut back not only ur product but a lot more things so overall am going to miss this product it will be helpful for someone else who can afford it and the price is reasonable


Don’t get my order

I ordered my stuff on June 29 still not received any email or updated not even a tracking number or a receipt to mu email


Return/ RMA#

Product doesnt work for me I need a refund asap I e reached out many times I got one response asking for order number I dont have a account number


Returned item back to the sender on June 15th

I am returning a package to the warehouse or sender June 15th Wanting my full refund. I never wanted a subscription


My order didn't show up

It says it was delivered to like the word Blythewood, South Carolina I live in Myrtle beach SC Blythewood is the wrong address please refund me My order number is 159****


Exchange or Refund

I sent an inquiry via FB messenger regard a few side effects I had from Inno Cleanse and the Night Shred Black Edition, I was asking if I could either exchange for different products or return for a refund. They did ask for me to email customer service but I did that when I first got the products with no reply. I also called and said it was an invalid phone number. Looking to see if I can exchange for different products before refunding. Please advise.


Order issue

I ordered the shred bundle stack and they offered a discount rate on the exact same stack, but when I received the order the second bottle of the Valcarn 2000 16ounce serving bottle was only 2ounce even though it wasn't advertised as a 2ounce bottle. When I call the customer service number I can't get thru. Very disappointed. Emailed, and they ask me take a picture of the box, the products and shipping label it came in as if that has anything to do with me getting the wrong size product. That should be tracked on there end by the order number I provided. Still trying to resolve this issue.


To cancel my monthly order please

Did not agree with me at all..too much bloat & nausea...It could just be me I do have some stomach & constipation issues..


You haven't sent me my order

First, I ordered 4 things for 110 dollars. When I got my receipt, it said i had been charged for 10 things and they charged me 280 dollars . When I emailed them they said we automatically added that as a deal for you I said I didnt want the extra stuff. They cancelled the extra stuff. Then They said allow 3-4 days for my original stuff to be shipped its been a month and they havent shipped it yet. None of the phone numbers online work and every time I email them I get a basic canned response from made up people like Junior and Murine etc. I will definitely never buy another product from them.

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