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Ingo Money has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 950 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 15th position out of 165 companies.


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11545 Wills Road, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30009, United States

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They have a days break or a thief

Cashed a check but had put the wrong exp date...ONLY place this was done ( was fixed) Someone stepped to use it, declined because of wrong exp date. Coincidence I don't think so, protect your money do not use this company.


Wont let me cash my check

I need to cash checks sometimes and it wont let me. Keeps saying an error try back later. I dont no if its the app or what. Help?


Why can’t I cash a check

I tried deposit my check and got denied Ive been using Netspend for years and I still cant cash a check thru them online why is that



Check refused pissed!!! Need answer you guys always crash my checks please give me a customer service person to Tammy i


Issue with check not voided properly

Hello. We were approved to cash a check using our PayPal app in Wallet that uses Ingo. Our check was approved by Ingo and we were instructed to write void on the check in blue or black ink. We did as instructed and took the photo. We got a message back saying the check was not voided properly and our account was on hold. We now have a $500+ check that we cant cash anywhere else because it says void on it. We both work days and Ive been trying to get through to someone to help me since last night. If its an issue with image clarity we can retake the photo. There was no option to review the photo taken it was just submitted after the camera clicked.


Cant cash a check

I am tryong to cash a check through my PayPal and it wont let me its says unauthorized and it let me cash the same exact kind of check twice in the past so I dont understsnd why it wont let me in at all to even take a picture of the check or anything


To pay 50 bucks

I still need to pay the 50 bucks and don't know how to pay it I would like to know how to pay the money so I can make deposits


To get the restriction of my check cashing removed

I've been trying to find out why my check cashing is restricted I'm not understanding why I haven't been shown or told why I don't believe I need to sometimes mobile cash payroll checks from my job "Moen Painting" I get paid on Saturday or Sunday sometimes. My boss doesn't do direct deposit. So I need to cash online


Closed Account

I havent Used Ingo Money Account Since 2018-**** when i was employed with "Whitetail Disposal" would like to Know why & How am i Not about to Use ingo to cash my Payroll Checks!! Please need to know ASAP! THANK YOU!


Fefuses to cash my payroll check

I have a netspend drbit card abd when i tried to d r posit my patrollnchexk it was declined.i don't understand why this is happening .%


Check deposit

I can't deposit a check that's in my name , and the account is in my name I have held for over a hour



Never had a ingo account tried to regester think i mess up now its saying they have someone with social or email but i just made this email last month and didnt never use my social on here b4


Denied service

I tried to deposit mycheck(you take a picture of check) and before I even took picture it said denying service due to my last transaction...what transaction?? This is the first time I tried..then trying to get hold of a human being to help on this matter is impossible I've called a hundred times no one picks up.. you get an automated message tells you I'll be connected with an agent...and sit on hold to music then music stops after about 3 min to silence and no one ever picks up!!!


Closed account

You guys flagged my account for no reason from the same company that deposit to my paycheck into my account every single week you flagged me for trying to cash my Christmas bonus from the same company that deposit my paycheck to the same exact account and then when I called customer service, they told me that they would send me an email and I had to wait two days for the email after I sat on hold for 45 minutes for no reason you guys suck!!!


My money is not on my card like it should be and if it's not on there by today we will sue

I've called and called multiple times they kept me on hold for 30 minutes to an hour every time and im pissed


My money is still not on my card when I cashed my check check yesterday and sent my id and verify stuff in

This is false advertising & I will sue you guys if my money is not on my card today it says on your website that it takes 3-5 minutes for my money to hit my card it's been over 24 hours

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