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1.5/5 - based on 1700 reviews

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Il Makiage has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1700 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 4th position out of 955 companies.


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110 Greene St., Suite 305, New York, New York, 10012, United States

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They owe me money back . I can bag up and send back everything you’ve sent to my house.

My card was debited without, my permission. I cancelled the subscription 5 or 6 months ago. All the products youve sent were too light for my complexion.


The customer service phone number directs you to email ten disconnects the call. Other numbers listed don't work. There is an unauthorized charge and I can't get in touch with a person to manage it

You can't get a person on the phone. The phone numbers posted do not work. The one that does directs you to an email address for complaints. I mean I love their products but i'm trying to reverse an unauthorized charge and no one has gotten back to me. This poor customer service is enough to make me go elsewhere.


I have been charged for merchandise I did not order!

I am being charged for merchandise I did not order and Im trying to cancel the order and its saying I have no orders but I received two emails: one for an order of lipstick and liner that I did place but also received an email about an add-on order which I did not place!


I received a package from you all that i did not order

Sent me some products that i did not order and please do not do that. I would rather order what i want myself


I want my money back

I was charged $197 on something I never received!!! I cancel it the 1st one I received but I keep getting charged on something I have got!!! I can't get a hold of anyone and I want my money back!!!


I’m not satisfy. I’m truly disappointed.

I made a purchase last month and the foundation wasn't the right fit for my complexion and I need the right foundation


Need to speak with someone

Went through all the prompts called the customer service number, and they said it was discontinued. My first order I was not happy with, but did not get it returned in time I dont like the product it does not agree with me now Ive received a second one I certainly didnt mean to hit auto ship I want to cancel. My name is Sherrie Ryan 18063 Whispering Gables Ln., Dallas, TX 75287 2**-**3-8350 sherrie ryan@***.net thank you



I purchased product for try before you buy in April 2023. They build my bank account April 29th $119 they build my account May 6th $113.75 they build it again on May 23rd 1:13.75 again on May 28th $113.75 and then again I May 29th $113.75 and now they've given me two refunds and now they won't even respond to me and I cannot find a number to speak with anyone and I'm having a nervous breakdown


Unauthorized charge and I can’t reach by phone! Help!!’

Refund me ASAP please! I canceled months ago when I tried a product that I did NOT like . I have made no orders recently and I need to know what my credit card ending in 3209 was charged! Unauthorized charge! I cant reach anyone by phone! Someone please reach out to me asap! Photo is attached! Phone 571 594 ****!


No one has gotten back to me

Dont work !!!the product and no one has gotten back to me for a replacement or return . The no filter product sucks


It’s not a miracle.. it’s a mess

Zero coverage as advertised, the quiz online will have you ending up looking like a clown with the color difference. Extremely streaky and splotchy unless you apply over and over again, pores are bigger and uglier than before:. Overall Im not mad Im just sad. I had really high hopes for this and it left me in tears. Pathetic but true.


I need to cancel on these orders i never sign up for subscription never order no more ,

apparently ther takeing money out of my account i dont order no more i just fid for one time only thats it so please cancel


Wrong shade sent

I order shade 13.5 *** flawless. The shade that they sent is so like. I am almost out of the first one that you sent me, so what do I do now? It took so long to even get this product. I don't understand I'm so disappointed I had the same thing go wrong last time so how do I get the product soon because I'm almost out. This just doesn't make sense


Getting money in my card..

I got damage on my face by stupid foundation , I want my money back on my credit card $38.97 ... Or I will take to court file lawsuit on this Company , I got pictures , damages. ..I need see , cosmetic doctor to help me ... I'm so, upset !!!Mrs. Vargas ( My lawyer got all my documents,receipt & copy from bank too )


Unauthorized funds taken out of my account

They stole my money by debiting My account unauthorized. The fraudulently made unauthorized charges to my account in the amount of 64 from my new account that I have only had for 2 months. I emailed them numerous times about this requesting my money back but received no response. The last time I purchased something from them was 8/2022 and I used a different debit card number.


Damaged concealer tube

I ordered a tube of after party #190 and it is broken the top is not sealed down and it spilled in the packaging container I have ordered several times and this is shocking I can't use the product like this I don't know if it was tampered with very

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