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iHerb has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 625 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 2th position out of 315 companies.


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301 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, California, 91101, United States

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Nonexistant customer service

No customer service. No phone contact. No way to cancel subscription. A noghtmare. I am never buying anything from this company again.


Why they did not deliver package

ce s-a intamplat cu coletul meu nu a sosit nici primul nici al doilea imi vreau banii inapoi sau coletul incerc sa sun pe Evri nu imi raspund am platit aceste pachete imi vreau banii inapoi sau pachetele


Missing product from my order

Im receiving no support with numerous of emails about a missing product from my order . I have ordered from iHerb for many years and normally I would order 2 products at a time and never a issue . Until now I ordered 6 products and only received 5. They forget to either put the product in the box or they did not put it in the box because it not fit in the box and did not bother to place the products in a bigger box to fit . I did request if the item that was missing from my order does not get delivered i would like a full refund on thr Om mushroom coffee blend .



Will NOTaccept a French Mobile number I am in FRANCE also get a stupid bot on Chat that cannot answer the question. I am furious!!!


Your website is not working properly and I want to make sure you are using proper credit cards

Your website does not let me add my credit card information. Poor website. Cant give out good reviews


Doesn’t appear to be legit

Prices are lower, but it doesnt appear to be legit. No phone number for customer service only through email, very suspicious.


My package was not delivered as it said it was

My package is not at my address as it says it should be Says it was delivered today at 11am and there is no package at 1921 Larchmont Place Mount Laurel NJ 08054


Issues with delivery instructions for orders

iHerb uses a delivery company from Calgary, AB that does not follow delivery instructions. I tried to contact iHerb to let them know that this carrier only drops shipments either in front of a building on the sidewalk or in the building lobby. My shipping label indicates clearly - do not drop- and my apartment number. Unfortunately iHerb no longer accepts direct phone calls from their customers. This will leave me with no choice but to stop ordering from iHerb.


Resolved: Where is my order ?

Updated by user Jul 19, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology. I was contacted by all the ways including telephone. The apologies but did not still now.

Updated by user Jul 19, 2023
I used iHerb products almost one year.But I can't received my last order. I contacted by all the way including telephone.

But I can't found any solution. So I can't iHerb customer anymore

Original review Jul 19, 2023
I give 0 stars. I order almost 90 euros products from iHerb. I didn't receive my orders still now. I contact iHerb by all the way including telephone. But I can't find solutions. They said, we send you now. But they did not


Mixed up order

I received a product that I did not order and it had a HSN receipt in the box. I cant talk to a live person and that is very upsetting. Im 74 and want to talk to a person. I will never order again if I cant talk to someone. My name is Gloria Maino, Gloria.maino@***.com 732-740-****. I want to return this product but there is no receipt in box except HSNs. Thank you.


Non delivery oforder no 86368****-BONE BROTH POWDER. ORDER DT:05-DEC-2022

Good day I herb, I Placed order no 86368**** on 05-dec-2022. the product name ; DR AXE BONE BROTH POWDER I paid indian rupees 3634.62 for the product and shipping/customs duty 1852.43. Total amount 5787.05 indian rupees. ARAMEX is the carrier. Till date I have neither received the product nor refund. Aramex is not friendly at all . he went on harrassing me regarding KYC documents even though I had submitted all relevant Documents. DHL is very user friendly. Customer service is excellent. Since I am a ship Engineer , I had to join a ship and could not further communicate. I herb is a good on line Company . But Courier service ARAMEX is the worst. Kindly refund my money 5787..05(FIVE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN AND PAISE FIVE) Indian Rupees at the earliest. You can pay thro G Pay to my phone number: +91-9940****76 Thanks and best Regards, Sivanandam Manoharan 15-July-2023


No toll free number and email no longer in service

Order still not received yet. Was suppose to receive it by June 23. We are now July 10. I don't want to call and spend all kinds on long distance call


Not a score low enough I can give you.problem never resolved. you actually asked for a payment of $1.00( I'm supposed to fill out a form with my credit card info)to be conn to someone who can help me.

I just want a replacement or reimbursement for damaged product that leaked . How hard can that be??! What kind of service is this??? I wasn't a pissed consumer when I initially called this morning, but after going through your ridiculous prompts and supposed live chats I am now. And by the way, curious choice of .com name!! Are that many customers dissatisfied, or that's the new humor? Would like this damaged good addressed in simple , reasonable manner. I can almost assure you , depending how this is resolved I would not purchase from you or recommend anyone to do so


No Customer Service, Only Bots.

Updated by user Jun 15, 2023
Tiffany, representing iHerb and who apparently isn’t a bot, replied to my email and I have given her the necessary information in hopes of finding a resolution.If I can at least have access to my online account to be able to modify my orders then I may not cancel. The...

Updated by user Jun 15, 2023
iHerb has a “live” agent chat operated by a virtual assistant not a person. It doesn’t accept your personalized questions, it only populates AI “artificial intelligence” suggested questions. It isn’t effective or reliable in resolving issues.

Original review Jun 15, 2023
A live agent/virtual assistant isn't a person, it's a bot, and I would like to do business with a person via phone, chat, or email. This company doesn't have authentic customer service by phone, email or chat, because it is all done through a computer program/virtual assistant/AI, and that form of assistance isnt always reliable or adequate in most cases. The website or app isn't helpful at all when it comes to making any changes to your account because it is all controlled by a bot. I'm very disappointed, and if I had known that it would be such a hassle to communicate with this company, then I would not have ordered anything in the first place. Unfortunately, without an order number to cancel my Autoship, I will need my bank to cancel my debit card in order to stop automatic shipments. iHerb does provide good products for a good price, but having no real customer service is a dealbreaker for me.


IHERB will not accept my cancellation of orders

Spoke to a IHerb rep regarding cancelation And got the run around very poor communication This notice. Verifies that I cancelled all orders from IHERB company again this notice states we at 12144 harvest avenue Norwalk Cs 90560 By me Ramon Espinosa at ramonespinos@***.com Or Ramon.espinosa9@***.c om How long before you understand my cancellation Of your Companys products from abcdefghigqrstuvwxyz


Missing items

Hello, you claim that it is my complete order with a weight of 3.28 kilograms, I will now prove to you with facts that you did not send one product that is quite heavy, now I will count all the products in my order and indicate their actual weights against them, which I put on the scale and weighed one by one and took a picture, the scale shows in grams, this is simple mathematics. So 1. omega-3, premium quality fish oil, 180 mg ЕПК / 120 mg ДГК, 100 capsules from fish gelatin three boxes - total weight 544 grams or 0.544 kilograms, 2. vitamin D3, 50 μg (2000 IU), 360 fish - three packs of gelatin capsules - total weight 430 grams or 0.430 kilograms, 3. Remedy for gas discomfort, simethicone drops, from birth, 30 ml (1 fluid ounce), Kid's Spry, xylitol toothpaste, strawberry banana, 60 ml , (2.0 liquid ounces), Totz, toothbrush, for children from 18 months, extra soft, yellow, 1 pc. total weight of these three products - 233 grams or 0.233 kilograms, 4. BCAA, AjiPure, amino acids with branched chain in powder, 454 g (16 ounces) weight of one box - 565 grams or 0.565 kilograms, 5. Performance Series, Nitro Tech, 100 % Whey Gold (100% whey), double chocolate, 1.02 kg (2.24 lb) per box weight - 1096 grams or 1.096 kilograms, 6. empty total order weight without protective papers - 412 grams or 0.412 per kilogram, this was the entire order except for NitroTech, whey peptides, milk chocolate flavor, 1.81 kg (4 lbs) that I ordered and did not ship. Now let's add the mentioned weights of these above mentioned products to each other and see what weight will be obtained, besides this letter I present photos where each product and the box are placed separately on the scale and their weight is shown in the photo. So 0.544 kg + 0.430 kg + 0.233 kg + 0.565 kg + 1.096 kg + 0.412 kg = 3.28 kilograms of the total weight of the order received by me. There can be no more reliable evidence than this, that I did not get the protein with a net weight of 1.81, whose gross weight is more than 2 kilograms.

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