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Idc Technologies has a 3.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 89 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 3th position out of 147 companies.


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Resolved: They keep spamming me

Updated by user Jun 24, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review May 25, 2023
Idc Technologies consists of a bunch of half witted IT recruiters who send spam emails to my inbox literally up to ten times per day. I am no longer interested in working in IT, and these nit wits cannot get the hint despite my repeatedly telling them to stop bothering me. None of the jobs they are spamming me with even match my CV/resume - and they don't care. At all. Even if I were still in the IT job market, I would never use this bunch of clots for anything, as given their email history with me, they are not to be trusted on anything. Oh, and while we're at it, Google gets low marks for not allowing me to block their email, unless I am an email administrator at a company. Too bad if someone is spamming you on your private email. Google, when you want Evil, choose Google.


Can’t access my w2 online

I been calling no answer line hangs up I need my w2 forgot password word. And security questions I know are right.


To help other people aware

IDC Techologies gave me an fake offer letter after attending the interview with its client TCS Trusting the offer letter I resigned from the current job since they mentioned they will initiate the joining process only after my resignation I trusted them and did the same For the first 3 week till the joining date mentioned in the offer I was following them through mail and phone call, all their response was next monday ID will be created, next monday ID will be created Now 2 weeks has passed I am jobless for 2 months all because of this IDC Technologies and TCS Please be very careful with this may be not all gets affected but few like me suffering


Resolved: They are uneducated and unprofessional

Updated by user Nov 10, 2020

Done with them..

Original review Nov 10, 2020
I have received several emails from several different of these recruiters and the jobs that they send me are off in another state and they tell me they pull up my resume and they see it but then they send me positions that are off in another state and then they expect me to be in that state when they contact me and I ask them but you have the resume in front of you so why didnt you not see where I am and where what areas Im looking for. Another thing they are uneducated and how to send out emails inquiring to possible candidates about positions. When they reach out to people through email or even through phone they are unprofessional and uneducated. They do not know how to approach people to ask them if they would be interested in a position that they are looking to feel. And I am so sick of them contacting me and I dont want any of them to contact me again. If I never got another job and they were the only staffing agency I do not want them contacting me. They are uneducated and theyre unprofessional and they are unethical and they have no idea how to approach people.


Horrid experience

From day one the London office has a slap dash approach to everything. Their phone staff can barely speak English and they're sitting so close to their colleagues that you can hear other conversations clearly. They are incapable of answering basic questions over the phone and email and their GDPR compliance is shoddy. They want way too much unnecessary information and when questioned they hide behind their default excuse of 'because HRMC Guidelines'. They do not properly communicate their signup requirements to their customers and to get a straight answer or clarification out of them is near impossible. The email correspondence is in broken English - often difficult to decipher. Emails bounce all the time to their domain. There is also no email or phone contact for London, which makes things even more difficult. I used to have a contact person in the company, but he's since left and I was given no other point of contact. Ive emailed the general info@ account with an urgent query. Got an auto responder and a week later nobody has bothered to contact me. I constantly have to pick up the admin slack to get anything moving. IDC is a service provider but they barely manage to do the bare minimum to start with. Unfortunately with the IR35 requirements that were set to change in April 2020 (now delayed by a year) we were not given any other choice other than IDC for an umbrella company. If I had a choice Id ditch this useless company immediately.


W2 info

Lko idc i dont know who jus know it was located in milpitas ca


Don't bother

They send me unrelated or positions far beneath my qualifications. I can't understand anyone I talk to or the emails they leave. If a job opens I am bombarded with emails and phone calls every dayf from a half a dozen different people it is beyond belief. This company is so unprofessional and I have put them on notice for the 2nd time now to stop before legal action is taken. It is utterly ridiculous. To be continued...


I'm recently back on the contracting/consulting market...

I've been inundated by recruiters who found my resume online in various places (that's good). However, of all the recruiters, IDC Tech was soooo bad to work with that I've blocked their numbers (but different numbers keep getting through), their emails (but other emails keep coming daily), and I'd explicitly told them not to contact me but they disregard it anyway. My experience with other recruiting agencies have mostly been positive-very positive, but BEWARE IDC. They never follow-up. Multiple people from the same team will send you the same expired jobs, ask for the same info (written and verbal), and there were ZERO interviews/phone screens with any hiring manager or client...because I strongly believe they don't really have clients either. They're building a database for spam and cold-call purposes with no goal or interest for a candidate (or the client). I'm a very experienced+skilled candidate and I'm happy to report them and get them off my hair as I have other real agencies to work with.


Fraud Alert form Bipul Anand at IDC Technologies

Bipul Anand who is an account manager at IDC Technologies set fraud invoice linked email. I never bought their service or products. But, the guy - Bipul Anand who is an account manager at IDC Technologies - sent me fraud invoice linked email. It is illegal criminal fraud action. Warning and alert of fraud invoice email from IDC Technologies.


Payment Woes with IDC

Updated by user Jan 02, 2019
Correction in Para #2 - They would not send payment by check, only via direct deposit.

Original review Jan 02, 2019
I was contacted by IDC for a medium term (6 months) project in another state and city. Since they we not providing travel, I negotiated an all inclusive rate a bit higher to account for the expenses of travel, however they said they can only go to the higher rate if it were on Corp-to-Corp, and I agreed. 1. When I got to the customer site (at my out-of-pocket expense) I learned the project was really only about 6-8 weeks of work, not 6 months. Although pissed I was committed as I had passed on other opportunities to take this work. It was not the end company who mis-represented the work duration, but IDC. 2. When the first month of work completed (actually about 10 days since I started mid-month), I requested payment via the process IDC provided via their invoice template. I was paid fairly quickly, but they asked for my bank details, and would send the payment by check. It had to be a direct deposit, which was not spelled out in our corp-to-corp contract agreement. 3. Upon completion of the 2nd month of work, I submitted the same invoice template. IDC never acknowledged receipt. Days later I inquired, they said the did not get it, so I re-submitted via email. As the terms were net 30, I waited. Never getting a confirmation payment was in process. 4. Finally, the project ended, and I submitted my final invoice by email to the same contact who sent me the 1st payment. No response. So I escalated to my account manger at IDC, who said he would look into it. Days and weeks passed, no response. The account manager stopped accepting my calls. I tried to escalate to HR or some leadership at IDC. No contacts could be found on their web site. Big red flags started to seem obvious when you see no leadership team or contacts on the companies public website. 5. All the contacts on any thread of any email from IDC I started carpet emailing to get some feedback on my now two months of non-payments. I even included contacts at the end company who were helpful in communicating with IDC on my behalf. But still no clear confirmation of when I would get paid or if my invoices were in process. 6. Finally after more than 9 weeks since submission, I finally got paid. But it was largely only due to my persistence, not the normal workings of a company geared for success. In summary, I say buyer beware. Research the firm online, seek references from others who worked with this firm, and ask upfront who in leadership are the points of escalation for issues and problems. If those people have no phone numbers, stay away from this type firm. Mainly avoid working corp-to-corp as your protections are higher with W2 work and employment wage laws.


Sketchy email addresses and Repeat Job descriptions

I keep getting the exact same job descriptions over and over but each time, they change the location. It is always a short term contract that is 1/3 or less of the current market salary and nowhere close to where I live. I would not relocate for such low wages. I tell them thanks but I don't live there and the next day, same job description but new location. I have been told that my skillset is very common and that is the going rate, which is not even remotely true. I am asked for personal information that should not be asked for until an official offer is on the table and asked to sign an agreement, up front, to lock in the low salary and not pursue the same position with any other recruiters. This is before I even have info about the job or company that posted the position. Additionally, the emails are often sent from a yahoo or gmail account, but the contact info in the email is from IDC. I won't respond at all if they can't use an official company email.


IDC provided me with a basic description of the job

Prior to any interviews with potential clients, IDC provided me with a basic description of the job I was considering. Then, I conducted an interview over the phone with the client and discussed my background, as well as provided several professional references. During the phone interview, the client discussed job duties and responsibilities, as well as possible training. I was expected to produce examples of past completed projects and to be able to answer as to whether I could work without direct supervision above me. After the interview process, I had to be ready to negotiate contracts. Something I don't like, but necessary if you want a good rate.


The IDC Technologies Placement Process Started with a Phone Call

The IDC Technologies placement process started with a phone call for me, no email spam. I had a phone interview with an IDC representative that lasted over 2 hours. It went really well and led to more phone calls. Unfortunately, the subsequent phone calls were pretty annoying. We were trying to schedule a face-to-face interview on site, but the face-to-face kept getting delayed due to scheduling conflicts, which were largely the fault of the client company and not me. I feel fortunate that the phone interview went so well, because of how odd the client interview scheduling was for me. I arrived to the office to find that there was no receptionist or anyone to greet or direct me. The only things in the lobby were an unoccupied desk with a phone on it and some chairs. I used the phone and dialed the extension, which prompted someone to quickly come out and direct me to a small room to wait for someone. Then, a couple of people came into the room with me. This process seemed rushed and unorganized, which I found to be "interesting". During my phone interview, we had discussed a specific pay rate. However, a lower rate was on the physical contract. I was extremely frustrated and I'm sure my heart rate went up, but it was resolved fast enough. I'm not sure if it was a simple mistake, or if they tried to pull a fast one on me and sneak a different rate in. Either way, it worked out well.


They harrassed me multiple times a day about a job and when I spoke to them they asked me to lie on my resume

I received 6 calls today and 4 emails about a job opening. I spoke with Dishank Sharma multiple times and each time he seemed very sketchy. The final discussion that I had with him he put his team leader on the phone and the team leader told me that he was going to change some titles on my resume and asked me to approve. I explained that changing a title to a Manager when I was not a Manager was not ethical and he told me no it was fine just better representation to get me the interview. He then told me not to tell his manager that he instructed me to change the title and sent my resume back to me with all of my job titles changed to Manager asking me again to approve so he can submit me. I told them never to contact me again and they are giving our industry a bad name representing to clients information that they know is not accurate


IDC Technologies and WIPRO Recruitment Process

I will share my recruitment experience with IDC Technologies and WIPRO. Just 3 weeks back, I applied for WIPRO jobs through IDC's channels. Within 1 week I got a call from IDC confirming that my onsite WIPRO interview was scheduled. The interview started on time - no delays - and compared to other interviews I've had, went pretty smooth. The second interview took place rather fast, the next day. After completing both interviews, I had another with the hiring manager for WIPRO. I was selected. I went over some details with human resources and everything was clearly outlined. To be honest, I didn't expect to secure a placement within weeks. It was fast and I was skeptical about landing something at WIPRO (it seemed fishy), but it was all clearly explained. There can be a lack of communication and defined process with staffing companies. Personally, I didn't run into any issues. Not sure if I got lucky with my recruiter or if WIPRO simply needed to fill the position fast. Either way, IDC Technologies and WIPRO definitely delivered here. Parting advice: contracts, budgets, projects, etc. can change so have a plan B and C, don't put yourself in a position where you're dependent on one company/placement.



This firm is so unprofessional. I have asked them NOT TO CALL ME and put me on the DO NOT CALL LIST. They are all people from India that can barely speak English. They spam you with calls, voicemail and email for IT opportunities that pay NOTHING and are not relevant. Who the heck wants to move to CA from MA for a one month contract paying $14 an hour. These people don't even look at maps! I keep reporting them to the FTC do not call list and I am getting ready to sue to them for a harassment violation. For each call they will have to pay a min of $1500.00 I have asked to unsubscribe each time one of these jokers sends me an email, however as others have reported, the opt out is broken which violates current policy. These people are such a scam. They even submitted me for a job without my knowledge and permission. I only knew because I received an email confirming my application for the job. They actually ruined my chance to apply for 6 month because they fraudulently applied and committed Identity theft.

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