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Icon Studios has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 16 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 4th position out of 55 companies.


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5700 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 300, Plano, Texas, 75024, United States

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This company is a sham (Atlanta and likely everywhere else)

I want to thank the make up artist, stylist and photographer. This is not directed towards any of you. With that said, this entire "agreement" is a scam/sham. I was pressured into this contract by a scam artist who really ought to be ashamed of herself for making a living basically being a glorified thief. Naomi W and Maddy B, if you're reading this, I no longer want these overpriced photos and whatever other garbage this $4000 is supposed to be for. You can delete them and you can stop stealing my hard-earned money; and maybe find a more legitimate way to earn your own instead of preying on people's hopes and dreams, particularly people who may be low income earners. You and your company trick and pressure people into these rotten contracts, but something "legal" is not always necessarily right. You can't treat people like this and think that nothing bad will come of it. You have provided no service to me, and I know that you do not intend to. Be thankful that I'm allowing you to keep the money that you've already stolen. It's a wonder how people like you sleep at night, and it's a wonder how our so-called justice system doesn't crack down on your ilk more. I do not intend on fulfilling this petty contract (You're not getting the full amount) because... I'm not getting any actual good or service out of it anyway. Think about this please...$4000 is a LOT to someone like me, but it's probably nothing to you and your company. You cheat your way into this. Would you really want to ruin someone's life over this money that you swindlers already don't deserve? You could be a bigger person and simply cease, if you're not too blinded by your greed. You've already stolen too much from me. You deserve none, but can you not simply take what you already have and go away? Can you not take a hint and stop being an albatross in my life? You probably would like to take me to court, but is all that really necessary over your overpriced photos that I no longer want? Leave me be, please. I'm trying to escape and move on, but you're trying to hunt me like the entitled predator(s) that you are. And don't use "other people pay it" as an excuse. Some of those other people likely don't know financial precarity the way that I do. Maybe they can sweat $4000, and maybe I can't. And you likely tricked and pressured them into bad contracts too. Should you parasites continue stealing from me, I will gladly be among the plaintiffs should a class action lawsuit against you ever manifest.


Icon modeling Atlanta studio

I was told it would be a $50 deposit and would get it refunded once the shoot was done, only if I did not enjoy the photos. Come to the day of the shoot, staff was very enjoyable and I fully enjoyed talking and figuring out what worked best for me during the shooting process. After all was done, I was pulled into Naomi Ws office to go over my shooting process, photos and to see what I would like to do. Ill say this right now, DO NOT, and I mean absolutely, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Number 1, you will not receive your photos without signing a contract. A NONREFUNDABLE CONTRACT! Even if you change your mind and no longer want them, you still have to pay for them. Number 2, during the meeting, I had expressed that it didnt make much sense to sign a contract for a payment plan if I couldnt have those photos until I finished paying them off. Naomi assured me that I would be able to have my photos with copyright back in a couple of weeks and that shed put that in my contract. Number 3, I signed because, of course, I loved the photos and wanted to use them for future bookings. However, as I was reviewing my contract in my car, I saw that there was no notation of my photos being sent to me before the payment plan was up. So I went BACK into the studio to speak with another modeling consultant who reiterated I would get my photos back before my payment plan was done being paid for. Well its now October of 2022, and I just received my photos back. My hair and body has changed and I can no longer use these photos for bookings because what they see in the photos will not be what theyre getting. All in all, this is a scamming company if youre looking for a way to break through in the industry. They will leave you high and dry, left with questions, and your bank account on overload for what you pay for these photos. Using the name as The Photo Studio Group LLC as Atlanta Model Scouts Icon Models and Soul Studios


Mislead from the jump

I got a call from Atlanta Scouts to come in for a free shoot told it was all expense paid. Only needed $100 deposit. I went to the place called Soul Studios it was $3,800 and put down what I can. Mislead lies too this place needed to be closed everything is smoke and mirrors. Said pay now and get work They will not let u cancel. They are using the name of Icon Studios too down the street


Icon Models Atlanta Fraud

False advertising for $200 a day jobs. They charge $50 to book a photo shoot but they are charging $4,250. Report them to the BBB they are purchasing fake reviews on Google.


This is a fraud company

Icon Studios is now going by the name of Soul Studios located in Atlanta Georgia. This is a photo mill to sell $4,000 worth of useless photographs under the impression they will provide you modeling jobs. They don't provide anything but over priced photographs. The reviews on Google are fake from bots. The company is called The Photo Studio Group LLC Don't believe me? Go there yourself and see they will tell you anything just to sell you a dream. The BBB has real reviews and they will get your money back for you.


Icon studios Atlanta aka soul studios scam

Do not go here unless you want to pay $4000 for pictures. They use the name icon studios and now soul studios. This place is out for money be warned even the bbb said something about it too


Icon Model Studio Model Scouts Scam

Icon Model Studio aka Model Scouts is a photo mill operation selling photo packages to anyone that will show up. Making you think your gonna be a famous model if you shoot with them. They are using names of companies like Icon Recording , Apex Studios and Boost Models and Studio 1 Models. Run far away from this place they will not refund your money after 24 hours and make it impossible to leave if you do not buy one of the packages on the spot. Don't sign anything


Icon Model studio Atlanta scam

Icon studios for models in Atlanta is a scam. They stole name from a recording studio and are selling photo shoots to wannabe models for $3,000 for a $50 deposit in a "free shoot". Run and do not trust them or boost models at all. The go by Atlanta scouts to


Response to Negative Review from an Actor/Model

Wow, For any of you considering Icon Studios Dallas, go meet Ms normita joven yourself and then look at or re read this post. I judge people hard when it comes to this industry of acting and modeling. Ms. Joven had me, my sister, my brother and my mother working the day we meet her...and I am the only one who is active in this industry. I had not commited one thing to her and she told me to go home and go interview a few other people who could represent me then decide for myself what i would feel would be best for me.. Obviously, this post is from someone who thought they were buying a job and this was going to be easy. This industry is tough and you have to be on your "A" game at all times. Just getting an audition is tough, this industry require you to get used to REJECTION, to be persistant and to be ready at a moments notice. There have been times I go to 20 auditions and nothing, I dont get chosen ! but i persist. I have now booked 3 national commercials and have done 6 independant films in which I was a paid Actor... There are NO Guarantees in this business and You are only as good as your persistance. If you are a quitter..and give up the moment something doesnt happen over night..go get a job !!! This is a passion project for yourself...a fun hobby that pays..sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. And Yes you do need to have a Flexible Job that will allow you to go to your auditions..because they happen at the craziest times and the craziest places... one day you can be auditoning in dallas, tomorrow in Austin, day after that in San Antonio...and guess what ? Those are Auditions ! no guarentee you are even going to get picked for the job/part. If any of you know Ms normita, you know how hard she works for us..For those of you who dont know her...spend 30mins with her and she will change the way you see the world in whatever it is you do..super positive and motivating...And guess what she lets you decide...she isnt there to sell you anything...she just wants to help people, like me...succeed. Believe me I am not good looking or young and would probably be the last person you would think would be a Model/Actor....Money is not her motivator..as you can see if you follow her feed and social media she volunteers her time all the time and where she gets the time I dont know...I only responded because i saw the negative post and wanted to let all of you out there know....That was a post from someone who Had very unrealistic expectations and probably thought they were going to be working everyday...NOT ! By the way in the Icon Family there a more than a handful of attorneys that work with Ms normita as actors and models. One of which is my age and has been practicing for over 18 years...You are only limited by your beliefs..nothing more...Ms. Normita says everyone has potential regardless of age, race, sex, size, or looks...Everyone was born for greatness..its up to you to claim that greatness...If you look at her website she refers you to well known people in the industry who can help you, its up to you to utilze the resources and equip yourself..... tools are just tools until you use them...dreams go to work when you do !!!!


Still scamming

I worked with Normita years ago when I was nearly homeless she promised to help me but took my money and in no way helped. She told me she’d send me a refund but never did I’m sure you remember exactly who I am. THEN she’s trying to be an actress herself and casts herself and her daughter (who isn’t actress material) lol before she casts you. She blocked my number and yelled at me when I asked when she would return my money. Fast forward a few years later I’m a lawyer now and I’m making sure this company gets looked at for fraud. Normita Joven you are shady, unethical, and best believe you will be investigated



I basically got charged $250 and more for things I could have easily done in my own. I should have known when I read some of the write ups the owners wrote about themselves lol.


Icon Studios - Customer Care Review

I agreed to do a male enhancement infomercial for Normita. She agreed to pay me $100. After completing the work, friends warned me that she often withholds or skims others' pay in addition to her booking fees. After 30 days, I contacted her to inquire about pay, but received no check. Instead she adked me to fill out my tax form, which I had done previously. When I received my check, it was only $50. I have not worked for her since, and warn others to avoid her company.


Icon Studios - Casting Service Review

This "Casting Company" is hands down the worst in Texas. First of all it's not a real casting company. They hold money for months on end from the people they have doing the "Jobs" that you and find on your own. Normita holds 20% of your pay (when you finally receive the payment) and honestly doesn't do anything to warrant the 20%. FYI a real agent only holds 10% maybe 15% but you are getting paid a lot more. They "cast" young teens and have them sign these ridicules contracts. Where her 18 year old daughter has you pay up to $800 for a head shot. A real agent will have people they suggest or would prefer you to get your headshot from because that's the ones they have noticed real casting directors pick from. They aren't related and aren't 18 years old. They have been photographers for years and that is what they do for a living. This is the biggest joke of a establishment or "agency" ever!


This place is a total *** artist scam...

The first couple of times going to their office (which is in a very shady location) everything was great! Then after I paid my fees everything was a downhill slide. First wanted me to come in for head shots, in which they rescheduled 6 times on me. Finely I show up for my head shots this guy comes in with a stranded everyday camera and we shot in the most unprofessional settings. Then it took 2 MONTHS to get booked for a Non Paying Gig ( which I was PROMISED would be paid). During that first 2 months I On My Own worked an probably a dozen PAID Acting jobs. After putting up with all of their LIES I stopped returning their calls. Oh and By the Way YOU CAN CONTACT THE CASTING DIRECTORS DIRECTLY AND GET ALL OF THE SAME WORK!!! Save your $250.00+ and FREELANCE!


I am a satisfied member of Icon Studios Dallas

Wow, these comments sound like they are made from some very unsuccessful and ignorant people. I've learned that Icon Studios Dallas is a resource center that provides services such as photography referrals, workshops, demo reel services, event production, industry and casting notification, etc. I am a satisfied member, Icon Studios Dallas has helped build my resume when I had none, helped me learn about the Dallas tv/film business, helped me learn techniques in tv/film acting and also in fashion/modeling through their workshops, and gave me the tools and confidence that I needed to get my start in this business that I knew nothing about in the beginning. Since when did anyone tell you guys that if you go to college and get some training, that you would be guaranteed a job at the end? The money you pay is for services, they tell you from the beginning there are never any guarantees, just because you pay someone money that does not mean you are going to become a successful actor or even get a job? If that was the case I'm sure there would be a lot of rich people paying to get movie roles. LOL... Seriously this company has helped me get a full time job with a national production company with their connections without charging me anything extra. They are the hardest working and kindest people you will find in this business. The go out of their ways to help people in need, without receiving payment. You guys need to look at yourselves and get the facts before you start trying to bash a business you know nothing about. Why don't you get some training and learn about the business of acting instead of blaming others for your faults and insecurities. --- Lola


Icon Studios Dallas ***?

I have recently noticed something not right about the talent management company I am currently under called Icon Studios Dallas. First off, just to explain the monetary details of Icon: they do have an up front fee of $250 for "the building rent" and charge $20 for "upkeep on the website". But they do not take any percentage of the salary unless it's live performance. While I'm not doing this for the money, I have recently realized that it would take quite a few jobs for me to actually break even or make more money than what I pay Icon. My friend has now been waiting for nearly 3 months with no job through Icon. Icon has now seemed to be just one of those mailing lists that alerts people about certain auditions in the area. Most of which do not pay at all. Casting directors from Lone Star have put me on their e-mailing list. So recently, most of the e-mails Icon has been sending lately are just from those casting directors or The Column. Not only that, I also feel that the staff is not very competent. Apparently Icon doesn't "find" work for its clients. A lot of the time, they will just forward information via-email and tell us to email the casting directors directly. On Location Casting has recently said that Icon should not make its clients pay up front and that Icon claims to be associated with On Location Casting or other casting companies. OLC claims that they are in no way associated with Icon. So I'm afraid there's something very wrong with Icon Studios Dallas... Regardless of how nice the people are there.

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