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Homewav has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 30 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 15th position out of 279 companies.


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Need to add phone number

I didn't get to talk to somebody on the phone to change a number or add a number and then I made an account the money came up missing and I would like to know where it has been gone and it's ridiculous that I put money on someone's books and this is what I get and it's not fair for it to take my money away and I can't even use it


On site visit not going thru

Im here to do on site visit n says inmate not on line n call not coming thru. I hate home wav it is not first time this has happened they need to fix problem or get a different company to do calls here



Need username n password I forgot both them try get message to Mike redmon give him cell number 812 405 -****


Put the wrong name. Should be going to troy gignac. Please fix this right away. Going out today.

I order a package for my son and put the wrong name. I put Bruce Lee and it should of been troy gignac. It's going out today. I hope you can fit this before it goes out. Thank you



CANT get it to go through after mixing up money on another account and waiting weeks for approval have called the customer service department several times who says you are clear now . Yea right


Trying to get a refund

I attempted to send monies to a couple of good friends that are spending their vacation at one of your choice vacation destinations.. My heart goes others , not oneout to them. I'm sure that they shan't be getting a refund either. Considering the way I was handled as a patron and a taxpayer. I dread to contemplate the treatment of those who are forced to spend their time off in a facility that keeps company and does business with a company that is derelict in providing a service in which they themselves are in business to do. Which is without an iota of doubt, service that they wouldn't tolerate. Yet, this same business expect their paying consumer to kneal to. To make matters worse, they're charged a at least a third of their invested taxable net pay from their place of employ. Where they're undoubtedly hehe to a strict code is ethics and are trained, to perform this ritualistic, at times even mundane, repetitive, and most importantly necessary to insure repeat, satisfied, patrons, who will assuredly convey the message, of how professional and courteous a and leave us not forget a service that they each and every one of those satisfied friends and family members will gladly do. From there hearts of appreciation versus those that getting paid to lie and pump up businesses eerily identical to your trap house. And the American people are inquisitive as to why foreign countries are getting our hard earned money. Because most of them earn it as did we. What happened to the quality customer service and that slogan which once read and I quote. "KEEP AMERICAN MONEY IN AMERICA."???!!! Taxpayers like myself are sick of being pimed by the government, who do their number two on the low man on the totem pole. Then callusly give us to unfeeling, careless, "Middleman '. That are all too happy to force us to wear our other brown pants. Funny Not Funny. I am American citizen as well as a veteran. And I for about sixty million. Not just one am feed up to my third eye with allowing Americans to treat fellow Americans like rungs in a proverbial ladder simply to the next business to get recognition via Fortune 500, or the COVETED J.D POWER Award of the year for practicing proctologist treatment without a license. Only in the good ole U.S OF A. AS the sorely missed, never late, anyways great, Tina I only want to retain my my stage name. Put some stank on it this time Ike. As of late you been hitting like a girl. I can only give it to your review like I get it. RAW, UNCUT, UNFILTERED, NO CHASER. I WON'T APOLOGIZE IF YOU, DEAR READER, WE NOT EQUIPPED WITH THE ABILITY TO EAT THIS RAW, HOOVES STILL ATTACHED MEAL. LET ALONE DIGEST IT. WRITTEN FOR YOU. REMEMBER, YOU ASKED FOR IT .


Someone used my Cashapp wirhout authorization for funding there account

They didn't resolve the issue. No help at all. It's like "Oh,Well" it's your problem. But,they taken an unauthorized payment from my Cash App, by someone else who wasn't me.


Can’t talk to my bf there’s money on acct but don’t work

They suck so bad they had me load money anyway and it still is not working been a week and cant speak to him


Pleasantly surprised at the quick fix!

Inmate had repeatedly called and was unable to connect. I called the Home wave number and a person actually answered. She was extremely polite and personable and knowledgeable. He answered all the questions that I had for her then She immediately contacted the facility in question. The problem was solved within minutes and I was able to speak to my inmate when he called soon after. I had read a lot of bad reviews and was extremely surprised and impressed with the service today. Hopefully it will continue to work after this.


Couldn’t access my account

Thanks to your customer service person she was able to help me reset my username and password. She also helped me add money to the account.


Can't get in to message inmate

The young lady I spoke to was very helpful. She reset my user name and a new password. She helped me to navigate to other areas in the app.


Having trouble signing into account again

I was approved and then the app kicked me off and now will not let me back on. I am 75 years old and this *** me off l want to talk to my granddaughter


Thieves and privacy

Homewav I had a fraudulent charge on Dec 24th. Shazam called me, we shut down card on 27th. They actually reimbursed my bank thinking it's resolved Nope They took money I had on my daughter's home wav acct 65 dollars they also reinvestigated they old fraud charge again. Shutting down my acct and I guess trying to get this as some kind of write off, what thieves they are. Do not trust this company. Cash is best option


Speak with a representative

Somehow infer logged off and never by me. I am always online for my Loved one until Today and now can not recall my password. My emails from u arent being received. Please call 559 676 ****


Issues with logging on

You ignore me I do not know why you have stopped my use No explain Nothing Just cant use Why do you ignore me Let me use this service as you agreed to do This is not right Cute how u require 100 symbols


Cause I would like to get mins. On a inmates phone

I have tried to add money to inmates phone for 3 days and have called and they just keep telling me how easy it is and I did just what they told me to do... They should have stayed on phone with me and walked me threw it ... I have tried prolly 100 times or more and still haven't been able to get it done ...She is suppose to be moved tomorrow and now I don't know what's going on cause haven't talked to her ...This is really making things much harder to deal with cause there has been no communication for a few days now ...Thank u

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