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Home Warranty of America has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 120 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 20th position out of 499 companies.


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Poor communication ti customer in reference to additional charges approveal

I was charged for additional parts that wasnt covered under warranty with out approval, just to find out later the additional parts wasnt used and I was still charged, and having difficulty clearing up charge. I was scheduled for work to be completed the next day with the additional parts, however my ice maker was fixed with an assembly the first day appose to needing to ordered parts for day 2.


Scam "Home Warranty"

I purchased a farm with Home Warranty of America policy in January of 2023. I have attempted 2 different claims with them over the past month, and neither of them have been successful. My air conditioning has been out for a month now, and also have a claim on electrical issues in my home. The technicians that they claim to send never show up. The technicians either don't answer their phones at all or make another appointment further out that they don't show up for. Upon calling the warranty company about this all I have received are generic responses, non-answers and terse customer service reps that tell me it is my job to call the technician again. This company is a SCAM. I have contacted them on over 6 occasions and have given them every opportunity to make this right. They will drag you along with the claims until you pay for repairs yourself, and then they called me to say that they do not reimburse if you have repairs done yourself. I am out of options with the 100-degree forecast coming and no A/C, so I am having the repairs done myself out of pocket for the health of my family. This company is a gaggle of thieves. Scam Scam Scam!


Mind Numbingly Slow and Unreliable Service

Called in early April to get my sump pump system repaired. The first two technicians they sent out were no shows (2 different companies) and the third came out and determined that because part of the system's damages were due to an uncovered event that the whole system was ineligible for coverage. Scheduled a conference with their case manager and was immediately hung up on the first time and I was not even called the second time. After finally getting through to someone, they just flat out rejected my appeal based on nothing other than their original determination. Dozens of hours wasted waiting on techs and arguing with people over the phone just to be $75 poorer and worn out from the ordeal. People like this are the reason God doesn't talk to us anymore.


Reimbursement issue

I had an issue with my sewer line that cause a back-up with my toilets. Contacted roto-rooter who repaired it. Had contacted HWA but was told it could take up to 48hrs for a contractor to fix the problem. Initially was told I couldn't get reimbursed the $1400 because I didn't use a contractor through HWA. Called at a later date to cancel my warranty and was told that I could be reimbursed up to $3000, and the rep that helped me previously wasn't aware that I could be reimbursed. Told to upload my invoices and a check in the amount of $1400 minus fees charged by the contractor will be mailed out before my next payment was drafted. After my payment was drafted, I received an email stating I was approved for $300 reimbursement. Called to find out why and explained that I was told I would be reimbursed the $1400 minus fees charged, and the supervisor stated I was misinformed. They could have reimbursed if I had contacted them the day the work was done and had the contractor contact them. This company is horrible, and the technician they call are the worst. During the 2nd call I was informed that they are now Choice warranty but they're still conducting themselves like con artists.



I have and my attorney have sent several documents to you all and no one has reached out to us. I need for someone from the legal team to call me back ASAP please. You all have hired fraudulent people to install AC units and I was suppose to get a new unit and didn't (refurbished unit was installed). I never received any type of warranty info and they said they were going to replace it and they never did. They ignored my calls and texts afterwards.


Warrenty fullfillment

My HWA wartenty has proven to be a huge ripoff. My claim was disallowed when you could not locate a plumber in your network and i was twice told to find my own. When i did i tried to submit the required estimate but your company did not reply in time for plumber to wait. He had to complete the repairs (had to disassemble to get estimate). I paid him as required but then the $716 was disallowed! The case manager i was assigned refuses to respond and your Indian call center repeatedly hangs up on me. This is my 2nd year w HWA but it will be the last!


*** Service

Cant even fix a small AC problem. They work with some of the worst technicians/companies who are dumb as *** And all they say sorry because its free to use the word!!


Reimbursement payment

I paid my deductible for the diagnosis. The technician, sent to my house, he got an authorization after about 45 days to move forward in getting the HVAC changed out, with the understanding that I would be reimbursed for the cost. I Have been calling the company, each time I am told someone will contact me. I called on about 5 occasions, no resolution as yet.


Need repair of ceiling combo fan/light in our kitchen. I called and never got a call back.

It was so time-consuming to contact this company and so frustrating! I opted for a call back which never happened! Finally I received a connection that said a repairman will contact me for an apptmt. time and I was to pay $100. However, the call NEVER CAME! I just gave up and paid for the job done by a Handyman out-of-pocket! > >A previous minor repair a few months ago was done on our furnace. I paid the required $75 and I was told to contact a repairman myself and to submit the receipt. I did, however, the receipt I was given was a duplicate and when I submitted it, was told to send a clearer one. I requested the company to send me a clearer one but never received a response! I did print out a form sent to me but again it requires the repairmans receipt. So I just gave up pursuing. In the meantime, I was out for the $75 I paid your company! This should be REIMBURSED! > I have been with your company for over 5 yrs! My previous calls to request repairs were easy then. Your current communication has changed to a difficult way. >


Stay away!

Updated by user Jul 15, 2022
To sum up, HWA told me that I will get refund with 15-30 days and now it is almost 2 month. It is very clear that HWA just want to cancel the policy and keep my money.May 26HWA told me they will do refund.June3HWA sent an email saying my policy is cancelled. the refund...

Updated by user May 31, 2022
HWA said they will refund me, on following codition:1. I need resolve all the negative comments2.

I can not do anything might have negtive impact on HWA either written or vebal3.

end our original contractI am ok with 1 and 3. For 2, the original words is very strict....

Updated by user May 01, 2022
I send new msg to HWA but no reply yet. Contractor said he will send us a estimation but nothing yet.

Original review Apr 30, 2022
Long words short, stay away with this company! They will never approve your claim. If you need simple fix, it will cost you $75+ each time; if you actually need do major fix or replacement, they will reject your claim without even offer a document or breakdown. Here is my experience: - Our property is under Diamond Plan and in our contract and their website, that the air-conditionor is covered for a max cover of $5000. - April 12: I found the primary pipe of air-conditionor might has a blockage. Claim is submitted. - April 13: The HWA send a contractor to look and cost me $77.5. - April 14-19: HWA send a message says there is uncovered cost $4000+. I text back and also made phone call multiple time, but never get any detail and they said I should contact contractor. - April 14-19: I contact contractor and contractor's company multiple times for the breakdown. Contractor told me usually warrenty company can cover most of the cost. He said he can not offer the breakdown and HWA should offer me the break down. - April 22: I have a phone call with a manager from HWA to discuss the issue. He bascially repeat same sentence again and again. I wasted another hour but still I do not get any information about where the $4000 come from. - TBC: still try to contact with them and maybe a lawsuit. To sum up, WHA can not any evidence that why they reject a claim. All I fee they simply want to waste my time.


Sent incompitent repairmen to fix two appliances who did nothing but take a $100 service fee then left.

I have a contract with HWA and it was nearing the end of life. I had a gas stove top and wall oven that didn't work correctly. They sent out two techs who couldn't find the serial # of the oven so they couldn't do anything with it. My son found the serial# 2 days after they left. Meanwhile I contacted HWA about the claim to see if they were coming back to fix the problems. He said since the tech couldn't find the serial#b the model# or serial


Claim #54612

In regards to claim number 54612. I originally called in the claim due to the master bathroom toilet leaking and a few other small plumbing issues in the home. After the plumber claimed to fix the master toilet issue water appeared on the floor a couple days later. They came back out to look at the toilet again and now are telling me it's a separate issue, apparently now it's a stoppage issue. It is the plumbers job to access the issue at the original time he was called. I was not having stoppage issues because the toilet was flushing every time. I just saw water on the floor a couple times so I assumed the toilet was leaking. Now today the plumber himself said he did not do a flush test when he was originally here on Thursday Sept. 15th and that is not my fault. And since I am not a plumber I do not know to test it for stoppage issues. That is his job. All I was aware of was that there would periodically be water on the floor that seemed to be coming from the toilet. If there was a problem with the toilet flushing that would have been added to my original claim. Now the contracted company is telling me that this is a different issue than what I originally called in for. That is false as I was not experiencing any stoppage issues only water on the floor. This really sounds to me like a plumber that originally did not do a correct diagnosis and is now saying it's something different to cover their butt. Not my fault he did not find the issue on the first time out. Let me also mention that I am a Real Estate agent in Houston, TX and deal with Home Warranty companies all the time. You know we suggest to our buyers which companies to go with. If I don't hear from someone within 24 hours how this situation is going to be remedied then I will cancel my home warranty and file a complaint with the BBB, submit a review to yelp, Google, of course not suggest HWA to my clients and post on all my and my husband's social media pages where we have many followers.


Paid for service, service not rendered.

This is our first claim and are now 5 days into it. We are getting the run around about getting a company out here and we know for a fact that there is a local company available that works with HWA. They have said that they have called this company but they haven't because we have called ourselves to confirm. We do not appreciate being lied to or taken advantage of. We will be writing a formal complaint as well as contacting the bbb. This isn't the best way to keep a customer. Getting the technician to the indviduals home is 50 percent of your job.


4 months and still nothing is fixed

I have tried to get something fixed now for 4 months. They have denied the claim and then accepted it. they then said they need a second opinion and after a month they still haven't found a contractor to give a second opinion. I asked to speak to a manager three months ago and still no one will return my call.


Poor Service

I put in a claim on 6/4 for my washer, the tech cane out the next day and determined it needed to be replaced as of 6/29 I still do not have a washer nor an update from the company on when I will receive one. No one Ive talked so far has been able to give me an update. Not only is this frustrating but a hygienic issue as now I have to go to a public laundromat during a pandemic or purchase a new washer out of pocket that Im paying a warranty company to replace. I wouldnt recommend this warranty company to anyone. Horrible Horrible if I could give zero stars I would.


Dissatisfaction with Service

I writing to express my frustration with my current situation and in particular with my home warranty provider, Home Warranty of America (HWA). I am an architect who is currently working predominantly at our company offices and my wife is an assistant store director for grocer and has been working 10hrs a day 5 days a week or more throughout the entire global health crisis. On April 26, 2020 our hot water heater stopped working properly and we contacted our home warranty company the next day. A claim was started, the service provider assigned and the heater was inspected Monday April 27. The contractor came to the conclusion that the damage to the unit would require replacement of the heater. The contractor submitted his findings to HWA who reviewed the claim and contacted me on Tuesday April 28th to approved the additional charges not covered by the warranty. I approved these charges and was told that they would order the heater and that when the heater was available I would be contacted by the contractor to install the heater. After hearing nothing from anyone on the status of the heater I contacted HWA on Friday May 1, 2020 to inquire as to the status of the heater installation. At this time I was told that claim had been passed the the purchasing department and that they did not work Saturdays or Sundays and that no update could be given until Monday morning at the earliest. Starting on May 4th 2020 I have made daily calls to inquire as to the status of the order and have spent the vast majority of the time on hold or having my calls disconnected. When I do get through I am told that it is in purchasing and that no update is available. I have repeatedly asked to talk to managers and supervisors only to be either disconnected or told that nothing can be done until there is an update from purchasing. Every home improvement store in my area has an equivalent water heater in stock, and yet they are telling me purchasing has not been able to complete the order. I have not had hot water in 13 days. My wife has not been able to take a warm shower after long days stocking shelves and helping customers. We cannot wash our hands in hot water, we do not have hot water to clean our clothes, or to give our dog a bath. We are in a stay at home order so we cannot take the our pets to groomer. Our family is not in the area so we cannot go take a shower at our parents. My wife works in the public every day so it is not fair to ask friends to use there showers and expose them to anything my wife may have been exposed to. We have used HWA for almost 4yrs and have had acceptable, albeit sometimes delayed results with them and their service providers. As an architect and the current president of my HOA i have recommended HWA in the past, however i do not foresee and instance where i could in good conscience recommend them to anyone ever again. It is amazing how demoralizing something as simple as not being able to take a warm shower can be. You forget how relaxing and de-stressing those quiet moments enveloped warmth can be. We do not have the money to simply install a heater on our own in these times, that is why we have the warranty, why we pay the $50+ per month, so that when these things happen we will be covered. As of now we still do not know when our heater will be available nor when it will be installed. What is happening does not seem right. After all the calls, the time on hold and waiting still no one from HWA has reached out to us to explain what is going on or to give us a solution. When i mentioned that no one was contacting me i was also informed by the customer service person today that i should not expect to hear from anyone. I was given an email for the district manager, however their system blocked my email. I was given a phone extension, however there is not an option in their system to enter the extension. I have even tried the parent company only to be put on hold, disconnected or forwarded back to HWA. l will admit that i have lost my temper on at least one of the calls, and for that there is not excuse, but there is also no excuse as to why this issue still remains unresolved.

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