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Home Depot has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 3700 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 6th position out of 289 companies.


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Never received item- told to check back in 3-5 days

I purchased an air conditioning unit on the Home Depot website. They claim they could get it to me by tomorrow. It was a little more expensive but to get it tomorrow would be perfect. Unfortunately it never arrived. I called three times and I keep getting emails saying it was going to be delivered yesterday today I called and they said I would get my money back in a week or so. So Home Depot is using my $500 and not getting me my product while I'm burning up here they were not honest on their website.


Complaint of how my refund was handled

Updated by user Jul 30, 2023
This was at the Home Depot in Jasper Alabama

Original review Jul 30, 2023
Today I went to the Home Depot to return a sink that I had purchased. It was in its original packaging, never had been opened. And they refused to give me my money back. They gave me an in-store credit. I dont understand why they would not give me my cash that I purchased the sink with back, its ridiculous. They looked up the receipt by my card and they saying that I had purchased it there in March and saying that I had purchased it with money but yet they could only give me in-store credit. If you could please give me an email back and explain to me if this is right or if this is how you handle things to your cash buying customers who are trying to get a refund. I cannot use in-store credit for gas and groceries. It had never been taken out of its packaging no tape even Broken! This is really a pain.


Kitchen remodeling

Went to the Fleming Island Home Depot kitchen design to get an estimate Fl to remodel my kitchen and paid the fee, I was told someone would contact me for measurements within 48 hours. 4 or 5 days later my husband and I stopped by and told them that we had not been contacted and again we were told someone would contact us. Several days later we are given an appointment for Friday 28 at 9:00 a.m., I waited and no one showed up. Two hours and 15 minutes later, the measurement man showed up finally shoes up. After the measurements, we were told someone would contact us today but Im still waiting.. for an expensive job like this I would think Home Depot would be happy to make the money. Sorry, I think you lost a customer.


Order number H0737 23****

Mr Cooper, After discussing the issues and financial losses caused by major delays in the delivery of the order above, you mentioned that you will help us recuperate some of the damages. Last time we spoke was over a month ago and I tried reaching you many times since, without success. I left you many messages and yet I didn't get any call backs. As previously said, we buy over 500k $ worth of home depot materials in a year and we thought that we would be treated with some seriousness. The order mentioned above was a disaster. Lost products that never got delivered. The products that did get delivered were recieved in 5 different deliveries and some of the materials were received damaged!!! I personally had to call your delivery company and inquire myself on what happened since no one from home depot was able to answer. In the past 3 months I spoke with 7 diffrent homedepot customer care reps, 3 managers and yourself, spending more than 50 hours over the phone, explaining and re-explaining the same issue again amd again. The delay in delivery and the issues caused by not receiving the materials pushed our project 2 months back. We lost over 12 000$ in uncollected rents since we couldn't deliver our units on time not mentioning all the scheduel nightmares and contractor penalties that we had to deal with. This order was made in March 2023 and here we are in August and I'm still running after home depot to get some conpensation for the losses we incurred, as we were promised. I'm hoping we can come to a fair agreement as we are still regularly buying materials from Homedepot and spending a considerable amount every month at your store and other locations. I'm hoping that this email will get things done as I can't express to you all the frustrations and deception we are experiencing with Homedepot. Sincerely, Joseph Constantin


Resolved: Termites in the furniture

Updated by user Jul 24, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. My update; I heard back from Home Depot.

They completely made up from my bad experience. I heard from Katelin Seaholm and she was empathetic, professional, understanding and looking to make it right. She refunded everything 100% but only on a gift card since it was over a year but that works and most importantly she scheduled a service to connect with us to return the rest of the furniture.

I’m impressed with the way she handled everything. And I’m thankful.

Original review Jul 24, 2023
I ordered a bedroom set from Home Depot last year, January. The delivery was a nightmare they left no nuts and bolts to assemble. We also paid for the professional assembly. He's the one that told us Home Depot did not provide the nuts and bolts. Customer Service said they couldn't help because they're in India. Ended up refunding the headboard part of the order. We had to pay someone to figure out what the nuts and bolts were and put it together. Now a year later after seeing sawdust constantly under the nightstand. I have never even seen a termite or know what to look for or I would have known that is what the constant sawdust and small holes were from. Never figured this, but it turns out their is termites in the nightstand. Not sure about the rest of the furniture. Called Home Depot. I am done with this crap. I speak to Katrina Turner. She apparently doesn't believe me. Feels I deserve nothing. Not even help returning all the furniture. And to top it off hangs up on me. So I'm stuck with a bedroom set with termites in the nightstand. Taking it to the dump today. No resolution and she is sitting on her butt thinking she did the right thing. We are always at Home Depot. We purchase their all the time. This is disheartening to think that she could have made a customer happy by just having some empathy but her nastiness couldn't. Maybe she's a miserable person by nature. And all she focused on was that it was purchased in January last year and if it had termites it would be everywhere. So basically saying I'm lying about my termite infested furniture that I saved for that could have done damage in my new home. No concern on her end. This is disgusting that a company this large doesn't care. And that they have such a horrible nasty woman working for them. I wrote the CEO but of course he probably won't see it. But I will take this further. Media here I come.


Totally unreliable!

My 15 yo portable air con unit died and I ordered a replacement from Home Depot on July 10th. The delivery date was between July 13th and 17th. I got confirmation of my order and confirmation of shipping, listing delivery by the 17th. Yesterday I got an email saying it was still on its way but running lateno info on a new date. Not even a tracking number, making it look like it was never shipped. The item showed as in stock, both when I ordered it and today when I checked. I called today and was told that it was never shipped.despite being in stock! This item, in fact, NO portable units were available in store so I couldnt just go pick one up. The rep was very nice and spent a good 45 min tracking the issue down but could only offer a refundwhich will take 3 to 5 days to be refunded to my gift card. I was told to order it again.and delivery would take 7 more daysso far its 10 in total to reorder. No expedited shipping, not even as a courtesy for their muck up. Just kinda oh welltough luck. I am a senior and have an autoimmune disease and this heat and humidity makes it much, much worse. Home Depot is the WORST!! NEVER ordering something like this from them again! And when I first tried to call, they offered a text option instead as it would be quickerso I tried that. Got the text, typed my order number and asked for a status update. After taking the time to give them all the infoI get a response I can assist with all your questionsbut first, are you chatting about an order youve already placed!!! AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! Needless to say, I ordered my new air con from AMAZON. 60$ cheaper, bigger BTU and will be here on the 12st!! Put up a video on Utube, https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FyZgAokaB8ik&data=05%7C01%7C%7C3ba2b5bc48c64d2d79a308db8716****%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C638252****0227****%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000%7C%7C%7C&sdata=XjKdLmPDHMXTTObSr7aCwPCio%2FNp3PKK4gIpg4Ueziw%3D&reserved=0


Do not let home depot deliver appliances to your home

Bought a refrigerator from Home Depot in Fuquay Varina, NC. The third party delivery service. K&E LLC Trucking in Smithfield, NC delivered the appliance. Delivery service damaged property. K&E disputed the claim and the claim was denied. Now, Home Depot has no responsibility for damage for their delivery through a third party bought from their store and K&E LLC trucking is not responsible. I beg you...Get your appliance delivered from a reputable company. Home Depot or K&E LLC will never come to my property again. I will check with any further purchases to see who will be making the actual delivery.


Holding my money hostage

HD has refused to return my money on a product which is delayed at least a week, and will charge me a restock fee if I "return it" when it does finally arrive. So I'm going to be at least a week late on my project because they won't give me a refund to be able to move on to other work I could be doing.


Double charged

On July 2nd I ordered a push lawnmower to be delivered the same day. I would check the status of the delivery around 11:00am it said delivered, another time it said returned I called the number on the order form the gentleman put me on hold to find out what the problem was. He asked me what my address was I told him, okay my fault I had put a wrong number in my address, he told me that since it was same day delivery they would probably have them in the store so instead of ordering on line I ran up to HomeDepot less than a mile from me of course they did not have them in the store. While still sitting in my truck in HomeDepot parking lot I went ahead on line reordered the lawnmower being that it was only around 1:00pm I would get the lawnmower the same day delivery time is from 6:00am-8:00pm. Checking the status throughout the rest of the day order is out for delivery ( we are still on July2nd) next thing I know its 8:00pm store is closed. Then Im told my order is in review but couldnt tell me why I seen a different number so I called it I spoke with a wonderful lady that explained HomeDepot is reviewing it in case of fraud okay I understand that but was assured the lawnmower would be here the following day, which was not. July 4th around 12:00am I called again the lady couldnt call the store because its closed ( I knew this, just wanted some answers) couldnt tell me anything. July 5th I called spoke to a man who tells me that I needed to order from the store near me umm I replied I did order from the store near me!! Now im pissed, then a girl gets on the phone says my store was out of the lawnmowers I needed to contact West Little Rock store, EXCUSE ME! Then im told North Little Rock Store!! EXCUSE ME!! You people have taken the money out of my account, you have the money but I have no lawnmower, youre telling me I have to hunt it down?? A friend told me about this site I submitted my complaint, 7:00 pm July 5th I got email saying the lawnmower would be delivered July 6th and it was. The problem is HomeDepot charged me TWICE!! I was charged 278.00 on the 7-5-2023 and again 7-6-2023. I called them on July 5-2023 asked about being double charged oh no only charged one time. I called the bank being that it was still in process I had to wait till today, First thing this morning I check my account sure enough a second charge. I called my bank to double check if I had been charged twice she confirmed I WAS DOUBLE CHARGED!! Bank of America has made a claim on my behalf for HomeDepot to refund the second charge. I WILL NEVER ORDER ON LINE NOR WILL I SHOP AT HOMEDEPOT AGAIN!! NEVER!!


Yet to receive my order

On July 2nd I went on line and ordered a Briggs and Stratton push lawnmower Which was to be delivered the same day, I check the the tracking which said package received, yet it also said package returned. I called to find out which the man was very nice come to find out it was my fault due to I put a wrong number in my address. Okay my mistake. I was told that since it was a same day delivery the store more than likely had them in stock so instead of reordering I ran up to the the store which they did not have any in the store. While in the parking lot of HomeDepot I placed a new order for the lawnmower ( they canceled the first order, which I did not receive a phone call) After ordering the second time it said my order. Would be delivered between 6:00am-8:00pm at this time its only 1:00pm Tuesday July 4th, later I check to see where the driver was said driver was on Markham I stay off of Baseline. Now its 8:00 pm the store is closed what rhe *** I called the number on my order form to see what was up I was told it was being processed. What? Said that I was being reviewed, what do you mean reviewed for what? They didnt know it was all they could Tell me. I seen a different number so I called it and spoke with a wonderful lady who help me to understand why it was being reviewed okay I understand. July 4th I called to check on what was going on. My order was in delivery here I went again on the phone at 1:00am asking about the lawnmower now im told that its on the truck ( still at Markham) I assured the lawnmower would be delivered Today. Here I go again on the damn phone asking about the damn lawnmower, now I am being told to HomeDepot not even a mile from my home didnt have any so the store in west Little Rock is who I need to call!! I said excuse me!! I did order from my store and youre telling me I need to call here and there to find out? I am buying the product now youre telling me I have to search to find out what damn store is sending?? Then this lady is asking me if I know what door dash is? HomeDepot has something like that and the product wouldnt fit in the car. Excuse me? Said my lawnmower would be delivered tomorrow the 6th. I asked what time dont know the time between 6:00am and 8:00pm. I will Give it till Tomorrow if its not here tomorrow Im Canceling the order get my money back. Should I get the order I believe they waver the delivery fee. This is ridiculous I wont order on line with Home Depot again. Very disappointed


Sent wrong color dryer

To whom it may concern, I sure hope I get a response! I bought my washer &dryer the first week in May and when it was delivered they had sent me 2 washers!! Had to send 1 back. So here I was without a dryer again another 2 weeks for I had to go back to the store and reorder the


Superior customer service

06/22/2023 Im writing to give a Truly Deserved complement! On 06/20 my daughter Kathryn and I were walking in the Holiday Florida Home Depot. We were greeted by Rainbow Reeves. We explained our dilemma and Rainbow listened intently! Rainbow then gave us a solution that was music to our ears! She also walked us to the location in the store and offered to follow through until we were completely satisfied! Id like to give the Highest Recommendation for Superior Service and ask that Rainbow is recognized! Thank You David Platt


Home Depot Employee

I was at the Return desk this afternoon , at Home Depot in Westhampton Burlington New Jersey. While my daughter was communicating with the staff at the desk, a male employee came and sat in the chair next to us, on our left. I looked his side and I saw his right hand was in his pants. I am a RN, with years of experience and his demeanor cought my attention. He was staring directly at me, so I stared at him intentionally and saw his hand moving in his pants. He continued until my daughter finished the transaction. I said to my daughter " look at that man masturbating." We walked away, and he got up and walked in the opposite direction. I pointed him out to my daughter again and she realized what occurred. It was so surreal that I saw it and was not able to respond in my normal forthright way. I got angry then and was going back to confront but my daughter stopped me. Please check your camera to review this incident. I would like to believe that It was something else. The more I thought about it, the more I felt violated . I really was to shock to say anything to anyone but my day. The stamp on the refund receipt is dated 6/17/23 02:54 pm. The clock is off because it should be 2:54 pm and my daughter and I were the only customers at the desk. You can also me in the store trying to look for him and trying to find him to confront him.



Updated by user Jul 07, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with discount on future orders. I don't know that one thing had anything to do with the other but later I ordered a 1 Gal shrub and the were out so I received a 3 Gal for the same price as the 1 Gal.

Original review Jun 07, 2023
Over the last 3 years, I have spent thousands of dollars at this store redoing my apartment and landscaping. I do not drive and ALWAYS pay for express delivery. My second last delivery was overlooked, after waiting 6 hours for a "3 hour or less" delivery I called the store only to be told they had no idea how my order could possibly have been overlooked but I would have to wait until the following day for my order BUT would be refunded my $12.97 express delivery fee. My order DID show up the following day but a week later, I have not been reimbursed. My last order took 4 1/2 hours to get here (once again was suppose to be 3 hours or less) Today I called the store to inquire about where my $12.97 refund was and was told I would have to go through Door Dash, the delivery company they use. The man who said my delivery fee would be refunded did NOT mention having to chase down Door Dash. I was also told today that my last delivery being 1 1/2 hours OVER the 3 hours or less was the fault of the "pickers" in the store. If my orders aren't "picked" Door Dash can't deliver them. MY QUESTION: WHY am I paying $12.97 if Home Depot cannot guarantee my order will be here in 3 hours or less. Is this not FALSE ADVERTISING? This is not the first or even the second time this has happened to me. I am paying for a service I DO NOT RECEIVE, that is false advertising in my book.


Terrible website

99% of time website is nonfunctional. Search is so slow you can go to another company and it just sits there. You want business, pay attention. First thing people do today is search the website for products. I used to drive past Lowes for Home Depot but not any more. I can find what I want in a reasonable time from their website. Home Depot has no clue how bad their website is. And they pay for a web design that functions this bad. If this is so badly ignored, what else do they ignore with something important like personal information or credit card data....their loss!

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