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Holley has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 83 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 62th position out of 513 companies.


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1801 Russellville Rd, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101, United States

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I purchaced an atomic msd throttle body adapter. I believe I was charged twice on my last order. I show two different charges.


Did not get all the parts advertised..

Did not get all the parts that was advertised. Watch out what you order from them.don't order from them...


Charging fees for answering a question?

No one ever answered on customer service line 25 minutes I waited . Im not sure what you have going on but just answer trying to charge us 39.00 for asking you a question.


Called over a dozen of holleys numbers for weeks and sent e-mails =nothing

paid for my parts been months ,tried to call nothing... won't even pick up the phone . so I tried email still not a word got my money but no parts


Need a part for bbd fuel injection system

Ordered a part...No issues...waiting for delivery!! Service was great, friendly tech support. Good experience!


Very bad customer service and warranty

I purchased a new Holley 850XP carb and took my engine to be run on the DYNO . The carb went way lean 17 to one . Dyno operator said something wrong with it . Called Holley Tech and explained the situation the Holley tech said carb was defective . I requested a new one be sent as the engine is due to be installed . They asked for my receipt and I sent it in . The carb was purchased as the engine was being built and was over the warranty period but was new in the box . I was told its over the warranty period but to send it in and they gave me an address . I called several times trying to explain that I spent $1500.00 on a new defective partand each time I called I was on hold for up to 45 mins. They gave me an address that was not complete which is causing a delay in delivery . They refuse to send a new carb to me . They say they will speak to supervisors and call back , this did not happen . Freight to them cost me an additional $110.00 . No turn around time is given possibly months no idea . Tech guy says he thinks he remembers not sure ? Absolutely the very worst customer service I have ever experienced .


Holleys poor marketing !

Shocked ! Again and again, poor marketing! Who is calling the advertisement shots here- Im thinking Nobody! Cause if someone were awake at the Literal wheel they would add real promotions on other than returned or just poor quality unsold products!


Not able to communicate with customer service

I returned a part and was trying to get an update on its return and all I get is music for hours of waiting on the phone truly unacceptable we have done business several times but nothing like this


Defective carburetor

I purchased a Holley 600 directly from Holley. I installed the carb in a new crate engine. It backfired and sputtered terribly. I assumed my timing was wrong and I double checked it. The timing was correct. I swapped carburetors using one a friend let me borrow, it ran flawlessly. I sent the carb back to Holley a month ago for repair or replacement. I called after one week, then two weeks, then three weeks, and now four weeks. Each time I was on hold a minimum of 30 minutes. Each time Ive been told, it should be ready soon. Ive been without my vehicle for a month. Customer service at Holley is nonexistent. There is no sense of urgency.


Checking on the return of a part

Not being able to speak with someone I have been trying for a couple of months and all I get is music


Did not receive item we ordered

Nope. And still not able to communicate. With anyone. So stop please it's a waste of time. I'm going to find it somewhere else


No costumer service

Good luck taking to someone there about issues with orderd part . And now here telling me to write 100 words. Look for parts somewhere else.



An o ring was left off and my truck was set on fire I just purchased the sniper stealth system and an o-ring was left out of the rear fuel inlet on the throttle body had a back fire and set my truck on fire could I please speak with someone about this issue


Horrible service

I had a Holley terminator that was defective very quickly after installing. I sent it in for warranty and they said they would have it for roughly 2 weeks and send it back out. After a little over a month of waiting I called to see what was going on and they said that my item had just been shipped and would arrive in 6-8 days. After another 2 weeks of waiting I called once again and they told me that my order had never been shipped. So now what shouldve been a month process tops is now a two month process. I am very disappointed and will not be using Holley ever again nor will I be referring Them to anyone.


Bad service

I have perched a 2300 series EFI complete system from Holley . customer support is nonexistent I was able to talk to a ( tec) once and he WAS RUDE AS *** and not much help.


Poor communication

Ordered a brake conversion kit for my truck the first week of November...nowhere during the ordering process was there a comment that this kit was on backorder. Waited for a delivery date and finally called, told me the item will not ship until the end of Dec. Called back end of December and was told that it is still backordered and wont ship until the end of January. Called today and was told it is backordered until mid march...cancelled the order. absolutely no communication from Holley or Brothers truck as to when my $800 kit will be shipped. Never again buying from Holley.

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