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2.2/5 - based on 252 reviews

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Highster Mobile has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 252 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 29th position out of 1129 companies.


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1660 Route 112, Suite F, Port Jefferson Station, New York, 11766, United States

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Highster Mobile Reviews


Terms and Conditions of Product not met.

I bought into service and the terms is to cancel within 14 days and money back guaranteed. Never happened.


Error: device registration token is null

i having the same issues nothing shows on my dash board i tried reaching out to customer service but no feedback on the issue


Refund was not issued back into my account

Resident yall would refund me my money back that it would be 3-5 business days an that was two weeks ago still no refund an now I cant get a reply to my email


Wasent given the test flight redeem code

I wasent given the redeem code for test flight and the phone number has been disconnected I have limited amount of access to my daughters phone, the phone number goes to a disconnected number


Ripped Off

Purchased this app, and immediately I got a proof of purchase but no link, I contacted support service and eventually the following day I received a link via email. That email stated that you need the target phone, which wasn't mentioned on the website. By then the target phone was no longer in my possession, so the link became of no use to me. I've contacted them for a refund, which I clearly qualify for, but I'm being sent an email with the link and no mention of refund do not purchase!!!!


Customer complaints

To date I have made over a dozen attempts to see about getting refund, all I received was automated E-MAIL so suspect I am out of 70.00 dollars


I can't seem to buy this app ...tried diff cards and still won't work

Tried talking to someone and they only send you to a website and did that and it keeps circling this is redic


Billed 3 times for ! order will not issue my refund.

I ordered this software after seeing their advertisement and was billed 3 times the amount, I immediately cancelled and asked for a refund and all I have been getting is promises like wait 6 days and your refund will show up ,wait 3 days and you will get your money ,the server is broken and it has reached the point that I have filed a case with the Attorney General to put them out of business ;This is a scam ripping off people and I am going to make sure they are out of business.I have contacted my local TV station that investigates these scams



Yes I have not received my refund. In February I signed up for a service of $2.99 I was charged $69.99 & $2.99 I would like a full refund and cancelation of service plz.


Spy app

I've emailed them several times about the gps not working the photos not working most of the apps promised for 129.00 are not working.They advised I turn it off and on again.check to be sure it's properly rooted.I did all that.Still nothing I told them it's registering that I am a I phone user.The phones are androids.Ive BEEN ASKING FOR HELP SINCE I PURCHASED IT.They don't care now they have the money.which is bad customer service bc I'm sure it's a simple solution to fix this problem


Help with account

How *** you people are. I need my *** refund. They wont respond either after I tell them Im starting a bank dispute. Its a scam.


Refund was not issued

All very misleading is that what is that you are paying for I got it off at and then when I get to email the saying all this extended warranty services the services self I'm just not please being charged $129 I cannot afford this please give me back my money never use the app I would not recommend it I would not recommend it


Custome service

Said number was not in service. Have questions about service before purchasing it. Will numbers I'm tracking be aware of it? How long does service last? Any limits on how muchI can use service? I have a Samsung cell phone and a iPad, can I use on both with same fee? Will one affect the others connection?'


Unable to download App

I got automated generic message telling to try what already has not worked. I will not be trying to reach you or a live person if the general information at the website resolved my problem.


Unable to install and use

There doesn't seem to be anyway to speak to someone on phone for technical support. Only by messaging can you contact them and replies are answered in 24 hrs?! Plus or minus a day or 2, very frustrating

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