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Hercules Tires has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 109 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 50th position out of 513 companies.


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1995 Tiffin Ave., Ste 205, Findlay, Ohio, 45840, United States

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Hercules Tires Reviews


Tires are not good

poorly made tire they look cheap and drive is not good. the car is now leaning at high speeds on freeway.


Bought Hercules 60,000 mile tire the only lasting 20,000 to 25,000. I have 20,000 miles now and there is no way they are going to make 60,000. They want so may hoops you have to jump through to gety

I bought 4 Hercules 60,000 mile tires. I have 20,000 now, there is no way they are going to last to 60,000. Business I bought them from know this, but they still want you to jump through too many hoops for me to have time for. I will not Hercules or any brand that they may make. Nor will I go back to that tire shop.


Tire Warranty

I purchased 4 Hercules tires, a 65,000 mile warranty tires. Shop checked and tested at 4 they said the warranty was to be a 2. I have only 20,000 on the tires. There is no way they will last for 65,000 miles. I called customer service at Hercules and got no help. I called the shop where I bought them (Jim Lewis tire in Jefferson City MO. No help there either.



I bought 4 new all season Hercules for a lexus es350. After less than 3 years and 20,000 miles my mechanic said they show signs of cracking and should be replaced.


Ironman tires out of round

Got new ones put on today and they are just fine now thank you for yr help and quick response to this matter ....webster was awesome


Cannot sucessfully balance the Hercules 255/170 R 16'on my 2003 Ford Sport Trac, rear drive only, purchased early 2019. CooP in Athens TN has multiple times balance, rebalanced, rotated and aligned at

In early 2019, I bought 3 sets of Hercules tires, a set for my 2000 VW Jetta TDI, a set for my 2011 Buick La Cross and the set for 2003 Ford Sport Track. It is just the 2003 Ford which continues to be unbalanceable so far, after 2 yrs. Appears CooP cannot figure it out.. I am about ready to trash these tires and designate them for the farm haywagon


Tires separate and come apart and the seller Vanoys tire won't help and Hercules ignores me .

At 5200 miles the first tire failed sidewall failure at 5800 miles the second tire failed both tires were on the back axel and was not loaded I can't even get a discount on replacement tires from Hercules or Vanoys tire they ignore me don't return calls or emails the tires that failed where both conveniently lost and neither party has any idea what happened now the story is no tires no warranty sorry . I did finally solve the problem I removed the remaining Hercules tires and had a full set of Goodyear's installed at my expense .


Junk tires

Week one tire out of round replace then another tire out of round third tire out of round never buy these tires look nice but no good


Poor quality

Three of four tires on my truck have broken belts in 24,000 miles. These tires should have been recalled. They were made in China.


Do not buy. They are Junk.

Bought 4 brand new Hercules load range E for my RV. Out of the four, one failed on each trip we made. Tires separated and had to stop on side of busy interstate to change. 3 out of four failed, the tire shop replaced each one, but I have since took all of them of and discarded. They are junk Chinese tires.


Horrible tires and worse customer service!!

Purchased 4 brand new tires and all 4 tires dry rotted after only 8 months with over 75% tread. Company only offering $400 to replace them!! I purchased 4 brand new Ironman All-Country MT 35x12.5x17 tires on 4/10/2018 for $800. After less than 8 months and more than 75% tread still left on the tires, ALL 4 tires were defective and dry rotted significantly. on 5/2819 Webster at Ironman filed a claim for me and had us bring them into Pepboys where they confirmed all 4 tires had over 75% tread left on all 4 tires when I was standing right there and Pepboys sent the tires back to Ironman for warranty at the end of July. On Sept 6th, Steve from Pep Boys left me a message that Ironman was giving me a credit of $437 for the 4 tires!! That is absurd when I paid $800 for 4 brand new tires and to replace these ame tires now is $220 a piece on top of it!! The tires had over 75% tread left on all 4 tires. $400 is an absolute INSULT for 4 defective tires that I paid $800 for only a year a ago and got only 25% tread out of!! And to replace them is going to cost me over $900!! Not to mention I had to pay $100 to dismount them and I'll have to pay another $200 to have new ones remounted and balanced again! $400 is a joke and this is NOT acceptable!! Just spent an hour on the phone to be transferred 6 times. One service rep thought the situation was funny!! Didn't realize 4 defective tires that could cause an accident was humorous! When I finally got to the manager's line, I was disconnected!! Filing a claim with the BBB and AG. I'm shocked that a customer service rep would laugh about defective tires!!


Hercules dealer

I will not say anything about the quality of Hercules or anything along those lines, but I would like to comment on tires in general. I read most of these reviews and without looking at the vehicle I can tell most of these issues are not in the tires. Most of the issues are in either the vehicle or in the person selling you the tires. As an owner of a tire shop I have learned that people are more likely to leave a review if they are unhappy as opposed to happy. When it comes to tires it doesnt matter how good the tire is but 1) is your vehicle properly maintained to support the tires installed, 2) are those tires made for the conditions and type of driving that you do. When buying tires it is always smart to check things like speed ratings, temperature grades, load ratings, etc... My guess on most of these reviews is that the shop selling the tires didnt do their research when talking to the customer to find out if the tire is suitable for what the customer does with their vehicle. I have sold Hercules tires rated at 70k miles and he is currently going 81k miles on those tires (but he makes sure everything on his vehicle is properly maintained). I have also had customers with a 75K mile Hercules tire that got 22K miles out of them (they really needed an alignment but didnt take my recommendations). Im not saying that there arent flaws and issues because I know first hand that everything from the factory is not always perfect but in my experience, at least 90% of the time the problem is not in the tires ( and that goes for any brand of tire). I would recommend giving the people selling you tires as much information as possible (if they actually care about their job) and they will hopefully give you the right tire you need. I have had a lot of people tell me "it doesnt matter, a tire is a tire". I can promise that it does matter and there is soo much more to it than just getting a tire that is the right size.


Excessive Road Noise

Roadtour 855 SPE - Had a set put on my Ford C-Max. The car was exceptionally quiet before I put on these tires. Now the cabin is filled with road noise from these tires. Dealer says nothing wrong with them, I'm going to complain direct for Hercules. Wish me luck.


Feed back would be appreciated!

I'm about to have 4 Hercules tires put on my Rava 4 am I making the right decision...


Tire replace purchased in 2017.

Cup coming from apart on the left tire .


Defective Tires

I just purchased 4 new hercules tires back in feb of this year. Every since I've had the tires on my vehicle I've had a bad vibration at high speeds. I went back several times to the tire shop that sold them to me to rebalance. The vibration continued and I was told my front end was the cause. I've replaced every part in my front end so I know I'm not crazy. Continued to drive with the vibration. Had the tires rebalanced at least 20 times since I got the tires. Went and bought two good used tires for my front. No more vibration. I feel like I've been ripped off.

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