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Helzberg Diamonds has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 224 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 19th position out of 657 companies.


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1825 Swift, North Kansas City, Missouri, 64116, United States

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Helzberg Diamonds Reviews


Mail payment

Where do i mail my payments to for comenity bank for helzberg diamond? I want to make sure I am mailing it to the right address


Pay bill

I want to pay & get disconnected Very aggravating for a consumer and you business. Sales staff was very good and your system to use this online sucks


I just wrote eveything 3 times this is ridiculous

Went to Staten Island store to buy an item salesman filled out application for credit card told him I do not want a credit card cancel the application I will pay with another credit card whic I did. He never cancelled the application now I get an email saying I will be told within two weeks wether I am accepted or not and this will effect my credit score now


*** poor customer service

Our store closed down at which leaves us with no way to get rings serviced and we get told because your rings didnt get serviced within a timeframe your lifetime warrenty is cancelled. So now my wifes rings has diamonds that have fallen out cant be replaced because yall took my service from me because I cant get to yall. Is that really how you treat your clients. We pay for your products and get a life time protection plan then you snatch it from underneath because we cant get items to you because of a closure. Yeah thats real customer service.


Gold necklace was repaired on the I spend more time bringing it back than having to enjoying it 9th on November

Necklace still broken in damage in the same spot I Measured before I brought it back not good workmanship


Lifetime Warranty

Hi my name is Michael and Lisa O'Rourke. I bought my wifes wedding and engagement ring with your company with the lifetime warranty from you Southland Michigan location. We have never had issues until covid. Now when my wife takes her ring in to get dipped she is told she no longer has the lifetime warranty. We have dealt with a man named Mark there who not only sold me the rings but is also the person who is now telling me that the company got new software and he no longer sees it listed, unsure why that is mine or my wifes problem since we paid for it. Can you please help me get this issue resolved as I taled to Mark in person in Dec 2021 and he stated he would call my wife back, she never heard anything so she called in Jan 2022 and he said he still hadn't heard from corporate. It is now time for her to have her ring dipped again and we are both dreading going in because we know we will hear the same story. Please HELP! I listed my wife Lisa [hone number since I can't get calls at work.



In June of 21 of purchased a ring from Helzberg Diamonds. I was going to pay cash they insisted i use credit and received 18 months no interest. Reluctantly i agreed. What a mistake this was! I began automatic payments of 250 a month This would ensure my ring was paid off prior to the 18months. I purchased a second ring in June of 21. In July of 2022 my balance was 313, my automatic payment of 250 came out as scheduled. I didn't realize there would have been a 63-dollar balance, if I did I certainly would have paid it. My next bill i received was for 1253! Helzberg added the interest of 29 percent from day one the entire amount of both purchases over a balance of less than 70.00! this is how they reward a good paying loyal customer who chose Helzberg diamonds over many other shops! i have called them to explain the oversight figuring of course they would take care of this. All that yielded me was a big headache and a waste of 2 hours on the phone with three different people saying they can't help me. this is an unfair business practice. if they were to charge me, they should be charging me on my second purchase not the first that would have been paid in the time frame. But look at the whole picture we are talking a matter of a few weeks and I'm told they won't do anything about it. i completely understand the technicality they are getting me on, it's very clear to me after seeing my new statement and have three people explain it over and over rather than to try and keep a good customer happy and say yes, we will work with you here. I also explained to them that i am unfortunately receiving chemo and i am having a organ transplant for cancer in the next month. No one would help all i got is this is our policy. July 22 balance 313.54 July 2022 payment 250 total balance left would have been 63.54 August 2022 statement interest added to balance 1190.37 New balance of 1253.91! I will never shop at this company again and i would strongly advise against it. Not to mention two of the stones fell out of the ring 5 months after owning it.


Maintenance on my rings

I have been a customer of yours for about 15 years or so . My husband bought many pieces from your store located in Brandon Town Center in Brandon Florida. I ALWAYS kept my recommended cleanings and inspection as per company policies. In 2018 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I was by his side and fought with him for 19 longs months also keeping up with my cleaning/ inspections . He sadly passed away December 2019 . I then was diagnosed with cancer and went through an extensive surgery and chemo following. I was unable to get my rings there on company policy time . I explained my situation to the man at the store and to no avail he would accept my rings for cleaning/ inspection because I did not provide my maintenance card . . I was very disappointed in his decision but he would not budge. I need for this decision to be overturned by corporate. This is my first step to many if needed. All I want is my rings cleaned and inspected as Ive done for 15 years . Thank you for your time in this matter. Kathy



I drove three hours to get my six rings and earrings inspected and clean only to be disappointed. The clerk said which two do you wear most we can only clean two. Well you had no issue selling me more then two items. I have guarantee on all piece which cost extra to be told we cant clean them all.


Change due date

No complaint. Had my due date changed with no problem. Thanks for helping me with this. They did an excellent job from beginning to end. I would refer others to Helzburg diamonds. Customer service is excellent.


Diamonds falling out of anniversary ring

My husband bought me an anniversary ring, in July 2019, for our 20th wedding anniversary. He bought it from the location in the Fayette Mall, in Lexington, Kentucky. As you know, that location was closed. One diamond fell out a few months back. I took it to my local jewelry in the town I live it, to have the diamond replaced. A couple of months later, which was about a week and a half ago, another diamond fell out. For safety reasons, I cannot wear my anniversary ring bc Im afraid I will lose more diamonds. Plus, I do not have a budget that allows me to constantly be replacing diamonds on a very important to me. What can you do to help me? I am still looking for my paperwork from the purchase. Once found, I would like a complete refund, for a ring I can no longer wear in fear of more diamonds falling out. Please respond to this message ASAP, so I have record you received this message. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Kristy Brinkman


False info on their website led to loss of lifetime care plan

Tried to claim my lifetime care plan was invalidated, since I hadn't kept up the 6-month inspections during covid, even though there's still an active page on their company site (https://www.helzberg.com/ceo-message as of 12/27/2021 at 11:17 am) that says those inspections are now available but not required. Wanted to charge for a casting issue that caused a ring to break after less than 2 years.


Very dissatisfied customer

I had previously shopped Helzberg for about 40 years, (Miller Hill Mall in Duluth Minnesota) and usually received good service. When Luke and David worked there, I received the best service ever, so good that when David moved to Kay's, I followed him there. I have spent a large amount of money at Helzbergs, with my last purchase of a loose diamond being about $25,000. I wanted to exchange my setting, which I paid a little over $2000 for and upgrade, and they would not allow me to do this. It was less than pocket change to them, and they would not have only kept a customer, but they would have made money. I dealt with the new girl Sherri, and will never ever be back there again. She was rude and had absolutely no customer service!! Kay's have gone above and beyond and David and Jenna have been fabulous to deal with. I continue to purchase jewelry, as I do love my diamonds and gold. It is absolutely Helzberg's loss, as to date, I have steered many of my friends to Kay's.



I paid in full received a bill for $30 1 month later paid that closed the account got another bill 3Months later for $6 interest charge on a card I canceled - this company is criminal and keeps charging me $ months after I closed the account.


Movado watch

i noticed that my expensive GOLD movado watch is tarnishing. Why is my watch tarnishing like this? This is unacceptable and embarrassing as well. The store oglethorpe mall in Savannah, Ga has closed down and the nearest store is in Augusta,which I am not driving too. I have a watch collection and my watches are very well kept so I know this tarnishing isnt a part of my doing.


False Advertising

I was refused a refund for the LifeTime Care Plan despite it saying on the bottom of the receipt and on their corporate website that you can cancel within 30 days. I purchased 4 rings at the Florida location on 2/21/21 with plans to have them serviced at my local store in Memphis.The Florida store was having a going out of business sale, all MERCHANDISE final. When I got home I learned the local store has permanently closed. The closest Helzberg to me is almost 4 hours away. I dont want to have to travel 4 hours away to get my rings serviced and I've decided to cancel the LifeTime Care Plan. I called the Corporate Office and was told by some representative that all I had to do is drive to the closet Helzberg and request a refund. So I drove 450 miles to the closest store today in Nashville, TN only to be refused a refund by the rude manager because "all merchandise sales were final" at the Florida location and they have now gone out of business. I am not asking for a refund of the rings and I realize all merchandise sales are final. I'm asking for a refund of the LifeTime Care Plans as it states I can do on the website. I'm not driving 4 hours (one way) to get these rings serviced and 4 hours back. I shouldn't have to give a reason anyway. The website says I can cancel within 30 days and that should be the end of it. I want my money back for the Care Plans only. I'm super angry that they won't honor what they advertise.

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