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Healthcare Services Group has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 114 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 2th position out of 147 companies.


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Poor housekeeping

I recently spent 2 weeks as a rehab patient at Weston Inn Temple Texas, While I was there I had t clean my own toilet twice because the housekeeper to clean it. The same dirt spots were on the hallway floors the whole 2 weeks I was there. The dining room wasn't cleaned after dinner so the floors were dirty when we went to breakfast.


The have a racist woman working for them

Her name is Carol rivenburg she works at the northeast center for rehabilitation and brain injury in the laundry department she is an ex manager


One of your cooks at the glennburnie building needs to be fired

Shes very nasty I came up there with my boyfriend and she tried to attack me she is very rude her name is Maggie


Worked 17 days in a row and NEVER sent any real help. Sent an old man to scrub the floors while myself and two others kept all the laundry and housekeeping up in the entire building for a month!

Original review Jun 12, 2023
District Manager only sent us "warm bodies" that literally creeped the residents out or wouldn't work...or both! Only sent three people in a month and the rest on the list of applicants we were given resided a county away or farther! No chance to succeed with this company! Tell you to get warm bodies to your face ! Just so long as it looks like your doing something to the owners! I have standards and self respect and will not employee someone that is truly scaring residents and is a danger to himself or other people! No local advertising and the company's reputation is so awful you stand zero to little chance of getting a decent worker! If it had been another company we would have had four employees hired the first week we were conned into management!


Just saying

The retention payment the dhcs has spoken about its a 1500 dollar amount that has been payed by the government to the employer's of health care workers for the covid pandemic for those who worked during this period 6-30-2022 thru 10-28-2022 IE- states all skilled nursing employees Laundry workers environmental service technician etc are due this payment by 2-2023 it's kinda like Hazzard pay due to us who worked through the last year. I CALLED MY D M ASKED HER ABOUT IT BUT SHE SAID THAT ONLY CERTAIN PLACES WERE GETTING IT. SHE LIED ABOUT IT OR JUST DIDN'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME OUT WITH IT. SO I GOT IN TOUCH WITH THE DHCS AND THEY TOLD ME TO CONTACT HR REGARDING THIS MATTER AND IF THEY DON'T WANT TO PAY ME TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE COMMISER OF CALIF AND WITH THE LABOR BORD CUZ ITS MONEY OWED TO ME AND TO TREAT IT LIKE MY EARNINGS . SO CHECK IT OUT. EVERYONE COULD USE 1500 RIGHT.



Didn't get my paycheck I gave the wrong account number & trying to get it back on my new account anyway I could get help with that?


Job application

I was just trying to check on my job application. Im very interested in working with the healthcare service group.


My check

Get your head out of that thing and pay me my two weeks of pto time or I can get an Attorney thanks a lot


Never received vacation pay.

I was an account manager for 5 years with Healthcare Services Group. I was injured on the job, WC denied. (WC and HR are separate companies) I still continued working until I could no longer walk. My doctor took me out of work. I wanted to use the vacation pay I had coming. They sent me 1/3 of my pay. I called in a complaint to a useless HR department. I was told by the district manager I would receive the rest of my vacation pay which after waiting 2 months never showed up. I quit this company and would advise no one to work for them.


Need my w2

I was told I was going to get a email saying I was going to get my w2 and I never got it so I have been trying to call back all day and no answer


Terrible delivery service from hospitals

This company is terrible they tell you they will deliver around a certain time and show up 3 hours later there delivery sucks


Bad Service of EPSON company

Dear Sir, We are the regular customer of EPSON printer but now we are have facing some problem with our two printer model no. LQ 2090 2ND serial no. X4SJ002332 and LQ 2190 serial no. RJNY005003 due worst service in our area also EPSON Printer parts are not available even regular use item just like cartage above both printer have had problem as per your engineers and service center confirm although the printer is in the warranty but due to our necessary need we have also ready to pay the amount of head then we have booked the had to you service center Meerut UP 20 days before but till the date no response even the service center are not picking our phone calls. It that case we have experience the poorest service of EPSON You are there for requested to kindly arrange the parts the parts of printer at the earliest cause we are preparing for some more new printer but as you providing the services in our area we are just thinking for next option.


My GP has sent referrals to them since 2018, for me to see a specialist, as I have varicose vein and inguinal hernias.

Original review Oct 07, 2021
My experience because I was in NZ , that has been written on the referral letters Guess what? I get a letter in the mail stating that the referral has been assessed as routine. I don't get to see the specialist. I was told that is the standard policy towards people born in NZ. I was even told that I will treated providing I pay them money. I have a Medicare card I am treated like I am not entitled to receive treatment.


Shocking truth!

I've read every single review on this site and EVERY single word is true! I've worked going on 4yrs in housekeeping with this company and have seen all of these complaints with myself and co-workers. These reviews date as far back as 2015. It is now 2021 and not a single thing has changed!!


No raises in 5 years

hire new people and give them 13 dollars and hour the manger is terable to worker for his name is steve winters always promises raises for monthes and never comes threw with the coprate never wants to give hard workers raises

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