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Halfords has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 86 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 61th position out of 513 companies.


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Icknield Street Drive, Washford West, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0DE, United Kingdom

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Faulty product

We bought a tent on Thursday 2/8/23 ..to go camping ..we had to come home on the sunday due to tent leaking in to sleeping area and hall way .we had a bucket to catch the rain in hall way we were meant to be on holiday until Wednesday..we had to come home early as sleeping bags were soaked ..holiday ruined and grandchildren every upset ...it wasn't a cheap tent ..it was 160 pounds..went in halfords on the sunday to be told to message customer services


Pass on comments re service at Sevenoaks garage

I am not at all unhappy with the service from Halfords and was not expecting this negative website It is very intrusive and upsetting


Poor customer service

I got a bike and it got issues within 14 days only after 5 short rides. I got a minor injury. Halfords gravesend was adamant about admitting fault. they had assembled it but claimed the cctv shows all was done right. no apology was given, actually refused to apologise. it appeared they blamed me for the fault. it was okay that they would look at it but it is not fair to disregard client's complaints.


Tyres halfords appointment at 1.30 hendon and the guy refused to see me

I had spent time to get tyres pumpeed with air at hendon and the guy sent me away! wish I took his name



No rating. Terrible service, just sent me to a mail box and said it was full rubbish rubbish rubbish


Ro67zky No diagnosis damaged and charged

Halfords Autocentre Iverson Farnham Common Beaconsfield Road Slough , SL2 3NF Customer Support Team / Resolver UK I have given my car to Hallford to check the issue with my wipers which were not working. Before handing over the keys, I did mention the staff that one of the mechanics had check and mention that it's a switch . Hence if it is a switch would you be able to change it and their answer is yes. Thereafter I haven't received any call and I started calling them . They won't answer the phone for long time. As it keeps on ringing. You can check by calling them . Well eventually I got the hold of someone and said they were about to call me. I asked then what happen and they said that switch may require replacing. I mention that get it from the dealer and reply was they have not account with the dealer. Why at the first place they have taken the car for diagnosis when I mentioned that it may require switch, they have given me the invoice and the diagnosis where it didn't say that switch needs replacement. Rather it reads needs fixing, fixing what ? Please see attached as it is not even mention on the diagnosis supplied which is attached. What diagnosis Halfords has done ? They have also damaged underneath the steering area ( plastic Cover) which makes sounds when I turn my steering as when I have given the car there was no noise. I am not claiming for the steering that but what a poor service. I need my diagnosis charges to be reserved and Halfords must pay me the other diagnosis done by mechanic who changed the switch the very next day and I paid them £ 120. I hope to receive your immediate attention to this matter and as a gesture of good will and as per the consumer right this needs to be sorted. Kind Regards Muhammad Usmani Sl12tn 0773711**** If I don't answer the call, please email me with the resolution and also give me the contact of your CEO as I have written to Resolver as well.


Cancellation sold car

Eventually got through - literally one minute and was CUT OFF from your operative. NOT HAPPY!!! My problem not resolved


Debit card update

I have been unable to get hold of customer services to update my debit card they wont update it in store they it has be done online or customer services and when you call customer services they want a number which I dont have and you dont actually get to speak to to anyone


2 visits over the weekend Sat 15th and 16th of April 2023

Having visited the store at The Fort Manchester twice in 2 days. The staff were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your help. A credit to your company. On my behalf please thank them. Regards M. J. Silva



Bought bike from braehead, safety check was "done" so thought it would have been ok. Got it home nd one brake wasnt working, complained and they told me to take it back, its an hour out the way so left it until other break went. Booked service, took it to shop to find out they actually dont have a technician in that shop for my particular brakes so the safety check was done by someone unqualified. Makes sense. Took it to another store a few miles away only to be told i have to wait 2 weeks because the technician wasnt in. Dont buy from halfrods if you value your safety, dont get cycle care if you value your time and sanity. Halfords definitely dont care about any of these things. Theyve made that clear as im still waiting on a phone call from 6 months ago. Disgusting customer service from an awful company.



Hi had my car booked in with you last July for mot it passed but had an advisory which said the underneath had some corrosion which needed rubbing down , can I get a estimate for this work ???


5minths waiting for parts to be told the man who fixes them has left and now they can’t get the parts and I have to travel 15 miles to the next store

Carrera impel scooter needed parts I ordered and after 5 months was told the only man to fix them has left nothing had been ordered and now they say they cant get the parts and I have to travel 15 miles to another store with an e scooter that has locked bearings so wont push and I dont drive this is disgusting and we should be compensated


Naff numberplates

Purchased replacement numberplates from Halfords to pickup in Catford. When they arrived they were smaller than my old numberplates and also they say Halfords on the bottom of both numberplates. This looks totally naff and was neither described in the product page online or shown in the mock-ups on line. My husband hates them and had we known at any point the numberplates would visibly read Halfords and look so so bad we would never have purchased. Have raised with Halfords that this is a total breach of our statutory rights and they are refusing to refund.


Locked into 12 month contract and appalling customer experience!

Whenever I go into these stores, they never seem to have a working tablet to find the right parts for your car. When they have on that work, it turns out its all the wrong parts for your car! The only way to find out is to purchase the wrong parts, try them, come back and return them and keep digging for the right parts. When you want to ask someone a question, the few staff that are working are always run off their feet and your stood for an hour waiting. When getting something fitted, its also the same story! Waiting for an hour and then finally when they get to you, they struggle for another hour. I decided to sign up to their membership scheme to save a few quid. I was not sure if I would get much use out of it and so I only signed up for a monthly payment scheme. When I signed up the cashier said I should use it right away! Great, saved a few quid and got free fitting. A few month on, I am annoyed by the customer experience, lack of knowledge on cars and queue times for anything so I decide I want to cancel. When I head to the website, to my surprise, I find no way to cancel. I try their only chat portal chat to an expert! And am met with a generic automated reply robot. I eventually get annoyed with this and decide to call them. I now find out I have been signed up to a 12 month contract with no way to cancel it. Im not even able to pay to get out of it! The only way to cancel would be a 30 day window in a year from now. I would have to remember that I am paying a monthly payment, call them up and argue to cancel my way out a contract I never knew I was signing up for! I have since called them several times trying to figure out a way to get out of the contract but it seems the only way, is to take them to court. I have tried to raise complaints with their customer service team but am met with generic replies and copy/paste of scripts and terms and conditions (which are hidden in their site). Utterly appalled at the whole experience and will never shop their again. Ive spoken to all my family and friends and have told them of my experience and they will be doing the same.



My car was booked in for mot / service this morning,I took my car straight from work ,( work nights) then I got a call, to say mot almost done,but we cant do service they didnt have equipment, Im absolutely fuming as they shouldve rang me first before going ahead with mot as I always get them done together.If they dont have the equipment why allow me to book it in online ??? Im fuming this is not good enough, now I have to find garage to get service done Fuming Deborah new

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