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Guthy Renker has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 549 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 20th position out of 955 companies.


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100 N Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 1600, El Segundo, California, 90245, United States

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Guthy Renker Reviews



I didn't authorize the recent order and payment. Please cancel my subscription and the order. I need a refund. Please refund me my money back. Thank you



I called in my cancellation last month on around March 17th. This was a subscription. They charged me again. I can't get a hold of them to cancel. There cancelation link is blocked.



I am Mark Andrew from Daneb Store . We're eCentric online retailers always looking for new, high-quality brands and unique products to carry for our customers. We have keen interest in your products and we would love to work with you as a retail partner to sell your product. We would love the opportunity to open up a wholesale account with you. In this regard please provide the following: 1.Price list with UPC(Universal product code) 2.MOQ (Minimum order quantity) 3.MAP (Minimum Advertised price) Please let me know if you need any further information and qualification you required from us, and I will happy to respond to you as soon as possible. thank you


Pending charge

I don't know what you are sending me but there is a pending charge on my cc. Cancel immediately. This company is very hard to deal with. Do not send me anything. I will not support any brands you carry. Cancel immediately...


BAD refund policy

I cancelled orders, but the next one came anyway and another payment deducted from my account. My Credit Union stopped payment and replaced money. I sent empty bottles along with last order back as instructed for a refund on the first payment. It got there and supposely took another five days for it to reach the refund dept. When I called about my money, I was told it would take about four weeks for the refund. Also, almost $17.00 would be deducted for their services!!!



Canceled my order but still shipped me product. They were going to send me a packing slip to send back because it is they fault. TYI


Nothing just waiting on my product

Just waiting they said I will receive it on 2 November but its past so where is it who is delivering UPS or another truck


Please cancel my subscription

Please cancel my subscription. I've called and requested my subscription three times and I'm still being charged. PLEASE DO NOT CHARGE ME AGAIN!


Fitness flyer air walker monitor.

Good afternoon, I have had a Guthy Fitness Flyer for many,many years, which I love, and use it three times a week as my exercise regime. Unfortunately, the display on the monitor has now failed. Can you tell me please where I can purchase a new monitor. Thank you in advance. Kind regards. Karolyn.


I do not have a problem with Guthy Renker. I just need a new Monitor/Counter.

I am not pissed off with Guthy Renker at all. I love my Fitness Flyer, but I need a new monitor/counter. But can't find where to buy one from. I have since ordered a similar one from China hoping it will fit. Thank you for your contact, you have great products, especially the Fitness Flyer Air Walker. I have had mine for over 25 years and it's still going strong. (Except for the monitor/ounter.). Kind regards, Karolyn Eisel.


Never buy

Bought a sample. Pay for it. I was surprised about a month later that they charged me again because they sent me something I did not even buy. Called them to cancel but they made it really hard to cancel. The even threaten me about sending my unpaid bill to the collection bureau. OMG. i will never but things like this again. I will just but online stuff from amazon. Seriously. It s way more safer.



please cancel all my orders that are on autu-pay. Would not like anymore orders. Thank you Pamela pucci


Being billed for unauthorised charges.

They keep bouncing my checking account!!!stay clear of this company. Billing me for product that I did not order. Finally resolved, they issued refund.


Charging me for product that I did not order or receive

They took money out of my bank account causing insufficient fund charge to me. I have not spoken to Guthy-renker since July.



I am being multiple billed for product I have not received. THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP, having to type in several hundred characters. AND I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. YOUR Company is bouncing my bank account for product that I have not received. This I s really *** me off!!


CC chgs

GR will place your CC on reoccurring without your knowledge, I was not aware of this, had to hv my CC Co. block them, although I did like the product, do not like being scammed.

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