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GuruAid has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 127 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 53th position out of 1129 companies.


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One thing I don't like

I Have been having my laptop seviced by Guruaid for 8 yrs now. For the most part I Like them. There is just ONE Thing That I HATE about them .. How they come at you for MONEY every time you speak to them, and when you say NO THEY DON'T STOP !!! Last year one guruaid Gave me the same BS Line.. If You don't get now it will cost you double .. he ALSO Told me that Guru aid was going out of Business as of 2027.. So I Spent the money and have them until end of 2026 .. Today when I called for cleanup I got the same run around for money. I said Hold on I Have you until; 2026 and was told you were going out of Business.. They asked me who said that as it was a LIE. ( I should have said Listen to you tapes as you tape ALL of These conversations ) We went around and around me telling them NO and it just wouldn't stop. I Will Call in 40 days for a Clean up and see how it goes.If It's like b4 I'll Hang Up and that's It , won't call again. I Have LEARNED a lot from watching them over the yrs and do it myself ! I Really Don't Need the BS Hassel !


No call

Very simple. I was to get a call at 11 a.m. British time. No show. My spare time has gone now. If someone wants to call on Friday about 11 a.m. I will accept it. I will be happy to have my laptop reviewed but please realise i do not wish to put out any money on the elderly thing. I have been trying to sever my connection with Guruaid.


Insulting service

email problem contacted 3 times about it 3 time just hung up on me i had no choice but to go to another company and signed up with£135,, problem very easy fix the right thing to do now owing to this service is to refund my full payments up to end 2025from last time i made contact with you any problems and i will start legal proceedings sydney miller ga14110**** admin@***.uk sydney millerga


Badly services received

When contacted, took forever to getting answer and what they want just to sell their products instead of solving an issue they keep pushing and pushing regardless what you told them you no need.


No service.

We got a call from someone claiming to be from Guruaid. They told my wife we had been over charged $299. dollars and to allow them into our computer to deposit the money into our bank account. My wife hung up and I called Guruaid at 1855 52* 490* * 855 487 **43. A recorded voice answers and say "Due to the holiday we are not open. Please call back later''. I have called several times over the last two days and can't reach anyone. We never had problems with Guruaid before. Paid them $399. for a three year contract. Now we can't get a hold of anyone there. It's a scam.Stay away from these people.


Donot get involved with them it’s a con

They took £200.00 pounds from me now I can not get in touch with them


Ripoff artist

One day my PC screen turned orange.An automated said your PC informed me a virus has infected my unit.There was an 888 toll free number to call to check it out.They claimed to be level 5 technicians of Microsoft,wanted $499.00 to fix my PC.I told them I cannot afford $499.00,my PC only cost $399.00.I then contacted an internet company called GuruAid.They wanted $299.00 for two years to maintain my PC.I also told them I couldn't afford this on a fixed income.They didn't care and asked for my bank account number,had my bank pay them $299.00 of which I didn't have.I only had a little over $50.00 in checking.This company told me I can put the money in my account the next day.If they knew I had the money.Every month they wanted to take remote control of my PC to tune it up.Each time we spoke they asked for a hundred dollars for another year.I kept repeating I cannot afford it.I stopped allowing this company to mess w/ my PC.A couple of days ago they called to tell me I hadn't had my PC checked and ssaid to call them at a number.I didn't call and won't be calling ever again.This is criminal what these so called tech's do to the general consumer.I've informed the Attorney General regarding these tactics,


GuruAid Ownership New York based. , IYOGI is back in business

I've had them for years. Up until 6/19/19. I was thrilled with them and their prices. Much cheaper than others. Wonderful service. That was when I found out my 24/7 service had new limited hours. I mentioned my unhappiness and the tech stated they were reorganizing (not sure of word) exactly,their services. Made me think of IYOGI, my previous contracted fixer ,who just disappeared into the woodwork. I echo no one at GuruAid answered the phone this weekend during their open hours, just gave a busy signal for the 3 hours I tried. Prior to this, wonderful service for years. Never ever do more than a 1 year contract with anyone! If this happens you are limited to what you lose.This limits your exposure. My Bitdefender just refused to connect me to their site. I had allowed them on the exceptions list. Maybe they know something I do not yet know. No wrongful credit card withdrawals so far. IYOGI is back on the prowl! I got a call from them a month back. So folks beware. I had about 6 mos. left on my contract before they closed down several years ago. Found out not from them, but from other posts. Some poor people posted they had 10 yr. contracts, obviously never going to be fulfilled. I looked up GuruAid before I signed up. They are serviced out of India, Bombay according to the techs, for what it's worth, but owned out of New York City, so the Attorney General in New York may have some information on them, and you can complain there. If they suddenly signed contracts with other 3rd party servicers and limited hours, that may explain their change in attitudes. Color them overwhelmed. Does anyone have a reasonable service with whom they are happy or have any add'l info. from the techs themselves they may have disclosed they are closing down? Please post! This is exactly how IYogi closed. Just gone, phones never answered. Wonderful service for years, until it wasn't! I finally found out from others posts they had closed.


Phone numbers fail

I have a Guruaid contract. But each number I dial gives my Iphone the message: "Call Failed" 855 487-**** 855 587-**** Have they gone out of business?


Not in business

Tried to call 10 times. Kept getting hung up on.


Out of Business

I have been calling and calling today. Each time the phone was answered, I was immediately cut off. I was sold that their service was 24/7. I called Sunday. Sat on the phone for 20 minutes. then they said this message. “Our business hours are from 2:30am EST closes at 5:00pm. Sketchy. What the heck. I think they went out of business. I have been scammed.


+Keep Them Out Of Your Computer

I called Avast last October but actually got Guruaid, who somehow issued a credit for the Avast subscription I had. I stupidly let them have access to my computer and after three hours on the phone as they deleted hundreds of files they said were malware, a sweet voice talked me into a $299 two year 24-7 service plan. The next week, Guruaid called back and told me "we have been ordered to shut down" and can no longer provide service. They told me they had issued by refund of $299, but to get it, I would have to open my computer and allow them to take over my computer, and then I needed to open my bank account so they could see that my credit card refund had been posted to my bank! I told I might be gullible, but not that stupid. He asked what gullible meant! I hung up, shut down my system, and had a Norton Expert remove all Guruaid info and Avast info from my system. I now receive at least one call a day telling me the company has shut down and to press "1" to get my refund -- one call came an hour ago, and another one as I type this post 3/15/2016 at 1:38 pm EST. I pressed "1" and got disconnected. I wish there was a way to spread the word they are not the software company they claim, and to keep people from losing money. I will chalk it up as stupidity on my part, but BEWARE!!!!!



All of a sudden $199 for this on my credit card. I called my credit card and made dispute claim. I just heard from card, they said that it was legit. transaction. This company even sent a conversation that I had with my company McFee last year. They used this to say they were ligit.. Both companies have their companies route the phone calls to India for repairs. I now fill that both companies are one. I think when you get one, down the line the other, after awhile comes on your computer and said you ordered from guruaid. I think both compaines are in COHOOTS ! When you order from one company, both of them now have your information. This just happened last month with gruaid, been with mcfee for a year or two. See anything screwy.



I called to cancel a purchase I had made last week and was told it was going to cost me $80 to cancel a $25 purchase. I felt backed into a corner and was told I wouldn't get a refund if I didn't pay the money. It took almost two hours and I'm finally free!!! DO NOT PURCHASE A PROTECTION PLAN UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU WANT IT! The cancellation fee came under the guise of technical support. Nothing but a scam.



They prey on people. And act like parasites. They will hijack your computer and take everything from you! Beware. We need to file a lawsuit.


Excellent technical support 24/7

I was prompted to write a positive review after reading a string of negative reviews that surprised me. This has not been my experience. When I called GuruAid earlier today about several problems I was having, I mentioned seeing negative reviews online. They said that someone has been pretending to represent GuraAid and that they are looking into that. Perhaps this explains some of the negative reviews. This evening they solved several problems, including re-activating the wireless connection to my printer that had failed due to a Windows upgrade. That required some creative, patient, and persistent problem-solving. Wireless printing is working again. As usual, they performed the usual temporary files clean up to restore Internet speed. In short, GuruAid provides peace of mind at an affordable rate. I bought my first computer, a laptop, just a few years ago. Available 24/7, they take all the time needed to identify and solve problems. It It's worth the time. Due to English as a technician's second language, sometimes I have to ask them to repeat what they have said, but that is a minor inconvenience for the quality of customer service I receive. Thank you, GuruAid. I would be lost without you.

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