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Guardio has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 124 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 57th position out of 1129 companies.


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7 Beit Hilel, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, 6701707, Israel

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Me cobraron sin mi autorización

Hola buenos dias quisiera que me rebolsaran mi dinero que me quitaron injustamente sin mi autorización


I don’t use Guardio services, and I can’t call them, no phone number available.

Money continues to be taking from my account. I have never used this product. I dont get any services from this company, but happy y continue to charge me. I thank it is a scam. I want his company to remove from during business and taking customers hard earned money. I am a person who dont speak bad about a business unless they are scamming me.


Refund my $9.99

I was charged for something I have not ordered , I have not used or not even ordered anything from this company.


Charged, but no service

Pd. subscription on credit card since last Oct., charged for $9.99 a month, but program does not appear to exist on my computer. Never has. I want my $ back.


Problems deleting and re-entering my account

Phyllis Aeiko (paeiko! I've been a customer for several years, but I got a new computer for Christmas and lost your page. I still paid December but could not get your help. Now I found you and tried to enter my info, but C each time I tried I got another name and e-mail. I've tried following your instruction to get back in but could not. I was able to delete the subscription but cannot reenter my account. Your instructions don't work. I'm totally lost. Can you help?


Charging without notice

My chief complaint is the company charged my credit card without notice. I try real hard to keep track of my charges, but it would seem the company charged. $9.99 each month for three months before I noticed it. They are rather tricky. It was just before the credit card statement was issued so it was easy to miss. $29.27 They should pay be back. I wasn't using their software!!


Guardio is blocking me from paying my bills

i want guardio to stop blocking my e mail stop now do not blocklng all e mail sent to me my guardio will go over my credit cards and block companys from geting paid then my bills start sending me e mails saying i have not paid out of dirrect paymets now i need my wife to use her cards to pay my bills i want no part of guardio out of my life


Does not fix Chrome Browser Search engine access

Updated by user Jul 08, 2023
Guardio finally sent response email, but asked more questions about purchase.

Original review Jul 08, 2023
I am using free trial, however, I still cannot access search engine. Yahoo is browser search engine. Please cancel. They ask for repeat information. There is no 7-day trial. They will charge you immediately . . .


Customer service does not reply.

I need to reset my account password. My account is referenced by my old email. Explained that Old email is no longer in service. Send password reset link to New email. I have requested this service several times. For at least two weeks. Still no response.


I'm being charged for a product I don't use or approved!!!

This is the second time you've charged my bank for like I said don't even use and I had to get this address from my bank!! I don't even think your real!! I'm sick and tired of companies taking advantage of elderly!! I don't want your product whatever it is, billing my bank no more!! And I'm making sure of it!!!


Cancel Cancel Cancel

I have been trying to cancel this since I saw a charge for it !!! Please help I did not order nor do I want I can't even find an account number or client ID I am reporting this to my credit card company


I want to cancel my account>

Why was my account that I singed up for on a free 30 trial charged against my debit card and is now in pending status with my bank? After I provided my card information It showed on the computer $0.00 payment was taken, But my bank shows that a debit card charge for $30 is pending.


Computer issues.

The problem is the phone number you provided is no good, and is no good to American Exoress either. We can't get intouch with you company. I need for some one to contact me i'm having problems with my computer. I can be reached at 305-978-**** I'm a client with your company. Thank you A. Cuesta


Cancel my subscription

i have been trying to cancel this subscription since before the free trial was up. I have now been charged twice. Please CANCEL. i cannot find a working phone number??? Please respond!!


Don’t use, it does not allow your phone to do anything as long as the VPN is on

Very expensive and after i paid for the one year they are still taking $$ out of my account every month not even sure how long thats been going on. Deceiving web site. Phone will not do anything as long as their VPN is enabled


Resolved: Did not want to continue with Gaurdio

Updated by user May 07, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Apr 07, 2023
I did not intend or want to continue with Guardio. My financial situation has changed and I did not realize you were going to charge me yesterday after the trial year. Please refund the $71 you charged my credit card and cancel the service. Thank you in advance.

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