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Groupon has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 17800 customers. In the Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks category, it secures the 1th position out of 198 companies.


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Nobody has helped me w countless emails

5 requests on 3 different items through email. 5 requests on chat and NOONE HELPS! I've spent thousands on your APP


*** pissed offf i got scammed

I bought 6 tickets!!! They don't expire til November 2023! However now that I'm going to Florida in a week all my tickets now say expired. What the he'll is going on? I spent money to not be able to use my tickets... I called yalls customer support number and all I get is a darn voice mail to go on website. The website sucks! Customer support options suck! Communication with yall suck! Yall don't email no one back but yet I've sent yall 6 emails. If there was a 0 star rating that's what yall would get a 1 star is to high for a company that can't even talk with their paying customers. I do not recommend this site to no one else!!! Actually if someone ask I will say yall are a scam!



Attempt to call for services , and no return calls only text and no availability, I have been only texting with an individual that extended his or her apologies due to the lack of availability ,and I will have to wait over a week . I need the services prior to my vacation


Didnt get to use theme park tickets

I bought 4 sea world tickets in san antonio. Got to park, there was an error code where tickets should have been. Tried again and same thing. 3rd time i have a blank screen. Had to buy 4 new tickets at the park which cost more. I have talked in a group chat and 2 different people in emails. They keep telling me to try again and i should be able to use them now. Well im not on vacation anymore and wont be for another year. Im in illinois and there are no sea worlds here. I should not have to go on vacation again to use these for something that was groupons fault to start with. I really shouldnt have had to buy 4 more tickets either. I have screenshots of messages and screenshots of my order and that it show "no groupons to show". Just give me my money back please.


Business that I had Groupon with said to get a refund she is no longer working and Groupon number is now not working after trying to email Groupon it won’t let me send

Groupon business contacted me one day prior to appointment and said to get a refund I have trying to email customer support but it wont let me send Tried to call but the number is no longer in service


No accesss to my 2, 000 in vouchers

I have tried over and over to get into my vouchers. I just had to pay cash even though I purchased a voucher for a service. All of my confirmation emails are sent to iluvnmissmy4@***.com I try to go into sign up entering this exact email I then enter a password, no luck. there's correct the air is below but it shows no errors!! I can go to try to sign in, I say forget password and it sends me an email to the same email address saying oh hello I'm sorry we don't have an account associated with that email address, click on sign up or sign in. it's a vicious circle.!!! I thought maybe it's because I went under a different email so I tried Richie1Sherri2@***.com. same damn thing a vicious circle I cannot get to any of my almost $2,000 worth a vouchers and I'm very very upset. I thought I actually purchased it all of these vouchers under a guest account but you're supposed to be able to sign in and sign up from the email and it's not letting me. I thought I had an account under the Richie1Sherri2 Gmail then I tried it again and all of a sudden I could reset the password I went into it there are no listings under my Groupons there's nothing. I would like to be able to use my services please somebody please get a hold of me as soon as possible whether it be by email or phone. You're just a few of my order numbers other than the one stated below1000-14****-945138, 1000-14****-544807, 1000-14****-544807,1000-14****-544807,1000-14****-519155, 1000-14****-468053


I Can trusts Groupon any more they haven’t answered my question yet

I have a appointment for carpet cleaning at 10 am on July 13 the company didnt show up no phone call nothing I call Groupon no answer I dont know how o where to call to have my money Back


Assistance with purchase

I ordered ordered2 tents my first total wardereds 106 some kind away it was process twice the other order was for 128 both was pending so when I tried to cancel the 128 my card was charge for both and the second order is higher than the first order an now I'm trying to get the 128 back and I still want the one for 106 which is 2 tents.


I have numerous charges on card that are not mine

Updated by user Aug 09, 2023
Groupon has not responded to my investigation commenced by my financial institution

Original review Jul 10, 2023
I know as a matter of fact that I did not not could make 3separate purchases on Saturday April 18 all at 12:18 pm in the extreme amounts of $112.34, $167.45 and $11.64. Simultaneously! I do not conduct any business on saturday ! It is the Sabbath!and there are many recent charges that I requested a refund for and I continually get an auto respond email stating Groupon will contact me within24 hours. That was in April!! And there are unexplained duplicate charges recently with no resolution . Groupon blames the merchandiser. I made purchases from Groupon!! Groupon is obviously not a credible and legal operation.. if so why has no one called me yet? I dont have a proof of purchase the alleged item or an explanation of unknown charges or fees or both. The statement reads general services. There is nothing in my history of such purchases either.. this has happened over34 times now!! Deceitful business practices!!run!


4 items damaged and faulty...Groupon never reply to customers

The Groupon Customer service just dont exist...because 4 days now and 4 emails and pics of the faulty products and not a reply...there a disgrace...take our money and no after care...once this is closing my account ive had for many many years and I will make sure knowone buys from the lying scoundrels...that's what they are...false advertising products as expensive when there cheap and nasty crap that falls apart when taking them out of the delivery parcel and when try to put and nasty plastic that splits and falls apart when trying to put parts together...I will make sure everyone I know dont deal with Groupon...there a disgrace


Concerned about the recent purchase

I purchased 9 sets of garden l.e.d. solar lights being advertised on Groupon at RRP £19.99... I dont believe this for 1 minute...they fall apart as the plastic they are made of is so brittle every part cracks or snaps as you assemble them...out of 9 sets 5 arrived un damaged the other 4 sets all the boxes were crushed and opened in the parcel and parts missing...trying to get through to Groupon to speak to someone is a nightmare...DONT BUY FROM GROUPON FOLKS...ITS ALL CHEAP NASTY PRODUCTS...there a disgrace of a going to the trading standards in the morning...they haven't heard the last of me


I have expired groupons not being honored

Just called the number provided by this site and both times it didn't ring and I was hung up on. I will never order from Groupon ever again they are thieves if a customer doesn't end up using the Groupon they purchased for whatever reason they think its good practice to not refund people but just let it expire. That's the most fraudulent act I've ever seen in a company they are pirates taking people hard earn money with no merchandise, services, or items in your possession to show for. That's robbery right before your eyes! Don't shop at Groupon they expire yet won't refund you back just keep your money basically is what they're doing.


Bed bugs in hotel

This motel is disgusting and dirty and has bed bugs I left and would appreciate my money back the city code enforcement needs to be called.


Resolved: Name change on reservation

Updated by user Jun 14, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review May 15, 2023
I live chatted 4 different people and each time they told me they escalated the situation and not to worry someone will get right back to me and fix the problem. I told them I needed it fixed asap as we were already on the way to the hotel and it needs to be done before we got there. I spent the whole 2 hour ride calling and texting just for the situation never to be resolved and I still have yet to get the email I've been waiting for.


Cheated & Wrong commitment

Original review Apr 04, 2023
Hello Team, I am a merchant of Groupon today is my 2nd day my registered mobile no. 97264xxxxx and the verification code is 690669 On my first day which is 3rd April I have given a task for 6 orders for that I have to recharge with 1000 rupees to complete my orders which I did and got a commission of 400 rupees after completing my order from 6 order 1order was charged rest where free of 1 kg salt. So today on 4th April 2023 I have pinged on the telegram app to @rivaan29 for todays task so he asked to choose options from those the following "Deposit 1500 and earn 400 up to . Deposit 10000 earn 3000" so I have chosen 1st option which is Deposit 1500 and earn 400 but I don't what they have assigned to me from my total 9 orders out that I have being recharged for 6 orders almost 46948/- and there were some order which were free for me but it didn't update the system and shows 1 unfinished task and 2 more to go. So, I have complained to @rivaan29 the order which are completed as a free. That order comes again to me which is duplicate order and now its being asking to add more amount of rupees 32006. So, they have cancelled the order confirming by me to cancel it. So, I have informed that I have already done my order with no. of 11 which is showing on my portal as a completed. The current system status is as below; Completed orders - 7 Order 2 My frozen amount is 99858.81, Account balance 0.43 Commission today (Rs.) 26868 commission rupees (Rs.) 27243.90. I have requested them to complete my order, but they are denying to completing it and they are forcing me to add 10000 more to complete your task which is 2. without that your today task will be cancelled and no money will refund. I have depoisted the money on the below UPI ID maruti6090@***y 932723****@***e marutitexpile11@***y maruti2788@***y I.lavania@***m 934723****@***l So please help to check and revert. I have already lost so much money on it. Please it's my humble request. Thanks Ashwin Chaturvedi

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