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Granite Transformations has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 136 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 16th position out of 499 companies.


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Poor workmanship.

had 2 counter tops installed the one for the stove top was not level and the one for the under counter sink was cut wrong,the wanted to try and pull it away from wall 3/8 of an inch when is is out over a half inch and fill it with caulking witch is bull crap,who the *** want to keep caulking this year after year this is the reason i hand new counter tops put in,the owner (JAKE ) didn't have the balls to come out and look and the *** job their company did..



Original review Aug 31, 2021
I had a countertop installed in my kitchen in 2017. By mid 2020, there were areas of disintegration. I called and emailed the East Orlando sales team. They wanted photos, but you couldn't see the actual damage. You had to feel it. Whatever the top coat is - either polymer or something similar, it just seems to be deteriorating and the areas are getting larger. When I first reached out to Granite Transformations, the one area was the size of a nickle. It's not the size of a large grapefruit. I finally got someone to come out and I have no idea what he told the Trend-Group which is the parent company . I have emailed and spoken to the sales team and they have no answers. The warranty company within Trend Group won't even replay to any emails or phone calls. I paid way too much money to allow for this to happen without getting resolution. It's so unfortunate because I had this countertop at a previous home and had no issues.


Did not support their warranty

Our counter top cracked. Refused to fix. Said it wasn't covered by warranty. Well what is if a crack is not covered?


Job never finished

They promise the moon & stars yet deliver what falls into a toilet.soon will be going on a year & job is still not finished. They did what was easy zxa& now w as nt more money for stuff covered in contract. Please finish the job you've been paid to do. Stop lying & defrauding the public. I could have friends & staff write reviews about me all d a's y long, but I'm better than that.



Salesperson showed up with no mask. Beyond disrespectful during a pandemic Will shop elsewhere


Bad service

we had 2 bathrooms refinished by granite transformations 2 years ago and were very pleased. now in 1 bathroom the accent strip material is crumbling and falling apart. we have contacted them several times, sent pictures and have done whats been asked of us . Its been months and we still have no resolution or even a response back. This is obviously a materials problem so I dont understand the issue , Do THey stand behind the product they sold and installed ??


Unethical Business Practices

We had dealt with the Granite Transformations Ottawa , Ontario Franchise a number of years ago and were pleased with their product so hired them for cabinet refacing of our kitchen cabinets. Their price was higher than other proposals but we trusted them to do the best job. They asked for 20% deposit , which I thought a bit high , and then asked for another 30% when the employee showed up to measure. When we heard no more from them and they did not respond to our calls we discovered they had closed up and later declared bankruptcy leaving us and hundreds of other customers in the Ottawa area out of pocket for inflated deposits for work they had no intention to carry out. Just before declaring bankruptcy they even set up a booth at a popular Home Show in Ottawa ( which they never paid for) and brazenly took deposits from customers knowing they had no intention of completing any work! The owner of the Franchise declared bankruptcy leaving employees , suppliers and even the Canadian Government unpaid! The Head Office in Florida offered to complete the project and honour our deposit , but then kept all the customers waiting for. over 18 MONTHS before 'Management' decided not to proceed. Clearly poor planning , unethical practices and unreliable promises permeate to the highest levels in this company. Do not deal with this company as there is no customer commitment , poor management , lack of monitoring over their Franchises. There are much better and reliable contractors out there to do this work for you.


They didn't follow through on their on their promise to finish the job and come back they didn't make good on any repairs that were needed it was a horrible experience no one has ever called back I I

They hurried the job they wanted paid right as they said the job was finished that they will be back to take care of issues that I pointed out. I never saw them again they don't answer their phone I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!


Absolutely do not recommend

We loved Trend Transformations commitment to sustainability and made the decision to use this company rather than dispose of old countertops and install new ones. We were thrilled with the service and product for 15 months, and we even convinced our friends to use them. Then, at 16 months post-installation, a two inch crack appeared in our countertops. I spent four months calling and emailing Trend Transformations (our local outfit is no longer in business so I had to contact the national office) to learn about how to use our warranty. No one ever answered the phone and my messages were not returned. When I finally got a return call, I was told to email someone who would help me. I emailed weekly -occasionally getting a hollow promise that someone would respond within two days which never happened- and was astonished at the poor service. Nearly five months after starting the process, I was simply told that cracks are not covered by the warranty. I wrote a long letter with details and was told the same thing. I asked how the company can claim durability when the product cracks within 16 months of installation. I attempted to appeal to someone higher in the company but was told that my claim has been closed. I am so disappointed in this company.


Great Looking Counter Top BUT if you have any problem after the installion good luck trying to get your problem resolved.

For close to 3 weeks and 4 phone calls to Granite Transformations Charlotte, NC to resolve a problem with my re-installed sink having a leak. I was told all 4 times that someone would call me about the problem. I have never received one call yet and even when I call them the same person remembers my calls and will notify management of my problem and have the someone call me. So all their verbiage about warranty on your installation sounds great but what happens if you have a problem never exist.


Kept money and could not deliver product.

Couldnt deliver on dates promised. Wete told they would cancel order and refund money. Still waiting. Know disputing charges.


They will not be doing our second Bathroom

Treated us like our concerns didn't matter. Drilled 3 holes for the facets, we only needed one. The man in charge, Martin, said they could patch the extra wholes. Dented the drain cover, rip the flooring and few other things. At lot of money not to be happy.


Very poor workmanship ripped off stay away

Paid $3400.00 for a backsplash & fireplace retiled, Fireplace was acceptable ,backsplash was put on hurredly with wrong grout & chipped up tiles with jagged edges. Sales person came to our home took pictures of poor workmanship called owner who agreed it needed to be replaced. They said we could change tiles so we chose glass tiles & on the day they were to be installed Kelly called us to tell us they would not be coming because they couldn't get them to cut without chipping or breaking. We have asked them to come install the glass tiles we paid for which included installation in the amount of $1395.00 or refund our money. The new owner Kiwi Tunawan according to Kelly said he doesn't feel they could do it properly but he also refused to refund us Trend Group their parent company did nothing to help us either. Stay away from Granite Transformation in Farmington Hills MI


Never again will I go with anyone associated with Granite Transformations

This review is for the Granite Transformations out of Salt Lake City, Utah. First off I can say Steve was nice enough to the point of getting the sale. Juan his subcontractor was really good to work with. Alex their office person is exceptionally rude and gives poor communication. Our contract stated the job would be finished by 08/02/2019 but it was not even started until 08/02/2019!!!! They finished on 08/14/2019. This could have been no big deal if their office staff had the organization and guts to call and inform us the need to adjust the timeframe. I had to call/text Steve (the owner) repeatedly to get any sort of update and usually that took days to respond. For the amount of money that was paid to this company you are still required to purchase your own light and plumbing fixtures and also we have to paint! This was not really the remodel that should have been done but what do you do when you have such a large non-refundable deposit? Look elsewhere for someone to do your remodel. Even though this is a franchised group obviously the franchise doesn't care how the individual owners operate.


Do NOT use this business!!

Honestly, this is the worst product and customer service (by the owners) that I have ever experienced. I had my countertops installed October of 2018. Since then, I have had them replaced once due to different colors coming up to the surface of their quartz. Now, we need yet another replacement for the same problem. Christine (one of the owners) actually called 30 minutes before the second installation time to cancel. She said one of the crews called in sick and that instead of sending another crew, she was going to send those crews to different areas and that she would have to reschedule me and that it was her call and she was the owner. She also can't tell me when I am being rescheduled for. Every time we need our countertops replaced, one of us has to take off of work to be here. We also have to take out our kitchen sink. Seriously, it's just been a horrible experience with them since the start. They even started out putting me on the wrong payment plan which took 2 weeks to fix. I'm giving them 1 star because at least their intallation crews are friendly, professional and they are good at their job. Other than that, it's a poor quality product and Christine doesn't seem to be very good in customer service or care.


Resolved: Should have known better

Updated by user Aug 05, 2019
See the entry made on this date 8/5/19

Updated by user Aug 05, 2019
As of 8/5/19 Greg, the owner, was here this afternoon and repaired the indentations in our counter top. The discoloration was discussed, and helped to some extent. Something was either missed or lacking during the processing of this top, but nearly impossible to do...

Updated by user Aug 04, 2019
As of 8/2/2019 the owner of the company has an appointment set up to visit our home on Monday 8/5/2019. One section of our counter top has pits in the granite and one of the pitted areas is faded out with a distinct color difference compared to the rest of the counter...

Original review Jul 05, 2019
On 10/31/2012 my wife and I stopped in at Granite Transformations on Pendleton Pike Indianapolis. We were interested in their displays and the cost per square foot, to which we were told that they would have to come to our home and give the estimate. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST CLUE, AND RED FLAG. Cathy came out that evening and gave us an estimate. She measured the width and the length, figured the square footage and multiplied it by a mysterious price that we still have no idea what the cost per square foot is. To make a very long story short, we bought and gave Cathy a check for $4,750.00. We asked very pointed questions regarding the installers to which Cathy stated they were very professional, and we fell for it. We were given a date when the templates would be made and a date when the installation would be done. Within a week or so two young men came out and did the templates, but upon leaving wanted the remainder of the contract price, to which I said NO. I will pay the rest when the job is done. If I remember correctly we were given 12/10/2012 for the install. However we were called early and asked, if they could do the install earlier than the 12/10/2012 date. I am guessing they wanted the rest of their money. We agreed to the new earlier date. When the two young men came out to do the install the one had his shorts down to his crack, acted like he had an attitude and a hangover. We were left with a huge mess of sawdust and a very dirty kitchen to clean up. When we cleaned the counter tops up we noticed a defect in one area of the tops. This blemish was an indentation and discolored. We contacted GT and received an email from them asking some questions to which we supplied the answers they requested. No more contact. Fast forward to winter of 2019 and the grout is now cracking at the seams and corners. My wife called GT in Indianapolis. She was given a phone number for Michael Doyley. My wife called Mike and discussed our issues. Mike asked for photos, which we sent to him. Mike made arrangements to have a man come out and redo the cracked grout, replacing it with caulking. This individual did excellent work, for which we are very grateful. This man took photos of the area where the intentions are located. Mike informed us that the owner would be here this coming summer and would be contacting us to come and look at the defects. In may 2019 my wife called Mike and left a message, but received no response. On 6/3/2019 I contacted Mike via email asking when his boss would be out to look at our counter tops. I was instructed that my email had been sent to his boss, the owner. The first of July I emailed Mike asking when the owner would be looking at our counter top? As of the date of this posting I have not received a response. In reading reviews it appears that it is common practice to refer issues to the owner who does not even live here. His residence is in Michigan where all the crafting is done. He also does not follow through as his workers imply. We have a little over two years left on our ten year warranty. I will not wait until our warranty is up before turning this over to an attorney should this defect not be taken care of. If it were not for the mess left by the installers, we would have seen this before they left our home that day. I take part of the blame for this dragging on for eight years because we have not tried to actually have it taken care of until now, except for the first contact with GT in Indianapolis a couple of weeks after installation. They never followed through and I dropped it. There is actually two spots on the top about eight to ten inches apart that have roughly a 1/32nd indentation. One is shown in the attached photo.

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