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GotEngines has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 115 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 46th position out of 513 companies.


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NEVER will i tell any one to do business with them

they sent me three motor's none were any good, tried e -mailing them several times , NO REPLY , tried calling they would transfer me to another line it would ring three times and then drop the line , asked for a refund , no answer , this has been going on starting 11/2020


Fraud and dishonesty

I purchase a engine from GOTENGINES in December to fit a BMW for More than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) with a promise to have a working engine and five years and or 50,000 miles warranty Once the money cleared my Visa card the problem began I called the infrequently answered phone number daily and was given a different excuse daily. Weeks later an incorrect poorly maintained engine arrive at my shop I began another round of calling and was referred to the manager whose name was given as Scott This is the nastiest and most despicable human I have ever encountered He lies and yells as though you are seeking and hand out from him The staff seem scared of him and forward all calls to his unanswered voicemail that will ask to leave an invoice number and message that is never answered I am currently seeking a full refund of my money and will be contacting the Attorney General for recourse DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS ORGANIZATION DO NOT BE ANOTHER VICTIM!


I bought a engine for $2525 the engine in bad and they hold my money and hiding from my phone call

when i call i got answering machine said leave a message i did many message time no one get back tome i bought the engine 11/25/2020 it cost $1400 to put the engine in the car


Cancellation charge

Orderd Engine and canceld order next day! Was charged 25% , which amounted to 335$ ! Never knew a business could do that. Stay away from them!


Sent a engine replacement that was also junk

Under their warranty received an engine replacement, nothing but problems with this second engine and you can only use their warranty once which isn't worth much paid $1100 they reimburse me $733 as that their going rate. I decided not to deal with this company anymore as they sell nothing but junk and bought a new engine from a reputable company. I recommend NO ONE to buy these engines for this company their are in for a big let down and is under criminal investigation with the state DOJ. Don't believe me call Wisconsin DOJ. they will NEVER refund your money back. Keep in mind that their so-called warranty can only be used once no matter how many replacement engines they send, plus all engines comes from junk yards and if they where tested as they claim you would not have any problems, so that claim is a joke.


Sent damage engine

Engine came extremely rushed Damage timing chain Millage was 20,000 more than was ordered. Cracked integrity parts that were tried to be stripped out recklessly. They did not honor their warranty or customer service. Received no call or email back until bank got involved.


Not happy

Ordered engine from Transaction went well. When I received engine, it was missing important components such as u-pipe and air filter box. The oil pan was also damaged. When I contacted company on issues, was given no help and had to find parts on my own. Parts were near impossible to find Which made it impossible to do in their time frame of 10 days. As soon as we gathered all parts, we installed engine. After install and check of proper fluid levels, verification of oil pressure, vehicle was started and test driven. Made it approximately one mile when ticking/ knocking noise began and a rod popped through side of oil pan (that I had to buy separate due to damage on one supplied). It was either #7 or #8. Not only out $3,680.00 on engine but out $120.00 oil pan, $62.00 fuel filter and $78.00 in oil. Not to mention $800.00 in labor. Contacted company to try and get engine replacement. They refused because of time it took to do job, even though explained why. After second attempt of contact they stopped all communication.


Did not receive refund

This company is simply out there to rip off customers any way they can. Purchase from ebay, not from this company. One you place your order from this people and a minute later you change your mind because you found out they have only 1.5 star as review, and call them to cancel, they will charge you 25% of your purchase price as restocking cost. they did that to me and cost me $912.00. Their customer service is horrible, There is this guy works in refund department, he hangs up on calls who inquire about refund. DO NOT do business with this people! Purchase from Ebay or LKQ to name a few, they stand by with their sales.


Received Junk

DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! I purchased a 4.7 for my 2008 Ram which was supposed to be compression tested and 67000 miles. That's not what I received. The lower half was completely rusted.After paying to have it put in, it's got as rod knock. I finally got a warranty claim started, and received a replacement with a rusted out oil pan. I had it installed 1/23/01. This thing is noisy and smokes like a chimney. I was told there was nothing that could be done as I had already received a replacement. I'm out $2600 for an engine and another $2500 for 2 motor swaps and I'm no better than when I started. Hope this helps someone.


The Company will not Warrant the parts after they said they would

Bought a engine was junk after one week of use ,said they would replace it and stand the labor to install when sent them the bill they refused to pay the bill


Wrong engine

Wanted me to pay for everything due to their fault and took a loss of $2300.00 never shop with them, they are a rip off company


Poor warranty promise

I recently purchased a diesel engine for my vw turns out there was discrepancies first it was a complete engine minus the turbo which was ok with as I already had a new one and it wouldnt have a starter again I already had a new one , When it arrived i did not have a fue pumpl which i was told it did have second it had a cracked oil pan well i got another one when I called to complain about the oil pan I was told that it was not part of their warranty I am currently talking to the credit card company but pretty figure that unless the engine is a bust itself this will be 1900 dollars down the drain .



I bought a motor for a 2009 Dodge Ram 4 wheel drive truck I paid for the motor and when I received the motor to the shipping company it was for a 2010 Dodge Dakota the motor didn't fit had to do a few modifications to make it work and I've contacted the warranty company for damaged Parts on the motor when received no reply no comment I have called multiple times send multiple emails and now I'm really just fed up and done with it now I'm contacting my lawyer so I would advise anybody was reading this not to buy a motor from these people because once I get your money they're done and gone and they really don't give a crap if it works or it don't


How do they get away with it?!

I wish I'd done more research as the price/warranty was way too good to be true. The engine was for my 2011 Mazda CX-9 with supposedly 56k miles. I drove it less than 1500 miles and it blew a head gasket on a major highway. I called about the warranty multiple times a day and Scott, warranty manager, ignored calls/vm. The dealership called and he ignored calls/vm. It seems like there are only 3-4 different people who take calls and sales is the only nice department. I finally called through the sales dept and was routed to Scott in real life. He YELLED at me saying it wasn't his fault that I don't remember that he said the second engine is on the dock. He literally screamed over me talking and belittled me - but trying to report him got me routed to a dead end extension every single time. I didn't even give him a delivery address and trying to update it got me routed to the dead end extension. Tracking it gets me routed to the dead end extension. I haven't had my car for over a month and my anxiety level is through the roof. Are there some class action lawsuits or something that I can do?! My father helped pay for it, and we are seeing if he can dispute charges through his bank.


This dishonest company took my money, wasted my time

I paid this company $3600 to send me an engine which they said they did have in stock. As it turns out, they NEVER had it to begin with. After it was not delivered in 14 business days as advertised, I called to find out they did not have one. I requested the order to be cancelled and my deposit to be refunded. They did send me a refund less $872. According to the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin and other online sites, this company has a history of doing this. I believe a class action suit should be filed upon this shady business and they should be brought up on charges.

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