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Google Workspace has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 152 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 42th position out of 1129 companies.


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Google Workspace Reviews


Bill of order

I need to be making money from services I can offer Google. I want Google to pay me for some services I can offer. I want money from their account to be transferred into my account. Lets do business. Help me get this done and I will offer my services they can pay me for thanks.


No communication

Hi, Ive been trying to contact the customer service to for a long time now I send emails they dont replay me or call me. I just need help with some miss spelling I dont know who to contact to try and fix the situation. The only phone number available is the ad department if anyone sees this, please guide me to the correct department. Its just for mis spelling of company name


Payment mistaken for email business workspace

Hai admin, I really excited about g email business workapace and I do doing follow the 14 day trial test. But then I confuse how to figure out. And its not working Then I got notif from Credit Card Center there I doing twice payment for same email. I shocked and I still looking to figure out how to cancel it. Then I remove all my setting and account. So google would you refund my payment of email business name : hrd@***.com. it not been actived yet and the email doesnt work.


My email was wasn't working and I lost past emails 8/10/203 How can I recover them.

My credit card on file expired and google stopped my emails and I lost them Can I recover those lost days?


I'm suspended why?

My account is suspended. Why did you suspend it? This is my business email and I need it running. I pay you a monthly fee. Please advise


Over complicated set up, no customer support, billing starts right away via nagging emails

Original review Jul 31, 2023
Everything Google is over complicated, wordy and sends users in circles trying to avoid human customer support. We go to an "Add Admin" page which made no sense as we were already logged onto Google so we stopped. All of a sudden emails "Your trial has started begins" then check your billing info, which we did not agree to when we started. It's all a waste of time now figuring out how to contact someone to ensure we are NOT billed or part of anything Google Support@***.com does not work, emails are returned with errors


Can't access my email / or Google Suite

Can't access google email or suite. Horrible customer experience. Do better. This should be unacceptable for any company.


Cancel domain name

I'm having a hard time finding the right way to cancel a domain name that I've never used. I don't know how to get access to it to cancel.


Pissed off workspace billing after services were canceled

No commonsense, no calls to v reply and no response from emails and billing that's fraudulently taking money after services ceases


Refund request

Hello I have got charged mistakenly 9.60$ g suite As known as I closed my store and deleted that workspace account few days ago I would like to ask for a refund Noted: I did send the following message 2 days ago but I did not receive any consideration! Thank you


Problem with Emil address

Customer service is terrible. Nonexistent. It would be nice to speak to an actual person or even message chat.


There is no phone support for Google Workspace

On 5.6.23 I forgot my admin password. Today is 5.11.23 and I have no access to my email. So far the company (Google) has had me add DNS entries so they could verify I owned the domain. They sent me a questionnaire to verify I owned the domain. And that's it. I received a call from their support at 7 am from New York, and they left a message. The accent was so thick I could not understand it, but she also left no return phone number. When I called the number she called from, It said it was the Google Workspace and to go to the support website for help. Since I can't access my email, I can verify codes to get into my web host. Oh, did I mention I pay for this *** 18 email addresses. Now half are not getting emails due to their DNS request. No email response for 3 days now. I am moving to Office 365, or just letting my site handle the emails. I am so frustrated and pissed.


Resolved: Google Space Setup

Updated by user May 14, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Apr 14, 2023
It is a nightmare getting a business email address setup & going through the verification process. Ive been at this over a month & my support tickets keep getting closed without proper support.


Google workspace allowed this company to make fraudulent activity and charges that they will not refund or assist you in getting a refund. They received my Bitcoin I never received my payment.

I have been receiving various emails from Google workspace. In the form of Bitcoin bonus. Me being the dummy that I am believe that if it was coming from Google workspace then it had to be legit. I was receiving so many of them and notifications that it would expire and what I needed to do I followed the instructions I paid $67 for my Bitcoin to be released that was what the emails were saying that my phone was downloading this Bitcoin automatically. I legitimately transferred $67 to this website in Bitcoin. And guess what? It's not legit website I've reported to Google I will ask for my money back to no avail they keep blocking me for making comments or just calling them out on the fact that they are ripping people off and that's true essentially what's happening. In Google workspace and Google's allowing it to happen you think as customers of Google they will do something to protect us but they're letting all this stuff come to your email over and over. And even after I've reported it nothing's happened just like with my phone. Google workspace says that it is concerned with our privacy and security. If they are I can't tell. I would like my $67 back I would like Google to assist me in getting it back I sent it from cash app I used their workspace Bitcoin address and even in asking over and over for a refund all they do is block me from emailing them or block me on the website. It kind of feels like Google workspace is behind the actual crime when you take someone's money and for service and you continue to email them over and over and it's coming from Google workspace and I don't see how this can happen. I trusted it because it was Google workspace. How stupid can I be? I'm going on pitch consumer

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