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Google Pay has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1200 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 12th position out of 165 companies.


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I paid twice for storage $1.99 and $24.99 and have not received any storage

I have paid for storage on my chromebook using Google pay twice in two days the first package of $1.99 and today the third package of $24.99 and i have not received any storage from Google im still out of storage i have not received anything for my money Please contact me thank you


I can't load my gift card but I think it is being looked into thank you

It took me several days to finally get some real help. But I think maybe I should have an answer soon , I just tried to add my Google Play card for the I don't know how many times it still doesn't work, I have the receipt and Auth slip but it still won't load I just want to buy chips so I can play my game. I have played Popslots for almost 10 yrs.. That is how long I have bought chips with no problems I am 67 years old. Playing my games is one of my pleasures I had open heart surgery and it was the one I could do and have a little fun when I was in the hospital for days and days. Sorry to be such a pain Sincerely,Susan Bright


Resolved: Amount theft

Updated by user Jul 24, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jul 24, 2023
My Account amount theft amount refunded please My Account amount theft amount refunded please My Account amount theft amount refunded please



Proceeding paymant please help refund payment please emargency Hallo sir my help please urgently need


Resolved: Recharge pending

Updated by user Jul 22, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jul 22, 2023
I recharged to my friend sim card but the amount of recharge was failed. I can send the proof. Could you help me sir. I want to get your help right now and it's very very serious please try to help me at right time when you are free please come to my line . I did recharge from Google pay so please try to help me


Suspension of account

My message is to the The specialist you cannot get in contact with. I have experienced unfair treatment by every agent that The specialist report to I have submitted documentation through chats with agents because I was not able to upload documents where they told me I could the agents were really nice friendly and helpful after communicating with the agents and then them reporting to the specialist everything went downhill my friend had sent me $70 of his money to help me get food for my son the next day my account was suspended. I had accidentally put my boyfriends card on my account thinking it was mines I had stated this several times to agents and in emails. after submitting my documentation, I was then told that my account would be closed permanently. Also that I would not be receiving a refund from the money that I had gotten sent to me by my friend later that day I had gotten two emails from two agents one stating to fill out a form for a refund the other email said you will not be receiving a refund so the whole interaction was very confusing All I wanted was my money out of the account and they can close it other than that they just made it more and more and more and more difficult for me to get the funds out of my account not only are they stealing from me, but theyre also neglecting the fact that I sent the correct documentation with no acknowledgment and no regards of the customer. I am furious. I have been dealing with this issue for the last 5 to 6 days anything that I need done or has to do with my Google Wallet or Google Pay account takes 24 to 48 hours thats just more time that I do not have my funds all Im asking is for a refund and an apology. Thank you.


Suspended account

My Gpay account won't let me send my money back to my bank account and I will like it to go back to my bank!


Google play balance beif declined

I purchased $40 worth of Google Play cards. I was able to add them to my account, but when I tried to make purchases they are getting declined. Google has been no help other than they will reach out within 24 to 48 hours. Absolute terrible way to do business!!


Wrong transaction

Wrong transaction Last two transactions wrong 1. Is of Rs.2000 at 13 July,2023 --4.44 pm to Manish, number -- 925681**** 2. Is of Rs.3000 at 13 July,2023-- 5.15 pm to asha , number -- 925600**** Both of these wrong transaction my side So please sir refund my account And cancel my transaction I called both of numbers but the number are switched off , one side call only And not answering my calls Sir/ madam please please please refund my amount and cancel the transaction


Google ripoff

I loaded 35 dollars onto my play account and they banned my account effectively locking the money I loaded into the account. I provided everything they asked, proof of purchases etc fighting with customer service for over 2 months just for them to tell me "oh your account is banned. Nothing we can do". And noone can tell me why my account was banned or compensate the money they are effectively stealing from me


Dispute balance on Google pay. Negative ba

There is a balance on my Google pay from 2016. I'm a party to Google Antitrust lawsuit. I have not nor did I know I had a $100 balance for 8 years. The settlement was to be paid out to me last week. The day I was to receive my settlement I instead received an email demanding $100 for a balance on Google from 2016. I looked the statement up and all it states is add to wallet $100. No other information. I've filed four disputes. For one reason or another they keep passing me off to other areas or to do additional steps. I've called their customer service line 3x to be told to chat online instead.


Money not credited

Money not deposited in google pay shows not deposited in account please help Please help sir Because 25000 not credited


Questions about my reward

I have a reward for 20 to my paypal from money kitty and this was on the 24 of last month and it is still processing. Why havent I gotten it yet


Payment not credit

Debited money of Rs.9200 but not credited to axis Bank credit card bill payment ... unhappy not credited


Resolved: Account login nhi ho raha hai

Updated by user Jul 02, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Updated by user Jun 08, 2023
पहले तो अच्छा था लेकिन जब से फोन चोरी हुवा तब से पूरा खराब हो गया

Original review Jun 03, 2023
Lost my earlier , I have called up Google pay service centre and requested to stop the services immediately to avoid any misuse..Also told to restore my services of Google pay once I purchase my new moblie.. Now I have purchased a new mobile Realme 10 pro , So, request to you please restore my Google pay account and guide me


Remove expired cards from account

Original review Apr 28, 2023
I have never encountered more sorry, rude, inconsiderate people in my life. This is the worst, and most confusing app I have ever tried to navigate through. It's bad enough I have epilepsy, with stress seizures, then they would cause 100 times more and run a disabled person around and around. I've been trying since April the 4th to get help and I still have gotten NO where for something they did wrong, it was no fault of mine. They need to get more help for disabled people, I have 3 Brain tumors and didn't know, or couldn't understand hardly any requests they had. I'm in my 60s we didn't have computers or mobile phones most of my life so I'm very illiterate when to comes to computer code and reference. Sad and shameful to be treated like a stupid idiot and I continued to tell them that I had brain damage, they couldn't have cared less. Just kept talking over me reading the same thing off to try, so they wouldn't have to do anything themselves. Sad, I honestly feel for anyone thinking their going to receive any kind of help or compassion, Google Pay is the wrong place for knowledge or help..

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