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Gila Window Film has a 2.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 5 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 55th position out of 170 companies.


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Gila Window Film Reviews


A DIY project that requires careful consideration

Installation is an extremely tedious and complicated process, even for a competent DIYer. Video makes it look easy, but there are SO MANY things that can go wrong that it does not address. Patience, good eyesight and a VERY steady hand are a must. While liberal use of the application solution definitely facilitates the job, it in no way makes it "easy." Film likes to dimple and crease during measurement and cutting, trimming the film is like performing neuro- surgery, especially in the corners. Heaven help you if you have a pet in the house, or any dust floating around whatsoever! Even after a thorough cleaning of the window, tiny particles get trapped between the film and pane creating unsightly dimples. The cutting tool in the installation kit dulls after 10 linear feet of cuts requiring you to purchase an entire new kit for $10 just to get another cutting tool, which is not sold separately. The film roll I bought for $28 had enough film for 3 windows, however with do-overs, I was only able to complete one. -Plan on spending extra for material due to "do-overs"


Product use

I used Gila in my previous home when I moved to Florida to help with the utilities. It actually reduced the noise inside as well. Now that I have moved to a new home in Florida, I just ordered it again and it is amazing. Yes, it is difficult at first to install alone especially with larger windows, but once you figure it goes on easier each time, .it just requires a little patience and endurance and it will repay you with savings!!!


Length is incorrect - NOT 180in long !

I purchased a roll of 36in x 180in of heat control gray film. I cut 3 pieces of 53.25in/30in & 28in length and I am left wi th only 48 in = 159.25 ! NOT 180 ! Now I'm short for another piece of 53.25in to complete a window which I had measured three times to make sure one roll of 180in is sufficient. To be short by a few inches in total measurement is ok, but 20 inches in a 180in roll is unacceptable !


This project was a nightmare of epic proportions.

I bought this window film some months ago and put off using it because I hate to do DIY jobs. Yesterday, I decided enough was enough and decided to tackle it myself. Ran into problems immediately because the backing would not come off the film. It just kept crunching up and clinging to the film. When I finally wrenched it off and tried to attach it to the window, it just kept falling off even though I had followed the instructions. Finally when it stuck on I just couldn't get the air bubbles out and especially the lines that formed. After many angry hours I just left it as best as it would be. Now this morning, I look at my three windows and the awful film has just fallen off. How can film stick to a window when you have got all the water out from underneath it? Stands to reason that the film would just slide off because there is nothing there to stick it to the window. Definitely Pissed Off.


Gila window film sucks

I bought a roll of it (frosted window film) at Lowe's and tried to install it on a window. I've done this before with a different brand, and used Gila this time because the window was larger and only Gila had the larger size roll. The film literally stuck to the window and left a residue on it, even when I sprayed it with solution. Other products work by static cling, and this was like putting a big sticker on your window--which means you can't reposition it to get it in the right place. I had to throw it away. I wrote the company to get my money back, followed all the instructions on their website--and went ahead and purchased a different brand of product and finished my home project with no problems. Two weeks later, I receive a replacement roll of *** window film from Gila, NOT what I wanted. And of course, I sent them my receipt, as per their instructions. I'm hoping to at least get store credit at Lowe's. DO NOT buy this product! (I recommend either Light Effects or Artscape window film--much easier to apply and looks great.)

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