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GettingOut has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 121 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 60th position out of 1129 companies.


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Problem with account

I still cant do anything and theres $20 on there . A representative said to reset my password because it wasnt verified . I did and it still doesnt work .


This Has to be a joke

Whoever they have watching these videos, are very evil and crazy. I can understand if you watching the video for a sex offender or something and you just hanging up on calls and blocking people but you got to be crazy to just be blocking folks just because. They have the most weird employees. Dont bother putting a lot of money on there because they will block you for nothing no *** no *** nothing being shown.


Im unable to visit my love one on this app

Original review Aug 21, 2023
My name is Quinikia Badon .I downloaded the Get out app.i was verified successfully. But evertime i try to set of a visit it saying suspended. The my love one at Genesee county jail.I dont understand cause he able to call other people and able to visit except me .I sent my id my sefie i call customers service they said im good on there end .something going on at the facility. Genesee county jail.But he can visit other people i dont understand its very frustrating cause this the app i was told to download at the facility please help this misleading Thanks so much


This company is absolute trash

the customer service is misleading you can never get in touch with anyone or a follow up email they deny your pics which are appropriate but still take your money i have never had this many issues until they switched to this *** show . i absolutely hate this service



GTL is awful. Customer service is no help. You go to the help page for answers it directs you to customer service. The wait times to actually talk to someone is ridiculous, and thats if you get through to anyone. More than half the time the system is pending messages for the prison to review for no reason even though there isnt any triggering words or anything inappropriate in them. And they pend for days sometimes weeks, including photos. I wish the prisons here would go back to JPAY. That was so much better than this. Youre supposed to be able to send like e-cards for occasions but I have yet to figure out how or where to find them but you cant ask anyone cause youll never get through.


Invalid number

The first week went well. No concerns adding funds communication was well and the price isnt bad however week 2 and my number all of a sudden is invalid. I have funds on both accounts using the exact same number and now I cant add. I have emailed,called and still the response is the system is updating give it an hour. The system has been updating for 2 weeks. Communication is essential for individuals incarcerated and it supports them by allowing them to continue to feel connected to their loved ones. Barriers like this break those lines of communication causing a strain on an already disrupted mental. This vendor is by far the worst to work with especially with the lack of support when you contact them.


Needs immediate correction!

Horrible experience! 95 % of videos didnt even go through but I was still charged and told I couldnt get a refund back at all! Thats theft! If Im paying for a service I expect my expectation of that service to be met! Basically its up to the officers and rather they want to approve it or not even though theres absolutely nothing inappropriate about them! Extremely long wait times and poor customer service! I dont see this business in business long if its not corrected! I wouldnt recommend this to anyone!!


Always having trouble if they they charge me all the time for text messages pictures and they never received them over there and I’m getting charge for them

A lot of my stuff I pay for doesnt go through and Im paying all those Nichols add up so Im trying to reach someone to see what they can do about it. Also my husbands phone tablet is every time we talk at skips on him and I dropped calls.


Invalid phone #

I'm trying to add funds to my account so I can visit my bf who I haven't seen in months it keeps saying invalid phone # & I know it's valid I have a globaltel account with that phone # no 1 will help please email if you can help @ nicoleadoherty1117@***.com


Have questions about the fees for text messages

takes way too long to get through to these people to ask a question do you have recordings and no life person too much time left on the phone



So you loved ones in right... the facility no longer allows you write letters you have to email. So you pay to send and if they want to read it they have to pay to read it. Then to communicate via video chat they approve visits then sign in and it says "not enough devices available" then cancels your visit saying you didn't show up. I took a screen shot and tried to tell my person hey this happen and their system wont allow to upload their negligence. Having a system that allow more people to schedule visits thank devices is creating a hostile environment and very scary for people. Also exploiting people to make money off them. Theres a differeence in providing a service and exploration.


Cannot connect to site after i signed up

page worked good ..i signed up created account added money then when i tried to login...all i get now is page isnt working...hundreds of times over...cant connect with customer service either so almost sounds liek a scam page...get your info and your money then wont let you login or logon...prob will file a compalint with the bbb as well...not recommended


Worst Customer Service and Website

This company is the absolute worst for website processing and customer service experience. The associates lie and give you the run around, passing you off on their sister company Connect Network when you try to find the money they have deducted from your credit/debit card. It is as if they want to you to get frustrated and give up so they can keep your money. The website is not user friendly and when you click on a link, you are either redirected to another area which does not apply to the selected criteria or you are redirected to a broken link. Again, worst user/customer experience.


Help staying connected

I haven't talked to my boyfriend in 3 days and then they say that none of my security codes match I only have three different security codes I use for everything and they say none of a match so therefore I can't log in he said I'd have to use a different phone number and make a whole new account and as I start to do that that's not working either so I don't get to talk to my boyfriend and he's going through *** over it let alone it's stressing me out.


Money not showing up

There computer sent my money to the wrong spot and they wouldnt even fix it. How do u expect people to be ok with this when u refuse to correct it. That's ok. I'm hiring an attorney and suing this company.


*** Trash

At this point they should of asked Facebook to help them create an app because who ever created this trash is an in bec il! Doesnt work I have confirmed my account thru email 10 times I called customer service they confirmed manually and still doesnt work!! Ohhh but they can recieve money thru guest services lmao get rid of this trash no wonder china is winning!!

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