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GetNameNecklace has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 589 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 5th position out of 657 companies.


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ROOM F, 7/F, Southtex Building, 51 TSUN YIP STREET, KWUN TONG, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 999077, Hong Kong

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The urn I purchased is awful looking to return

Urn just want a refund this is the 3rd time I have sent my complaint product is awful just give me a refund havent even heard from the company


Poor Service

Poor service. My little girl ordered a personalised card holder for Fathers Day. Ordered in more than enough time for it to arrive in time. As guaranteed on their website. CLEARLY false advertising!! Once eventuality received, was offered quite frankly an insulting compensation amount. Which didnt even cover the urgent shipping costs. Dont be fooled into to paying for this!! Will not be ordering from Getnanesnecklace again or recommend!!


Still haven’t received it and I payed extra on the shipping to get it in 3 days

I payed for 1-3 day shipping 5/8/23ups and still haven't received my order the whole reason for paying extra is so it would be here before Mother's Day


Messed up order

My order was messed up the words was backwards and out of order Ive ordered this a week and a half ago they had time to make sure this was not messed up and it doesnt fit on the stand I paid $24.99 for this I want a refund or I want it redone and I need it redone before may 10, 2023 ! And the paper is also ripping


My item did not yet since vining of Harch

I wood like to know when my order is coming, because it has been payed for a payment has been mated. Payment has been made Please send proof when that is ,in your files payment has been made in Marchcant wait for the item to arrive , it is beautiful on line


They suck...period

Not interested in repeating myself over and over...i have nothing more to say, no response from anyone, no good phone number...


Specific questions

I have emailed, tried to call and no response, not wasting my time, there is NO good way to get in touch with anybody, I wanted a color chart showing the colors of their birthstones but no response so I will not be giving them my business...Really sad that companies just don't care anymore, sad


Still no package I’ve ordered on December 3, 2022 but still no package no replies of order nothing. Yes I’m pissed now I feel I got scammed and robbed

Late delivery 11-15 business days it states but still no order after 11-15 daysNo response on whats going on with order


15% discount

I ordered a necklace about a week ago and now I see a 15%discount on a first time order. Just wondering if I can still get the discount?


Didn’t get my package and can’t track it

I ordered this gift on December the 9th got my confirmation code and everything but when I went to go look at it to track it and I cant track and and I picked the delivery to be here December the 22 and its not here yet and I cant track it


Haven’t received my ring

Nothing I havent heard from them. I just messaged them The phone number was not in service. My order number # 216****


Company cant use image sent

Company states they can't use image of thumbprint of my deceased son. Therefore ,I want a refund so I may proceed in purchasing elsewhere


I didn't order anything and you took money out of my account

I want my money returned.I didn't order anything from you in a couple of years.was going to order a mother's ring for my daughter in law don't think I will


They charged my bank account and I did not order anything

They charged my bank account and I didn't even order anything .I've been fighting with them since August


Never talked to "get a name necklac". The number was for another company, a restaurant service.

Can't get a real response from get a name necklace. They ask for photos, when sent they stop responding.

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