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George S May has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 15 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 19th position out of 147 companies.


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Nightmare I have remembered 25 yrs

These consultants were pushy, demanding, and incapable of typing their own recommendations. Since I was a young female, they told me to do it. I was young and did it. (Today I would have told them where they could shove it. There’s some beauty to being a senior woman!). These jokers had no knowledge of our industry and gave us basic business ideas like, “Get a time clock.” Really? They upset the entire office and left scars on the CEO. Do not use this co under any circumstances


George S May - Review in Staff category

Been there, done that, wrote the book. I was a consultant for GSM for about six months, and I witnessed more money_suckings scams in that short period of time than most would in a career. The senior executives for this company had absolutely no conscience whether it be scamming $$'from clients or treating employees, most of whom were managers for other companies, like absolute dirt. When I could no longer tolerate the client abuse, I blew the whistle on GSM and was immediately summoned to Chicage for a dressing down debriefing. They made me cool my heels for four hours to see some "executive" who sat there and did nothing that whole time before seeing me. I never gave him that chance as I walked down the hallway to my SenEx.and resigned. However, I must say that he was the one human being on that level that I met. How in the name of all that is good and holy did they ever.stay in business that long without most of them going to jail?


I worked for GSM

I worked for GSM a number of years back. The only reason I left was my boss claimed to be a graduate of the Navy Academy and an ex SEAL. As an old Navy Chief stolen valor is a sore point with me. When I brought it to their attention they refused to take action. I left as I will not compromise my values. I will say my experience was they did a good job of assisting the folks I worked with. In one case a pallet manufacture about to declare chapter 11 became profitable within three months after receiving advice on streamlining their manufacturing process. No employees were laid off and more were hired later. That by definition is success. If you got off your butt and worked you made money, many that joined had never worked a commission only job and were not prepared for the work or starve environment.


I was a consultant

The training was grueling,but the best business training I have ever experienced. I was dedicated to the client. The issue was not the data, it was the process. The BS call in as if a whole room of people were listening to the conversation. Some business owners needed help and all the details were laid out ahead of time. It was when the client was successful despite of him or her self. and was happy with there lot in life. I was to tell them they were going out of business. The data didn't support that. I wouldn't do it and was released. Such is life. I still utilize what I learned during the training process



Yes, there were some great new recruits from all over the country. The company's mass recruiting brought plane loads of them from all over the country to Chicago. Men and women of integrity who spent a week in training only to find in the end that they were supposed to go in, do a one to two day analysis of a business and then put on the dog and pony scam. Call the office and speak to a B.S. manager and tell him, in front of the company CEO all of the company's deficiencies in order to set him up for the close. I went to Chicago and I will say, that they have decent training especially for someone who had not previously been in consulting like myself. When they started preparing us for the scam part at the very end their true colors came out. I cancelled my first appointment after returning home to Denver.


If a consultant feels this way then who is the real *** artist?

The more enlightening question is that if this person felt he was providing nothing of value then whose fault is that in reality. The GS May Company had high level consultants who did care about each and every client and if this person was now one of them, then it is obvious that clients would have legitimate complaints isn't it. Consultants are often called in after the gate is opened and the horses are running out of the corral sort to speak. It is not easy to fix a failing company; failing because of the uninformed operators of these businesses. And then second consulting services in the USA are high and are comparable to other professional fees like attorneys, accountants, etc. GS May had a careful approach to explain their contracts carefully and expected consequences of the work to be done. It was all on the table at the beginning of the process. Yes is was high pressure and yes it was very expensive and the greater number of consultants working there were not just sitting around and wasting their time like this person evidently was. It is the will of the client that got themselves into these situations of failure in the first place so there is no one to blame but themselves. But I can guarantee you that the majority of consultants I knew personally when working there were all great men and women who gave it their best to help out some of the most hopeless cases I have ever seen in my 45 years of consulting experience. So the person who wrote this complaint is the *** artist and unfortunately a client was paying for this loser to try and help them save their company. That was the mistake of GS May not to fire someone like this in the first place but they also trusted their consultants to be ethical and professional maybe a little too much also. It makes me really angry to hear someone like this blame GS May for being so "bad" when all the time it lies on the shoulders of a loser like this to help someone rather than taking their hard earned money for doing nothing.


GSM is a complete & total Rip-off Company.

I am a family member employed at a small business that other family members own. Although they were fooled by George S. May reps, I was not. Naturally, I was not involved in the decision making process that allowed the scam to unfold. It happened to our small family business, just like countless others there were led down their path of lies, just to find out how much you have in the bank & bleed you dry. In less than a week, we were billed over $30,000. for "the team" that would help us improve our manufacturing process. They provided absolutely zero benefit to us. These people prey on companies just to steal your hard earned money. This happened a few years ago, and we were ashamed that this was allowed to happen, and so quickly.


George May Scam

I am an ex employee, and I am ashamed of my time at George may. I just needed a job, the economy had fallen apart and there they were. I was paid 25.00 per hour for every I billed clients and nothing if we did not bill. Can you imagine an MBA working for $25 per hour-- only at George May. We were taught to "control the client" by sitting in the bosses chair, by demanding payment even when we had created nothing of value for the client and by "opening a consulting engagement by asking a series of leading questions that enabled "my managers" in the home to ascertain clients' cash position and ability to pay. That is all we really cared about-- Can the client pay 2 consultants 255 per hours-- EACH! We also billed for in-going and out-going travel expense even the we were billing the client we were leaving for the same. All consultants used the same budget, expense, overhead templates which enabled us to create glossy spreadsheets that tricks clients into believing we knew something. We did know somehting-- we knew how to scam one clients after another.


George S May (AKA IPA)

George S may is a complete rip off like it's sister company I.P.A (International Profit Associates). I had first hand experience with these yahoos in my company, basically filling in "pre-drafting" manuals and "observing" as they said. Then to hand us this book and say, here is what you must do. This was 3 weeks later at $60,000. Just a scam. I hang up on ANY and ALL consulting companies I get calls on. whether good or bad, I won't know and don't care with the bad taste this company put in my mouth. I see the employees don't have anything better to say either.


George S May Co.

I am an Ex employee, and I think they are a good company that has the tough job of letting business owners know the hard truth about their business. Some business owners have large egos and don't like being told what is wrong with their business. But if you don't admit something is wrong, how can you fix it. I would hire George S May a minute, if I owned a business. I saw them help a lot of businesses with their years of great ideas. Beware of sites that only ask for complaints, and not feedback.


Too bad you people don't know how to work.

The fact of the matter is that I have worked for the May Company for over three years. I can tell you why some of you are complaining on this site. You won't get out of bed in the morning! You are lazy! Any, and I mean any job that is commission based, requires you to work hard. What do I see? Field Reps sleeping in until 10:00 AM. Employees watching Oprah and other programs in the afternoon instead of out pulling doors. Grow up! Don't expect a company to hand you everything on a silver platter. I can tell you that if you work hard, and care about the clients you will make money. You are responsible for yourself and no one else. I will say it again, get out of bed and grow up and stop complaining!


The May Company Scammed Us

The May Company who I later found out was the "George S. May Company" scammed us out of thousands of dollars. First, they contacted me via telephone and asked for an appointment. I agreed as I was interested. Then, a sales person came out and said they would like to do an in depth survey of my company for 350.00 dollars. I was told it was going to cover all of our operations. The survey person they sent out was nothing more than a high pressure salesman and a spy too! He had my wife in tears telling us we were going to go out of business without the May Company's help. I was promised they would take things slowly but that is not how it went. The day after I signed the paperwork 3 people showed up and played on their computers for half the day. Then, they told me to increase my prices. A few of them took a few smoke breaks, and then the next day they handed me an invoice for 12 thousand dollars! I kicked them out straight away, and now they are filing a lawsuit against me. Avoid these scammers at all costs!


George S May steals commissions from new analysts and gives them to favored ones

My husband closed one of the biggest cases of 2010 for George S May as a new analyst. At the last moment, they sent in a "more experienced" analyst who took his commission with the help of his supervisor. This was his first sale. They told him to chalk it up to experience. He is the only analyst out of his entire training class that is still with them three months later, and they treat him like this. This company hasn't even covered all of his travel expenses. They are a total rip off. Persons looking for employment would do better with a sign on an off ramp.


Sounds like ex employees are making consumer complaints

The only thing I have read on this website is ex employees complaining about GSMIC. I don't see any postings by consumers. If you don't want to do the work don't take the job. I find it most interesting that all the complaints posted are about sales and analysis employment because they know nothing about the management consulting which the company does. Anyone can post anything they want on the internet, anonymity means destruction without repercussions. I am pissed that ex employees would post such hateful junk. The other thing I noticed is the age of the complaints, why are they so old?


George S. May Scam

The George S. May International Company has been in operation for over 80 years. They claim to be a Management Consulting Company but are really nothing but a Scam. They offer an inexpensive ($200 to $500) Analysis of your company. This Analysis provides nothing in writing, only a warning your company will go Bankrupt if you don't purchase a Consulting Project that costs a minimum of $5000.00 per day, and will bleed you till you either go under or you run them out of your business. All they offer can be purchased through Quick Books at a fraction of the cost. These are bad, bad people.

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