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G5 Entertainment AB has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 74 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 5th position out of 236 companies.


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Ongoing issue of mis-charging which has been going for a year.

In the course of playing a game, I purchased necessary jewels via the Microsoft Store. I live in Ireland, use the Euro as currency, and have never been offered prices in any other currency. Once when I checked my bank statement I noticed a number of small charges for currency exchange and, when I checked, I found that G5E had charged me through a foreign currency, the GB£. I checked with the Microsoft Store thinking that, as an intermediary, they had made the error. Microsoft proved to me, in a number of transaction documents, that the demand had actually been altered by G5E to GB£. So I contacted G5E. Firstly, it now transpired that every single email I received emanated from a bot and as I explained the increasingly complicated circumstances associated with my issue, the bot resorted to a series of cyclical email replies which eventually made me realise that I was dealing with a bot. I still haven't received any closure to my case and the customer service bot no longer engages me.


I’m sure they’re being scammed ,or are trying to scam me

Suddenly my normal way of paying for up grades via PayPal was refused .. I checked & PP & App Store & they were all ok .. the Criminal case Conspiracy & Criminal case save the world kept refusing my normal way of paying & were encouraging me to pay giving my bank details which I wasnt prepared to do , as it was an unsafe link ..all attempts to contact G5 have been futile .. so frustrating ..love the games , but is it all a scam .. please reply G5


Like that "friend" that dumps you when you have no money

Starts off being fun and relatively easy to play and you solve/win puzzles very easily. Then they quickly get more and more complex with less and less turns given to solve them. To the point that, unless you are paying real money to buy "rubies" (to buy "tools" within the game to help solve puzzles,) then you simply cannot solve/win the puzzles. I have just played 30 x games in a row on Sherlock using no paid tools and lost every single one - for example one puzzle you need to "collect", say 54 things and are only given 12 turns - just impossible to do without using paid tools. So after you reach a certain level you get sucked in to paying money to buy tools to progress. The puzzles get more complex to solve, with less moves given to solve them, until they are simply impossible to solve without using (paid-for) tools to complete the puzzle. G5 games love you when you are paying $$ to win and will throw quite a few tools and winning combinations your way - once you stop pumping $$ into your game you will just continuously lose every puzzle, as you simply cannot win a puzzle without using (paid for) tools to complete the puzzles - G5 no longer loves you when you are not pumping in cash. Once in a very rare while they may throw you a bone and let you win a puzzle, but it quickly becomes endless loss after endless loss without paying to advance. Deleting all G5 games as sick of just spinning my wheels losing every puzzle now I am past a certain level and don't want to keep pumping money in just to win.


Gender stereotyping

These games portray horrible gender stereotyping and I would never let my kids play them. In games featuring male characters, they are shown pushing back against whatever obstacle is threatening them. But female characters are shown crying and whimpering, standing around helplessly waiting to be "saved". The developers also appear to think that females are genetically in need of always clutching small furry animals or infants to their breasts. Females are also apparently so mentally challenged that they venture out for a walk with their babies, dressed in sleeveless summer frocks and barefeet with sandals in the middle of a blizzard, and when they find shelter, are incapable of knowing how to start a fire in the fireplace with all the burnable materials around, instead standing there shivering waiting for you to warm the place up. I would suggest that if your game developers have such notions about females, that you get some female consultants to help you develop games which portray girls and women as equal in every way to men.


False Ads vis Microsoft Store

The ad shows a game/challenge that makes you believe that exist. The ad has a "DOWNLOAD" link and a "PLAY FREE!" link indicating that one can "DOWNLOAD" or "PLAY" the game (ex. Jewels of Egypt) to play the challenge the ad is showing, which is totally FALSE. I submitted a request via support.g5e.com asking why they create false ads. Received a reply stating, "Please be informed that I've passed your feedback to our Technical Team." I replied, "Is the Technical Team the ones that determine the false marketing ads or does the Marketing department provide the Technical Team with the false ads?" The ad shows a game/challenge that makes you believe that exist. The ad has a "DOWNLOAD" link and a "PLAY FREE!" link indicating that one can "DOWNLOAD" or "PLAY" the game (ex. Jewels of Egypt) to play the challenge the ad is showing, which is totally FALSE. I submitted a request via support.g5e.com asking why they create false ads. Received a reply stating, "Please be informed that I've passed your feedback to our Technical Team." I replied, "Is the Technical Team the ones that determine the false marketing ads or does the Marketing department provide the Technical Team with the false ads?" Received a reply stating, "Both teams are indeed involved in creating the content for the game." Sent reply stating, "Who is talking about 'content for the game'?" Received reply stating, "Please be informed that Jewels of Egypt is generally a match-3 game. However, our Team will consider the possibility of adding different types of activity to the game with further updates." Then why did G5 marketing publicize this false ad as if Jewels of Egypt already contains the challenge?


Constantly updating and kicks you out of the game OFTEN!

The updates take 2-3 days. In the meantime you can't play the game so you lose time on events. The worst part is the game shutting down, then you have to log back on, only for it to keep happening 5-6 times. I finally get pi**ed and go to my other games (which I never get kicked out of in the middle of a game). If it keeps happening I am uninstalling it!


G5 stole my money, beware

I paid for services that I did not receive. I was strung along by "support" for three weeks. I have not had my money returned, nor have I been compensated for the defective product. If you want to play for free, that is certainly possible. I would recommend never sinking a dime into their company. Buyer beware, you will not get what you pay for.



I bought some gems and never received them. I am waiting for the 14th when they said it would be resolved. If I do not get gems or money back I will be upset, will still play but not as often.


Behaves like a virus, constantly forcing you on their website for more games.

You play a level then are forced to a story line that will take you to 10 second advert. Intrusive and unacceptable.


Worst and Laziest Company Ever!

There is absolutely nothing that went right with this game. They basically suck the life out of you. I would never EVER recommend this to anyone. There were so many problems with this game, including numerous purchases, and customer service did absolutely nothing to help me or other customers that I know. Customer service is a JOKE! They do one thing, they ask you to "Be patient" while they are investigating the problems, and the purchases that fail they ask you to do a hundred things instead of taking care of the problem like they should. After 8 - months of playing, purchasing and wasting my time, I am done, they are a complete waste of time and anyone who chooses to go with them are only fooling themselves and will see it first hand when they run into issues, and they will. The game freezes constantly, adds pop up in the middle of a game saying things like, "While you were away" How was I away when I am playing at that very moment. There were numerous interactions with this company, and they failed in every way possible. I could go on and on, but when it's all said and done, I would not recommend any of their games to my dog!


I have complained to G5 on several occasions about the quality of their games, reference, stopping in the middle of a game. unable to log on, etc.

Contacted the G5 company, she said technicians are working on thge dropping off problem wait for down, balh, blah. No results.



This game is really fun at first. It was intriguing and nice to play. The graphics are excellent. The problem is youve made it into a spelling game. Your clues have missing letters, are spelled backwards or are all mixed up. Nothing but frustration when you cant see the clues that youre looking for. It was a great game until you started messing around with the clues. I have deleted both games because of the frustration Im looking for another hidden game.


Stealing money

This game constantly shuts down when you go to use energy and doesnt give it back. Also when you purchase items, it will shut down and not give them to you. This game is a scam!!! Unfortunately my epileptic daughter loves it and helps her be calm, well used too, now it's just makes her angry and so I decided to try it myself and same thing. What a joke! And when you submit a problem and ask for money back, you have to jump through hoops. I hope the people that created these games gets shut down and we all need to sue them!!!


Paid for inqury

I am automatically cut off from my work, it is my request to stop it, please help me. Plz plz plz plz


Money back

Sherlock game I wanted rubies and mistakenly put in twice $40.00 to money instead of rubies19.99 x 2= coins please refund purchase.


Lost Hundreds of Dollars Playing their Game!

Updated by user Sep 12, 2021
I contacted G5 Entertainment, but only received canned responses. Their position is basically "buyer beware".

Its my fault that I was stupid enough to be conned by their deceptive practices.

I guess that is true. They don't think it is odd at all that one would pay...

Updated by user Aug 11, 2021
If G5 Entertainment games are really "Free", why do they have pop-up ads constantly appearing while playing the game? I uploaded an example image.

Who has $50 to pay for resources on a game you don't even own? The ads typically say they are offered at huge percentage...

Updated by user Aug 10, 2021
Added image of my avatar to show the level I achieved and an image of two of the over 250 crystal purchases I made over two months.

Updated by user Aug 10, 2021
The first sign of deception in G5 Entertainment games is that they have ads that show a very different game. Today I was playing MS Solitaire Collection and I kept seeing ads for Jewels of Rome showing a woman falling in a boat into a river with obstacles. I remember a...

Original review Aug 09, 2021
A couple of months ago I downloaded Jewels of Rome from the Microsoft Store. It says that the game is free, but in reality, you cannot play the game in a meaningful way without purchasing crystals. At first the in app purchase function was not working for me, so I tried it on Amazon. Eventually it worked on the MS Store. I quickly became addicted to the game. I reached the 109th level, but when I looked today to see how much I spent on the game buying crystals, I was shocked to see that I spent over $1800! Who on earth would spend that much on a game that you dont even own outright? I strongly feel cheated. There should be a warning about what can happen. They designed the game to cheat people!

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